Obama’s Transparent Presidency

In both his election campaigns, Obama promised transparency, and by implication accused the preceding Bush Presidency of un-American secretive practices.   Those of us familiar with the history of Communism and its variations – Socialism, Fascism, Nazism, Feminism and contemporary Liberalism – have long known that an all-powerful and intrusive government is never transparent. It soon became apparent during Obama’s first Presidential election campaign that he was adept at speaking out of each side of his mouth and was capable of promising conflicting things on the same day, depending on the composition of his audience. Thus when he promised on TV that his Presidency would be the most transparent in history it was time to be alarmed. He usually spoke the truth only to his audiences of Union members, Democrats and African Americans and boldly lied whenever the Media was present to package his message to the low information voters. Brazen lying is his one exceptional skill, perhaps perfected by a lifetime of practice and encouraged by the knowledge that the Mainstream Media (MSM) will always edit his utterances. 

    The revelations of the last few weeks concerning political use of the IRS, the investigations of critical journalists and now the massive collecting of data on everyone, reveal that he was not in fact lying when he promised transparency. It was just that most people thought he meant the transparency of his Administration and his Government. What he was promising was that we, the people (and especially those who were deemed to be counter-revolutionaries), would become wholly transparent to him, his Government and his intolerant allies. As Maxine Walters (Far Left Dem Cal and a leading member of the ‘Let’s stick it to Whitey’ brigade) has triumphantly proclaimed on several occasions, Obama has more information on his opponents and potential opponents than any previous politician in history and it will be decisive in the revolutionary struggle now unfolding. For once, this polarizing and dreadful woman will be right. 

    After 9/11 it was obvious that we Americans could no longer assume that all people living within the Nation’s borders could be trusted, since there were deadly enemies in our midst. We learned that they were Muslims and that they plotted death and destruction in collaboration with their religious brethren in other countries and did so primarily through the Internet and telephone. It was inevitable that much greater surveillance was required to head off more such attacks. The Bush Presidency quickly increased Government surveillance and was successful in preventing more 9/11’s. Many on the Far Left suddenly became jealous of a citizen’s right to privacy and worried about Government’s powers but their protests were mostly an attempt to smear Bush along with their usual wish to protect America’s enemies. Those who thought objectively did not believe that the Bush Administration was motivated by anything other than commonsense and patriotism but in order to placate the Leftists and their ascendant demands for political correctness, there could be no ‘profiling’. With the rise of the Media Class and its Leftist allies, ‘profiling’ has become a smear word and is very effective in order to agitate anyone with a dark skin and frighten those with white. And so at airports old white ladies had to be strip searched and a portion of ladies in chadors passed through without inspection. In pre-Revolutionary America (and I am referring to America some 30 years ago) Arabs and other Muslim peoples would have been profiled and the rest of us given merely a glance. 

    We are no longer allowed to say that our terrorist problem is a Muslim problem, even though that is palpably true. Still, the greater surveillance, even if imposed in an Alice in Wonderland way, is acceptable to most of us in order to stay safe. The problem that is surfacing along with the latest Edward Snowden revelations is that the Obama Administration really cannot be trusted. This President with the concealed and murky past is at least a Muslim sympathizer and maybe a closet Muslim. Moreover, we are compelled to believe from his record as President that he regards his political opponents on the Right as the real enemy and sees the tools of Government surveillance as his for the coming decisive political victory. 

    In this context I refer our website visitors to an article (dated June 11th 2013) by Wayne Allyn Root on the website ‘Restoring Liberty’. Root is a graduate of Columbia University and should have been a contemporary of Obama, taking the same subjects. That is if Obama’s own books are correct. Obama in his autobiographies claims to have been at Columbia University. Root cannot remember Obama and neither can any of Root’s contemporaries. 

    At each reunion, all turn up except Obama. Now Root has interviewed Professor Henry Graff, a legendary Columbia historian who lectured there for 46 years and remembers all his students who went on to greater things. Graff has gone on record saying, “I never had a student with that name (Obama) in any of my classes. Not Obama. I never met him, never saw him, never heard of him. None of the other Columbia professors knew him either.” 

