October – A little Good News and Lots of Bad News

Let us start with the good news, small though it is! Ford Motor Co. sales fell again in September and this time by a whopping 21% as compared to September last year. At the same time, GM and Chrysler both did relatively well. Journalists who write about the motor industry have done their best to lump all three company’s results together in order to camouflage Ford’s distinct problems but there is no getting away from the fact that the AFA campaign is hitting this company. Not that Bill Ford will allow such an unimportant detail to influence his decision to pump money into the already hugely-funded homosexual campaign movement. Ford clearly believes that ‘human rights’ interests outweigh those of the Company and its employees and shareholders.

The Wall Street Journal recently carried a very prominent and lengthy article by their veteran Leftist reporter Jackie Calmes, in which she celebrated the fact that Big Business leaders are deserting the Republican Party in droves. She has no doubt that this is because a new generation of business leaders does not like the moral and social policies that Christian conservatives have imposed on the Republicans. Her article is not concerned with recording facts, but rather is about encouraging or reinforcing a trend that she and her Media Colleagues hope will come true. The Media Class constantly does this in respect of the items on its agenda. It is, of course an effective technique and has enjoyed much success during the years that the Media Class has acquired its power.

On this website, we have a different explanation as to why Big Business in both the US and UK is probably distancing itself from conservative, Christian and nationalist causes. The leading cause is probably ‘fear’. Anyone seeking to chart the links between new surface political trends and underlying seismic shifts in power in a society will find it hard to produce conclusive proof. Inevitably there are gaps in time between the one and the other, and since the participants are blindly acting out class interests, it is only with the passage of time and with the benefit of hindsight, that we can identify compelling connections. In addition, with the rise of our new Media Class, which is in a position to exercise political power from behind the scenes, there is deliberate obfuscation at work. The Media Class has an agenda that is not yet popular enough to entrust to the voters. Given time and generations of young people who have been indoctrinated in what passes as public education, there probably will be a solid majority for abortion on demand, the superiority of sodomy over natural sexual practices, the delusional ‘normalcy’ of same-sex marriage, the abolition of Christian influences in all public life and the acceptance of inextinguishable guilt by white people.

Fear is now an ingredient of all political life in the US, UK and most advanced countries. Political correctness, which is not at all a ridiculous joke or just a disease of campus politics, is a sophisticated weapon and those who brandish it stalk the land. PC is the precursor of the totalitarianism sought by our new ruling class and it is now being enshrined in law, especially in the UK and the EU. Under cover of protecting ‘minorities’, preventing civil strife in the Balkanized communities that have become tinder boxes, and supporting carefully specified ‘human rights’, free speech is being outlawed.

Despite the collapse earlier this year of the BBC-inspired prosecutions of BNP leaders in the UK (thanks to the survival of the jury system which must now be in great peril as a consequence), Mr. Radical and Mr. Right can see absolutely no reason for optimism. The violent police attacks on peaceful Flemish demonstrators in Brussels, wholly and significantly unreported by the MSM in the US, EU and UK; the constant harassment of BNP activists; the outrageous prosecutions of individual UK citizens for ‘hate’ crimes; the orchestrated media furores over Rush Limbaugh’s truthful remarks about ‘phoney’ war heroes and Bill O’Reilly’s well-intentioned praise of a Black-owned restaurant, are all part of the Leftist and Media-inspired suppression of free speech.

Susan Easton has recently written a piece on ‘Human Events’ entitled ‘Censorship or Fear’. The focus of her piece is the attack now being mounted on a TV company that broadcast an investigative program recording incendiary and treasonable speeches given by Imams in UK mosques. She seems shocked that subsequent police and Crown Prosecution Service actions have ignored the Muslim offences and instead have put the program makers under investigation. Why is she shocked? Where has she been whilst UK and EU lawmakers have been busy outlawing free speech and police forces have been energetic in suppressing legitimate political freedoms? She should ask why such things were never reported in the MSM. It was not difficult to learn of these things on the Internet. Where has she been whilst cons ervatives, Christians and nationalists have been violently driven from campuses with the connivance of academics and administrators and the approval of the MSM?

Let us return to Ms. Calmes’ gleeful ‘reporting’ of the flight of Big Business from conservative politics and Ford’s embrace of homosexual causes. Fear stalks the land and it stalks the boardrooms. No business leader wants to risk Media ire. Those who note the difference in Media Class sympathetic treatment of Ford Motor Co. and unsympathetic treatment of poor old successful Wal-Mart (never a positive media report) and now Blackwater, quickly see the advantages of a company embracing ‘progressive’ social policies. And if that were not enough, big company executives often wish to be treated like celebrities and to have the doors of the celebrity world opened to them. That door is firmly closed to social conservatives.

Jake Halpern, author of ‘Fame Junkies’ (Houghton Mifflin, 2007) wrote a piece for the WSJ (Oct 4th 2007) telling how he received a call from CNN to appear to discuss his book. The book, according to Halpern, “examines why Americans are so obsessed with celebrities and probes some of the more troubling ramifications of this obsession. One of the things that I say in my book is that cable news networks, like CNN, spend far too much time covering the lives of Hollywood stars instead of reporting hard news…” When Haplern arrived at the CNN studio he was told that his segment had been canceled due to breaking news of Britney Spears losing custody of her children.

Again I ask the question, ‘Why was he surprised?’ On this website we explain that the ruling Media Class is inevitably both narcissist and has a vested interest in promoting itself. When all of us have been brainwashed into wanting to be a celebrity or into slavishly watching celebrities posturing, the Media Class will have remade the world in its own image.

It is indeed sad and depressing that so many people in the US and UK have been brainwashed into adoration of neurotic Hollywood celebrities, pop singers, fashion models and professional sports people, most of them actually ignorant and dysfunctional, if not downright perverted. More to the point it is terrifying that these celebrities make up a large part of our ruling class, especially when we are at war with Islamic Imperialism.

Only by seeing the whole picture and countering the real threat can conservatives, Christians and nationalists begin to win battles. The curtailment of free speech by PC means, the adoption of vaguely-worded laws that can be cherry-picked for implementation, the corruption of the police to enforce an unpopular agenda, the banishment of Christianity from the public forum, the open borders to the Third World, the promotion of perverted lifestyles and all the other things that people like Susan Easton get shocked by, are inter-connected symptoms of a take-over by the Media Class.

It is probably true that Saudi money and influence are used to further Islam in Western societies, but more significantly there are tens of thousands of Leftist activists encouraged by the Media Class who are eager to use every Muslim complaint to further a different agenda of their own. On this website we do not believe that the Leftists and their Media Class masters care a fig about Muslims. But they do see an opportunity to use the demands of Islamists to destroy our own religion and our own distinctive Christian culture. No doubt they believe that they can settle with the Islamists later. Dangerous and delusional thinking of course, but then this is a ruling class that is rooted in illusion and make-belief and driven by uncontrollable emotions. This ruling class includes many who are willing to risk HIV infection for a better orgasm, spends huge sums on narcotics and booze and thinks that songs with a message will bring peace to the world.

The US, with its wise constitution, its legions of active Christians, its Talk Radio and thriving Internet, is the last bulwark of freedom and free speech. The UK and the EU seem to have already lost too much freedom to totalitarian forces and its people are sleep walking to oblivion. A victory for Hillary Clinton and her comrades in November 2008 will surely see the Leftists and their Media masters start the final onslaught on free speech here in the USA. She will point to Europe as proof of the inevitability of the new totalitarian culture.

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