Obama’s Perverted Paymasters

Sometimes on this website we have begun an article by taking our visitors through several paragraphs concerning the composition and rise to power of the Media Class. In this way we often put political events into their proper context. However, today we can start with some simple facts that need little context.

Fact! Obama has not recently ‘evolved’ on the issue of same-sex marriage. He has been for it at least as long as he has had his sights set on a political career. We have always maintained that he is the tool of the new Ruling Media Class and that the Media Class is heavily infested with impatient rich and influential homosexuals. Whenever Obama has hedged in public on the issue of ‘Same-Sex Marriage’ (SSM), it has been with a nod and a wink to them. He has always been aware that the Homosexual Agenda is the major component of the bigger Media Class agenda (it is its most revolutionary item) and since he occupied the White House he has relentlessly moved the homosexual agenda forward – and increasingly discarded stealth. As he has accumulated and exercised power by brazenly ignoring the Constitution, so he has become bolder in revealing his revolutionary commitment. And as Obama has become more brazen, so the Media Class and its propaganda arm – the Mainstream Media (MSM) – have also become more shameless in manipulation of the News, concealment of much real News and outright lying. Failure to defend DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) in the Courts, his cancellation of “Don’t ask; don’t tell” for the military, his appointment of at least one lesbian to the Supreme Court and the appointment of several homosexual ‘Czars’ to powerful positions in his Cabinet, along with frequent speeches offering homosexual support, all revealed, beyond doubt, his commitment to his sponsors and their revolutionary new-morality agenda.

Obama has always been hugely bankrolled by Hollywood’s billionaires and millionaires-all of them Libertines, Anti-Christian and many of them open practitioners of sexual perversion. Wealthy and privileged beyond any Ruling Class in human history, they have had little interest in, or commitment to, a Socialist economic revolution, but they have long realized that in order to gain and hold power, a coalition was necessary with Organized Labor, some racial minorities, the underclass and the envious ‘intellectuals’ who are attracted by Class War politics and the prospect of revolutionary change. Hollywood has always been home to countless hypocritical Leftists (accumulating wealth and privilege whilst agitating for egalitarianism; supporting America’s communist enemies whilst enjoying American freedom and prosperity) for sexual perverts and revolutionary intellectuals have long been comfortable bedfellows. Indeed privileged perverts have historically been drawn to give support to, and plot for, intolerant Leftist regimes.

It was the Hollywood Homosexual billionaires who discarded the Clintons and led the way promoting Obama in the summer of 2008. They recognized that he was more adept at shameless lying, more morally shallow even than Bill Clinton and would more successfully enable the MSM to play the race-card in the election and thereafter. Most importantly of all, they recognized that he would be more inept as President and therefore totally dependent on MSM support. They were right in all their calculations as events these last four years have demonstrated. Much has been made of Vice President Biden’s pro ‘same-sex marriage’ remarks of this last week. Some conservative commentators have suggested that he made them in order to gain extra support from the Homosexual paymasters – let us call them what they really are ‘key members of our Ruling Class’ – and thus make it difficult for Obama to pick a new running mate in November. Others speculate that Biden acted on orders from the White House and that Obama wanted the SSM issue to be raised and used to distract from his economic record. Yet others point to Biden’s lack of self control and loose tongue.

It seems likely to Radical and Right that Obama would have preferred to continue ‘evolving’ until after November, for with the MSM’s collusion he could nod and wink to the homosexuals whilst avoiding ruffling and alienating the Blacks and Blue-collar moral conservatives. Many Blacks are reluctant to withdraw support from a half-Black President, yet are strongly against SSM and unnatural sexual behavior. Many Blue-collar voters who hold sodomy and homosexuality to be abnormal do not pay close attention to the realities that lurk behind MSM propaganda. For the support of these Democrat and independent voters to be retained, Obama wisely calculated that he could get away with ‘evolving’. We think that the real reason that he was forced to ‘come out of the closet’ is that the Homosexuals in our Ruling Class are impatient.

Fact! We have always pointed out on this website that our new Ruling Class is largely composed of sexual libertines who are obsessed with sex, desperate for their abnormalities to be deemed normal, are grossly dysfunctional and morally stunted, virulently anti-Christian and so not believing in a ‘hereafter’, childless and therefore unconcerned about America’s long-term future, consumed with desperation for the next orgasm or the next fix and – given all this – understandably unable or unwilling to wait for November for the imposition of their revolutionary agenda. They are confident that their time has come, historically. Yet although they have control of the Media message to the masses, control of the schools and colleges where the young are being indoctrinated, control of much of the judiciary, plus enormous wealth, they are not quite confident that they will win the next election. It is just possible that despite all these advantages, a majority of the American people will reject the new post-revolutionary society that Obama’s re-election would accomplish. And so, this week, the Hollywood paymasters and their fellow-perverts around the Nation’s privileged enclaves, made it clear to Obama that if he wanted to be bank-rolled back into the White House he had to stop nodding, winking and evolving, and lead. He got the message, claiming to have consulted his teenage daughters and the perverts in his social and political circles, and is now ready to embrace inclusion and diversity.