    We have no wish to falsely accuse a man of flagrantly lying about his past, especially the President, nor of suspecting him of colluding with the Nation’s Muslim enemies. But unless Obama is willing to unseal his records – and especially his College records – we are justified in suspecting the worst. It is surely unprecedented, unacceptable – and let’s admit highly suspicious – for a President to completely hide his past, especially when that past is intertwined with Islam, many of whose adherents are plotting our destruction and because of them we are forfeiting to his Administration our privacy and liberty. 

    To Radical and Right an interesting aspect of all the current fuss – and one that might be a game changer – is not the revelations of the tools of totalitarianism being put in place – we have long claimed that the new Revolutionary Ruling Class and its allies pursue the elimination of all opposition – but that some elements in the Media Class are uncomfortable with being included in the surveillance. Is Obama, in the eyes of the Media Class, becoming rather big for his boots? History shows us many examples of a Ruling Class promoting a politician to be its tool and then finding that, with the reins of power in his hands, the politician (sometimes a corporal, a major or a General) decides to become an Emperor. Who knows where all this will end? Certainly we do not, for there are always many unforeseen factors lurking ahead. Still, as time has passed we can see that Obama is not the person to underestimate his own abilities and does not take kindly to being a team player. He is a man with a hidden past, big ideas about himself and has an inner circle of shamelessly lawless people. 

    Some weeks ago we wrote about the case of Ramineh Behbehanian, who was accused of planting two bottles of poisoned orange juice on the shelf of a Californian Starbucks. Subsequently we noted that her case had gone quiet and we wondered if she was a Muslim and that her alleged action had terrorist implications. This weekend her case took a surprising turn and we leave our website visitors to make of it what they will. 

    It has been reported in the San Jose MSM that the case against the 50 year old woman, who has a degree in chemistry and works for Johnson and Johnson, has been dropped. Here are the facts as reported by the Press. “a customer said Behbehanian switched two bottles of orange juice in the café’s refrigerator with her own tainted bottles that she brought to the store in a Starbuck’s bag. San Jose Fire Dept tested and said that they contained a lethal dose of rubbing alcohol. Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office said Friday it has decided not to file charges. The D/A said that the orange juice allegedly dropped off at the café by Behbehanian contained vinegar, which is not considered a harmful substance. There appears to be insufficient evidence that a crime was committed”. 

    The D/A said that the Fire Dept had failed to send its report to him and subsequent testing had suggested that the orange juice had deteriorated naturally. One suggestion in a blog was that the lady had attempted merely to exchange her old deteriorated orange juice for fresh. The D/A’s explanation for dropping charges seems inadequate unless he is reluctant to publicly blame the Fire Dept. for failing to pass on the necessary evidence. We are not told if the suspect actually exchanged two bottles of juice with two of her own or whether the witness to this was found to be unreliable. I seem to remember that it was initially claimed that there were two witnesses. Mrs. Behbehanian has returned to work with Johnson and Johnson. A strange case, indeed! 

    In the last week, the MSM has continued to energetically promote homosexuality. There have been pictures of two male school pupils hand in hand as they prepare to attend a school prom as a couple. The approving report contained several quotes from female classmates who were overjoyed by this happy event. The reports did not mention the age of the two ‘partners’, or which was the male and which was the female. Nor did it mention when they first enjoyed anal intercourse or what the typical response was of other male pupils. I deduce from the reports that girls are much more positively excited by the exhibitionism of feminized young men. 

