Oh! Mr. Hsu!

For those old enough (and there are not many left) the above title will be a reminder of Lancashire’s George Formby and his daft song about a Chinese laundry man. Formby, a harmless and simple character and comedian back in the days when entertainers were both ‘clean’ and non-political, could not have dreamed up anything as complicated as the Chinese mystery man who has been funding Democrat politicians for many years.

UK visitors to this website will probably not have heard of this US scandal, since its unfolding only has damaging implications for Leftists. The BBC is only ever interested in US scandals that might damage the Christian President Bush and Republicans and the other media are not much different. Here in the US, Hsu (I think it is pronounced “Shoe”), has been getting some headlines and is described as a Democrat donor, but the Media is being careful to emphasize that all recipients are totally innocent of any wrong-doing. This is made especially clear in the case of his biggest recipient, the one who has been anointed as the next President by the Media Class. Mrs. Clinton’s staff, (for she is not required to get herself directly involved in anything related to Hsu) have already promised to return some $800,000 in contributions he has made to her campaign. Other leading Democrats, including the Presidential hopefuls, are also returning the big bucks they have long been accepting from this sad-looking little Chinese business man. It transpires that Hsu did not actually have much business, only lots of spare cash. Not one Democrat politician, not even Mrs. Clinton, reputedly the smartest woman ever to surface in politics, thought to question Hsu’s generosity – and this at a time when Republicans were being tarnished in the Media by revelations of dishonest donors.

The Hsu story was brought to the surface by the Wall Street Journal, and one has to conclude that it was someone who runs the op-ed pages who was responsible, for the paper’s journalists are never interested in bad news for Leftists. The subjects of the enquiries were a couple of fairly poor people in Bell, California, who were frequent big donors. The trail of money soon led from them to Mr. Hsu in New York, who was using various people and addresses to channel ‘his’ money to Democrats. This deceit enabled him to donate large sums, hugely beyond what the law allows. If this was not bad enough, it now transpires that Mr. Hsu had no profitable businesses, only a series of empty business addresses, a history of bankruptcies, and some long-standing criminal charges in Foster City. He had fled before sentencing in 1992.

It appears that he quickly started a new business life in New York and Hong Kong, despite a lack of funds, and was soon something of a celebrity amongst Democrat politicians thanks to his constant generosity. Some of the big names who were grateful to him included Senators John Kerry (who fought in Vietnam and Cambodia), Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Mary Landrieu, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, Mrs. Clinton and Barack Obama. He threw lavish and popular parties in New York whenever Democrats won elections.

As a result of the WSJ investigation, the Justice Department started to take an interest in him and he had to reappear in front of the Court in Foster City. After a few denials of wrong-doing, he quickly disappeared again. It is an odd fact that several people who have become involved with Democrats and then threatened to become an embarrassment, have mysteriously died, and so when Hsu was discovered unconscious on a train to Chicago, some wondered if the Democrats had got lucky again. He has since recovered and is now in custody, awaiting further investigation and criminal charges.

It is clear that the many millions of dollars he donated to Leftist politicians and causes was not his own money and some of it may well have been embezzled from investors who he talked into get-rich-quick schemes. It is hard not to surmise that the scandal is much bigger than this however, for the sums are really big, he was quite high-profile yet without concrete evidence of a business, and he would still be donating and lavishly entertaining now but for the hiccup in Bell. Was he after all, the laundryman that Formby sang about?

This should be a devastating scandal for the Democrats in general and for his friend, the smartest lady in politics. But it won’t be, for the Media will ensure that nothing distracts from its successful campaign to get Mrs. Bill Clinton elected to the White House in 2008 with a solid majority in Congress. I doubt that we will ever know where Hsu got his millions and you can be sure that no part of the scandal will benefit the Republicans before November 2008.

I saw that Ford Motor Company had more bad news in August. Their sales dropped 14.4% as against August last year. In contrast, GM sales went up. It seems that all that financial support for ‘Gay’ celebrations and the same-sex marriage campaign has failed to translate into sales of Ford vehicles. Most likely the loss of sales to Christians and ‘rednecks in the hinterland’ is proving a disaster to the Company. Don’t expect to read anywhere in the MSM that Ford is being hit by a Christian protest campaign and don’t expect Ford to stop giving its shareholders money to the already prosperous homosexual community. Like the Hsu story, this is a mystery that will never get the attention of the Media Class.

Finally, I must report that here in central California we are enduring an extremely cool September. This follows on from an extremely cool August. It is my opinion that we are experiencing global cooling as the Antarctic Big Freeze moves north. I suppose it is all down to US consumers and businesses—at least those who are white, male and heterosexual. Global Cooling! You read it here first!

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