Ohio State University Terrorist and Wisconsin Challenge

As this article is being written at 10.30 am, Monday morning, the Mainstream Media and the Ohio Authorities have yet to mention the identity of the attacker (s) or clarify whether he acted alone.

Numerous reports on KSFO radio earlier in the morning quoted Internet messages from students trapped inside the campus who described a sequence of events that suggested two or more attackers acting in concert. According to these reports one attacker had been shot dead by police.

As we have maintained over several years on this website, neither the MSM nor the Authorities can be trusted to report truthfully on anything, but especially on news that reflects adversely on certain racial and sexual minorities. The MSM has not bothered with truth for decades, but authorities such as police and security forces have been untrustworthy since Obama’s DOJ became totally politicized in 2008.

Obama has made clear that terrorist acts in America must not be officially associated with Muslims in early reports and only grudgingly admitted much later when it is impossible to hide Muslim identities. Police Chiefs who value their careers and who do not wish their departments to be investigated and condemned by the DOJ, ensure that official reports are delayed and vague on crucial detail.

The trapped students who were sending out information will not have identified the racial appearance of their attackers because unfortunately they have been so brainwashed from school to college that they prefer death to succumbing to anything that might be labeled ‘bigotry’ and ‘racism’.

Despite this Stockholm Syndrome on the part of students and the coyness of the Authorities, it is emerging on the Internet that one attacker is an Ohio State Somali Student. The latest official announcements say that only one attacker was involved.

What we do know from both inside reports and the latest official pronouncement is that one attacker drove a car into a crowd and then randomly attacked students with a large knife. Nothing official is being mentioned about the early morning alarm that sent students out from buildings into an assembly and brought fire trucks to the scene. Since the emergency assembly of students enabled the car driver to strike, it seems likely that at least one other attacker arranged the alarm.

A few things are certain in this Obama-run America. The MSM relentlessly conspires to hide truths inconvenient to the Revolutionary agenda of our Ruling Class. The public authorities can not be trusted to reveal the truth. Terrorist acts must never be linked to Islam, and America’s young ‘educated’ people are as lambs to the slaughter.

It is possible that the tragic event of this morning in Ohio is not an act of Muslim terrorism. Perhaps a pair of Trump supporters planned the attack on Muslim students and their college sympathizers. It is doubtful that anything more than an approximate truth will emerge from official sources but a careful search of the Internet will eventually reveal what Obama and his masters would prefer hidden from the people.

In Wisconsin, the Stein/Soros election challenge continues and we are alarmed by its potential consequences. By tomorrow Stein will have to pay the assessed cost of a county-by-county re-check of votes and then the checking will begin no later than Thursday and completed no later that December 13th. Stein will have no problem handing over the Soros funding in the cause of Internationalism. Indeed the Internationalists who wish to undo Trump’s victory have the deepest pockets outside Saudi Arabia.

Trump does not seem sufficiently alarmed. In a recent article we wrote how Margaret Thatcher and her Ministers ignored our immediate post-election advice that the Government machinery should be purged first, for that was where her most dedicated opponents were embedded. Although Wisconsin has been governed by Republican politicians, are the officials who will tally the votes unionized? Are they to be trusted to be honest! This is the State where the revolting Al Franken won after recounts discovered enough votes to reverse the first result.

Even more important, the Stein challenges have been hatched by the filthy-rich Ruling Class in dark rooms. She is merely the willing pawn being offered an opportunity to emerge from political obscurity. The intention is to seize the narrative from Donald Trump, blanket it with a public judgment of an immoral election result, and then have a continuous show of strength on the streets of big cities.

In our view, Trump should postpone his search for cabinet members, and return to the battlefields. A series of great rallies in Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and even New Hampshire and Nevada will enable his followers to show their strength and anger and match the Far Left’s readiness for a civil war. Best of all would be him, as President-elect, leading armies of marching followers from the country and suburbs into the heart of the insurrectionist cities.

The situation being created by the Far Left has no precedent in the old politics and is clearly intended to lead to a Constitutional crisis and a grab for power. Now is not the time to be nit-picking over cabinet choices. The war is far from over and may have only just begun. The initiative must be wrenched from the enemy.

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