    Another MSM story, with accompanying pictures, cited the unbearable pain and embarrassment experienced by another male ‘couple’ when they attempted to order a wedding cake from a neighborhood baker. The Christian baker refused their order when he discovered it was to celebrate a SSM. The stricken couple, forced to find another baker, were at least able to make contact with the ACLU which, not surprisingly, will take their case to court and seek to (1) punish the baker; (2) bankrupt his small business; (3) intimidate all businesses that might consider involvement in same-sex relationships to be distasteful; (4) further intimidate and thus deter the general population from expressing anything other than positive views about sodomy, and (5) tighten the screws on traditional Christian Churches who might be contemplating refusing to carry out SSM. In this case one of the Media pictures actually identified the ‘wife’ who happened to be a man with a beard. The more effeminate of the pair must have been the ‘husband’ who penetrates his ‘wife’s’ rectum in imitation of sexual intercourse. 

    Apart from the fact that the MSM has successfully eliminated all mention of the disgusting and sado/masochistic mechanics of homosexuality and SSM, I cannot help being surprised by the willingness of the ‘couples’ in both stories and the many more that are now being promoted in the MSM, to pose for pictures and seek publicity. What circles do they move in and are they unaware of or indifferent to the shameful, unnatural and unhygienic nature of their activities? Surely they are aware that using the terms ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ is ridiculous and would be hilarious among normal people in normal times. 

    Many homosexuals and other deviants hope forlornly for the public acceptance of their bizarre practices, thus reducing the sense of guilt. If acceptance cannot be willingly obtained, they seek to silence all expressions of disapproval and ridicule. Others, and I think this is a pervading sickness in our Media Class society, will do anything for a moment of fame. 

    Celebrity, no matter how fleeting and no matter how obtained, seems to give a meaning to some people’s lives in the absence of a Faith and a productive and absorbing life as a parent of children. When the two teenage boys announced their ‘outing’ for the prom and immediately received much positive feedback from schoolgirls and Leftist pupils and teachers, they no doubt experienced their moment of fame and seeming acceptance. They will find that such celebrity is short-lived and the revulsion of normal men can only be driven underground. 

    Behind (no pun intended) the homosexual movement however is more than the satisfying of a celebrity moment or the assuaging of guilt. It is an intention to destroy the traditional Christian Churches and their followers and to use Government to indoctrinate the population and corrupt the Nation’s children. As we have written many times, the MSM is creating a bandwagon effect so that homosexual advancement will seem unstoppable. This demands that only victories be reported in the MSM and defeats ignored. Consequently you will not read or hear that yesterday the Russia’s State Duma voted 434-0 with one abstention to approve the Kremlin-backed legislation, which imposes hefty fines for holding ‘gay pride’ rallies or providing information about the LGBT community to minors. 

    This law, if passed, will effectively stop the ‘gay pride’ marches in every Russian city. It had not struck me until I read this news that these highly publicized and visible marches are not only an opportunity for homosexuals to gather for sex, to indulge their exhibitionism and to flaunt their power, but to make kids aware of this unnatural vice at an early age. 

    Weather – Last weekend, Middle California had two days of heat-wave with temperatures reaching 106F at one time. Then the temperature plunged and we have had three days of cool weather and thunder storms. In the UK the fine weather has also come to an end and rain is back all across Europe. Back in the 1970’s I drove across Germany on a camping vacation in late May. There was huge flooding in the Rhine Valley and many rivers burst their banks, so current flooding is not unprecedented. 

    Music Choice – Art Blakey (1919-1990) was one of the best jazz drummers, which means he is one of the best drummers. In the 1950’s he played with Charlie Parker, Clifford Brown and other great players and immediately revealed his trademark sound: hard, mostly loud and a master of shifting rhythms. By the mid-1950’s Blakey had founded his own band that subsequently became known as The Jazz Messengers. Although the personnel changed over the years and featured many great soloists including Donald Byrd, Hank Mobley, Horace Silver, Johnny Griffin, Wayne Shorter, Lee Morgan and Freddie Hubbard, the sound and quality remained consistent. I recommend a 1961 recording of ‘Alamode’. This riff was composed by trombonist Curtis Fuller, who played on the recording along with Morgan, Shorter, Bobby Timmons on piano and Jymie Merritt on bass. Enjoy this tight, driving small band that sounds like a big band. Nothing effeminate or whining about this music and a bonus is the absence of the now-ubiquitou

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