Anyone who believes this nonsense should not have the vote!

Fact. Conservatives and others who are persuaded to view the SSM issue in isolation also do not deserve the vote. It has long been clear, and on this website we have proclaimed it for years, that homosexuals are as dismissive of marriage as most of the young people who emerge from educational indoctrination and then continue their ‘education’ by soaking up the corrupting drivel of the Media Class and its Entertainment. Except for a minority of Christians, Orthodox Jews and Muslims, marriage is hardly on the radar. The Hollywood ‘marriages’ that the Media promotes are as shallow in content as a modern British Royal Family wedding i.e. an opportunity to put on a Show. Huge numbers of sexually-normal Americans care nothing for marriage and opt to co-habit. It may be that as they get older and belatedly mature, many will begin to understand that traditional marriage has profound value for Society along with the great Religions. But for now, marriage is hardly a privilege or a rite of passage. Yet we are invited to believe that homosexuals and Lesbians are – unlike the rest of Americans – desperate to ‘marry’ people of the same sex.

On this website we have frequently pointed out that sodomy, whether practiced between men or men and women, is both grossly unhygienic and unavoidably rooted in sado-masochism. Thus it is both unnatural and objectionable but like many perversions it is always present in human societies. How much is due to malfunctioning in the womb or the brain and how much it is due to deficiencies in parenting can be debated endlessly. Either way, we should be sympathetic to those handicapped by perversion and compelled to seek relief through homosexuality, lesbianism, cross-dressing, bi-sexual relationships, sado-masochist practices, bestiality and a host of other abnormalities. For the sake of a Nation’s health and well-being, such things are best practiced and discussed in private and the Law should be kept out of peoples homes as long as only consenting adults are involved. What our Homosexual and Libertine Ruling Class wants is a revolutionary new sexual morality that has little to do with marriage. In order to get to their revolutionary sexual Utopia, their goal has to be pursued by incremental changes until all opposition can be crushed by Government oppression. Turning traditional marriage into a grotesque and shallow procedure underpinned by Law opens the door to more legislation that silences vocal, religious and political opposition to perversion. Homosexual hatred of, and attacks upon, opponents is partly explained by repressed fear and shame, but it is also part of the much more dangerous Leftist intolerance of any opposition. Unable to win by rational argument, and reinforced by the Leftist shibboleth that ‘Ends justify means’, our new Ruling Class – a coalition of Media Class Libertines and their Leftist allies – is intent on the silencing and ultimate destruction of opposition.

Fact. Those elements that make up our new Ruling Class are wholly intolerant of opposition and therefore reject the old notions of political fair-play. The tactics that the contemporary Left and Homosexuals are currently using are what should be expected from a revolutionary movement. This American election campaign, unlike those of the last Century, will not be played by the traditional rules but by those popularized and updated by Saul Alinsky and others of the modern revolutionary Left. We are in the midst of a revolutionary struggle because a powerful new Class has emerged in what was once a Classless America, and it is intent on imposing its moral revolutionary agenda in collaboration with its Leftist coalition partners. Its Leftist partners, who have totalitarian objectives, are determined to destroy the US Constitution, suppress free speech and use any means to win.

At a time of economic turmoil and danger, mass unemployment and foreign threats we might ask why the US President and his Party are pre-occupied with the Homosexual agenda. Indeed we are all invited to be preoccupied with extending to perverts, an institution of 2,000 years. Since an election this week in North Carolina decisively rejected SSM, and since it has been rejected every time it has been put to the popular vote, we can surely conclude that Obama has not raised the issue to distract from his other failings. Instead we can conclude that he has reluctantly bowed to the wishes of his impatient paymasters in our new Ruling Class.

Weather – Recently I heard the ABC announce that America has just been through its warmest-ever year. Clearly we are meant to deduce that Man-made Global Warming is at work. All I can say is that Europe – indeed the whole Northern Hemisphere – has experienced one of the coldest winters in decades. Here on the Left Coast we have also experienced an unusually cold and extended winter. In the UK, after a prolonged period of heavy rain, the Authorities are hinting that the drought has been postponed. Meanwhile, Starcross (England), situated low on the Exe Estuary, continues to defy the rising sea levels without resorting to any defenses.

Music Choice – We have featured the songs of Brazilian composer Jobim on several occasions. His best work was achieved in the Bossa Nova style and in the 1960’s all the great jazz soloists recorded his songs. “A Felicidade” was a long and interesting lovely tune and was recorded by a Septet led by vibraphonist Gary McFarland. McFarland, who was born in California in 1933, was also an arranger, composer (including film music) and singer. After working with all the foremost jazz musicians in the early 1960’s he moved away from jazz vibes playing into commercial work. He died in 1971 as a result of someone spiking his drink in a bar. On this track he was accompanied on piano by trombonist Bob Brookmeyer, Jim Hall and Jimmy Raney on guitars and three Latin percussion players. This sensitive, tasteful and rhythmic recording is recommended for adults only.

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