Occupy Wall Street Protest now abandoned by Media Class

Protesting demonstrations by Christians and Conservatives rarely have any major impact unless they have the ability to attract overwhelming numbers to a capital city, since the Mainstream Media uniformly looks the other way. Even when they attract extremely large numbers-as some Christian organizations do and the Tea Party did last year- the MSM exercises its power to minimize their impact. The reverse is also true. The Media Class has the power to inflate the impact of even the puniest gathering if it so wishes. It happens all the time and on this website we have often drawn attention in the past to the Media’s inflation of the tiny ‘Peace’ gatherings organized by Cindy Sheehan down in Crawford Texas when George Bush was President. As we repeatedly insist on this website, the MSM, which is the powerful arm of the Media Class, is not remotely in the business of providing genuine News but is manufacturing propaganda that will further the revolutionary agenda of the Media Class. We may never know how, where and by whom the plan to ‘occupy’ Wall Street was hatched, and it may simply have been the work of a handful of grubby and dysfunctional anarchist offspring of the New York intelligentsia. We are doubtful that it was hatched by a conspiratorial gathering of Media Class News people or by a group of Obama’s intimate activists. The Media Class never needs to stoop to organizing riff-raff on the streets or to setting up incidents that require homosexual or minority victims, for it can simply at will seize upon unremarkable daily events and transform them by dishonest reporting and massive amplification.

The Wall Street ‘occupation’ was a political and social event that the MSM could have quickly suffocated by looking the other way, or by elevating some other event into prominence, or by brutal negative reporting. The MSM chose not to. Instead it signaled that it was sympathetic to the ‘aims’ of the tiny motley and wholly inarticulate crowd that had assembled in a low profile park in New York. Reporters were sent to not only provide the adrenalin of publicity to the exhibitionists there, but to sift through, make more intelligible and translate into print their garbled and conflicting claims. The MSM did the opposite of what they had done to the Tea Party marches and the Glenn Beck rally. Instead of smearing the protestors, obscuring their aims and fear-mongering about them, the MSM claimed that they were the 99% of ordinary people who have ‘had enough’. First, we must ask why the MSM-in effect-took over and shaped the mob’s message and polished its presentation- and the answer is simple. Here was a chance to achieve and unite two goals. One was to support Obama’s latest political strategy, which is a good one in the lead- up to the 2012 election. For he is laying blame for the Nation’s ills (which are actually the deliberate consequences of his policies) on the ‘rich’; he is playing the Leftist Class War card which will fire up and firm up his doctrinaire resentful Socialist base; and he is seeming to distance himself from those very people in Big Business and Finance who have showered him with campaign money in order to ingratiate themselves (and protect their interests) with the new Ruling Class.

The second group of things the MSM achieved by promoting the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ event included directing it away from the real rich and influential. I never heard once that the protestors were angry about George Soros, or the billionaire homosexuals such as Tim Gill, or the Hollywood crowd who are buying elections. Instead the mob’s attention was focused on those anonymous bankers. The MSM was also able to inflate and prolong the protests, for in so doing, the Tea Party movement was relegated to history; Obama’s relentless fund-raising was able to proceed below the public’s radar; and a number of Obama Government actions that should have raised alarm passed unnoticed. The OWS (Media orchestrated) event has focused attention on a non-event (something the Media Class is expert at) and distracted conservative and the wider public’s attention from truly important things. I also venture to suggest that the Media Class has realized that Obama’s constant strutting in front of cameras has become counter productive and is ‘resting’ him from the public’s gaze. As a bonus, the OWS has done what all massively publicized events always do and that is produce copy-cats.

But now, the Media Class has concluded that, like Obama’s exposure, the ‘occupy’ mobs -for they are mobs-have become stale news. Until now, Leftist politicians, sensing that the Media Class was sympathetic to the mobs and that Hollywood’s Great and Good were gracing the parks with their presence, have flocked to show support. Police Chiefs, also sensing that the Media Class was promoting the mobs, have avoided action. This will now end for the Media Class is withdrawing support. The ‘occupy’ mobs have-like poor Cindy Sheehan-had their moment in the sun and are doomed to be forgotten.

On this website we regularly pointed out the constant three-way traffic between ‘News’ Organizations, Leftist political organizations and Entertainment. This can all be explained by our Class analysis of current events. Last week, Chelsea Clinton, the 31 year old daughter of Bill and Hillary, was granted a top job with TV station NBC, where she will be part of a ‘News’ team. Clinton formerly ‘worked’ as a ‘Business Consultant’. I doubt she started at the bottom and worked her way up, though it is said that her father did quite frequently!!! Now, again without any experience, she has stepped into another top job, this time moving from an insider position in politics to an insider position in the Ruling Media Class. ‘Easy as pie for some’ as a friend of mine used to say. On this website we are not surprised but neither, it seems, is the general public, which now seems to accept that there is a new governing aristocracy.

This week the Media has carried reports from that disgusting body the United Nations to the effect that man-made global warming is leading to more cases of “extreme weather events world-wide”. Co-incidentally today, scientists in Chile have reported uncovering the remains of scores of prehistoric whale skeletons. These are lying side by side in what is now desert but must at one time, about 2 million years ago, been part of the Pacific Ocean. Similar finds have been made in other deserts in the world but this is a big one and is baffling scientists, for the whales appear to have died all together and in neat lines. There is now speculation as to what catastrophe caused their premature group death. This was 2 million years ago, but we can be sure that if a group of whales died in such circumstances now, those UN experts and Al Gore would be blaming man-made global warming. Incidentally, Starcross is STILL not under water and it is biting cold at night here in central California.

Music Choice – Dexter Gordon (1923-1989) became better known to a wider public and younger generation as a result of his part in a Clint Eastwood-directed film, but he was always well-known to jazz followers. He was a big man and played the tenor saxophone with a big sound and a timing that always deliberately lagged behind the beat. He was a master of the saxophone, just below the level of Charlie Parker and Bud Powell. He was also a pretty good composer when he bothered. In 1970, he recorded an album entitled ‘The Panther’, with the excellent Tommy Flanagan on piano, Larry Ridley on bass and Alan Dawson on drums. Included, was his composition ‘Mrs. Minever”, which is a minor masterpiece. Sit back and enjoy!

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