Once-Weekly Round Up

Domestic commitments and new circumstances have greatly reduced the time I (Mr. Right) have available to monitor the news each day and to comment on it. During the coming summer months therefore, I will commit to posting one article each Monday which will be a roundup of both US and UK political events.

Whilst the number of visitors to our website is both encouraging and constant, it has been disappointing that few readers have contributed either criticism or support for our contention that the Media Class now rules from behind the scenes. We fervently believe that if Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists were to understand that the force that keeps them forever on the defensive and forever giving ground is not the politicians of the Democrat Party (US) or the Labour and LibDem Parties (UK), but the class that controls both news and entertainment, they would be far more effective.

This past week has illustrated this in the UK. The BNP enjoyed some electoral successes as well as setbacks, and on this website we do not blame the Party’s leader for trying to make the best of a bad job and striving to keep up members’ morale, but his response is inadequate. Griffin’s explanation for the extremely disappointing election outcome is that the establishment Parties were alerted to BNP progress and had improved their game. He also blames lack of Media coverage of the BNP and the (unfair and probably unlawful) intervention of extra-Party Leftist propaganda groups.

We would argue that the Media Class has recognized the danger (to their own agenda) of the BNP for a very long time and that the violent Leftist activist groups that intimidate BNP workers and supporters and intervene in election campaigns, do so with the connivance of the Media. Where in the UK Media is there ever a reference to the activities of these Leftist Stormtroopers? When is there journalistic probing into their financing? Whilst the openly Leftist Daily Mirror helps to orchestrate the anti-BNP hostility, the so-called conservative-leaning news outlets never lift up the rocks to reveal the insects below. Unconstitutional police and judicial harassment of BNP members passes without publicity or condemnation anywhere in the Media. This is not due to oversight or journalistic laziness!

Still, failure to understand the Media Class role in pursuit of its agenda is not Nick Griffin’s only shortcoming. He surely needs to rethink some of the Party’s underpinning beliefs, for even where the voters have elected BNP candidates in the past and now know they are not the evil people portrayed by the Media, they have not been impressed enough to give them renewed votes of confidence. Could it be that the British people do not share the BNP pre-occupation with racial purity or with its economic policies that would reduce the UK to an economy under siege? It is refreshing that the Party wants to revive old traditions and stop the destruction of everything British, but is it likely that the British people want to spend their time folk dancing, sipping nothing but real ale and shivering on camp sites in Yorkshire for their a nnual holidays?

It is much more likely that most British people want to shop in supermarkets for the world’s produce (I can remember when we had only cabbage and carrots in winter, and apples in September, and took the train to the coast once a year. I can also remember uncomfortable thick worsted clothes, miserable Sundays and cycling to work in wind and rain) and take trips to the Costa Blanca. When they read the BNP’s economic agenda they may realize that they are taking a backward look into the past. And as we said in our last article, perhaps anti-Americanism is not such a potent vote-getter, and the stalemate in Iraq, not as worrying as constant unlimited immigration from the Third World into the overcrowded British backyard.

The BNP (and the US Republicans) would do well to learn from the late Ronald Reagan and from Rush Limbaugh, for both founded their philosophies on optimism in the ability of the native people to compete in free trade and the market place for all things.

Whilst on the subject of the BNP, it has been disappointing that the Free Republic website excommunicated Radical-and-Right.org because we gave conditional support to the BNP. The Free Republic website is a good one but it is clearly not too much in favor of free speech and robust intellectual debate.

Finally, I must report that here in the Bay Area we have finally enjoyed a few days of real May weather i.e. hot sunshine and some warm nights. The perpetually cold weather of April had me complaining “Al Gore! Where are you when we need you?” Is it possible that the hot weather (and therefore the cold weather, too) has merely been moving east and then back west, for I learn that the UK is now getting rain and cold winds after a hot April?

Last word for today! My money is still on Hillary for the Dem nomination and a 2008 Media coronation

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