Obama’s Government in Disarray But Media Remains Protective

On big matters and small matters, the Obama/Reid/Pelosi Government lurches from one catastrophe to another. Let us begin with some small matters. Obama’s Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood yesterday issued a statement telling Toyota car owners not to drive their vehicles even if they had been recalled and repaired. This message was carried in all the Mainstream Media (MSM) outlets. Today, LaHood has had to retract that statement and say he meant that Toyota owners should take their cars back to dealers if they haven’t been fixed. LaHood’s incompetence is no small matter for Toyota of course but when set against Government incompetence on Terrorism, the economy, unemployment, Iran/North Korea and looming inflation it seems like a blip. Actually, when one considers that LaHood must have had many professional advisers huddled with him before he made his first statement, his “unintended” words reveal a shocking incompetence all round.

Then there was Rahm Emanuel’s leaked words to his Democrat Congressional Comrades as he chided them on behalf of his boss (Obama). “F…ing Retards” is about as bad as it can get in using offensive language. By “Retards” Emanuel was of course referring to what used to be called the mentally handicapped (in my view an accurate and not unkind description) and are now called people with learning difficulties. Emanuel is Obama’s chosen right-hand man and thus one of the most powerful politicians in America. He is not new to Government, having been a US Senator, and he has been around in politics for a long time. No-one can get to his position without being aware that the bar-room language of fifty years ago is no longer acceptable. Sarah Palin, the mother of a Down’s Syndrome child and a victim of relentless Media persecution and false accusations, called for Emanuel’s dismissal. Her call was given little prominence in the MSM and was not taken up by Opinion writers and TV pundits. Since Emanuel is a man of the Left and since his boss in the White House is Media-sponsored we should not be surprised that his ‘gaff’ has been overlooked by the Media Class and his brief apology deemed sufficient.

I am tempted to be humorous here and comment that calling the Democrat Congressmen “F…ing Retards” is an insult to people with learning difficulties, but the incident is actually very revealing. Emanuel obviously chose his words to have an impact and with the awareness that he was amongst comrades. Here I return to my observation that “F…ing Retards” was the language used in bar-rooms fifty years ago. Just as a loudmouth with a few drinks inside him would have known that such an expression would impress his listeners then, so Emanuel knew that his words would impress his contemporary listeners. We can assume that this kind of language is now commonplace amongst Democrat politicians when talking privately amongst themselves and that Emanuel knows it is the sort of stuff that will whip them into line. There is a whiff of gangster tough talk here that serves to remind his comrades that they are in the politics of the gutter and just one step away from the politics of revolutionary violence. We also get to see that the Party of progress and enlightenment is nothing of the sort behind the scenes and that publicly expressed concern for the weak and vulnerable is just hypocrisy. The recent revelation of the racist language Harry Reid employed when talking about Obama’s candidacy is another example of the Left’s public posturing not matching its private attitudes. Not so long ago Obama himself, in a relaxed moment on TV and without a script, made derisory remarks about the Special Olympics.

It is worth acknowledging here that the MSM quickly skates over Leftist scandals and embarrassments yet orchestrates outrage whenever a conservative or Christian makes the mildest slip. We now know that the MSM concealed John Edwards’ scandalous behavior for as long as he was a Presidential contender. This double-standard infuriates many on the Right and often brings forth calls for fairness in reporting. Visitors to this website will understand that demands for fair reporting are futile since the MSM is merely protecting the politicians it has promoted for their willingness to promote the Media Class agenda.

The big matters that this Government has messed up on in a big way include terrorism. Today the MSM is busy reclaiming credibility for Obama and his Homeland Security Chief Eric Holder by trumpeting and spinning the news that the Christmas bomber (aka as the panty-bomber, the crotch-bomber and our description the ‘cock-up’ bomber) is now giving useful information to our security services. By this time we have surely learned that nothing said by the MSM or its Obama Government can be believed but in any case information about fellow-terrorists is now 5 weeks out of date and therefore of much reduced value. The terrorist birds will have had ample time to destroy evidence and fly away and the bomber will have had ample time to pick and choose his words. Plea bargaining at this stage, as anyone who has dealt with offenders will know, produces only minimal information. Confessions are only productive when they are either speedily obtained or the offender’s comrades do not know the offender is in custody. The Obama/Holder decision to read the bomber his Miranda Rights within fifty minutes of capture was either a matter of reckless ideology or motivated by a festering dislike of the American people.

The Obama/Holder decisions to try 9/11 terrorists in New York and treat them as common American criminals (two related but separate abominable decisions) are increasingly unraveling. The decision to close GITMO is also stalled and spawning more evidence of reckless Obama foolishness, yet the MSM continues to prevent these issues boiling over or gelling into one big scandal in the public’s perception. Instead each issue is dealt with in isolation in the MSM and Republican protests rarely penetrate to the people via the MSM. If the American voters are beginning to attribute blame to Obama and his comrades it is because of the Blogosphere and the mavericks of Talk Radio and Fox News.

Meanwhile, Obama is on the attack with all the confidence of a pathological liar who knows that the MSM will protect his every lie and whitewash his policies. Hugo Chavez must envy Obama his positive Media exposure and support. Obama calls for co-operation from across the political aisle in one speech and an hour later denounces his opponents with every smear and lie he can summon. He claims to accept blame for situations in general without once being specific and then blames all on his predecessors. He and the MSM ignore the Democrat’s dominating Congressional power for the last three years and that Obama was in that Democrat majority in the Senate. He and his Media sponsors would have us believe that his hands are clean and he has been called upon to clear up an impossible mess!!! The MSM enables him to bury all his campaign boasts and supports his every outlandish and palpably dishonest claim, such as the one about jobs saved and created by his policies, even as the jobless rate climbs and climbs. Indeed what fool would believe the Obama statistics on jobs that are now issued by his Government?

Here are a few more of the many failures of his first year in the White House. The death rate in Afghanistan (remember this is the war Obama lauded and now owns) mounts but where are Cindy Sheahan and the San Francisco peace protestors who once commanded endless headlines? Like Little Boy Blue they are under the haystack fast asleep or they have become invisible to the MSM. The Health Bill has passed only every deadline Obama has set for it, while the Democrats with their huge majority in both Houses fail to agree amongst themselves, yet Obama gets away with blaming Republicans for its stall. And now this week, Obama gets away with chiding his Congressional troops for the defeats in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia, when he himself campaigned in them all.

Yet Republicans, conservatives, Christians and Nationalists should not scent victory, for the power of the Media Class and its allies is unparalleled and when marshaled can mobilize Leftists and persuade the TV-addicted masses. Meanwhile, this week we see amidst all the troubles facing the people of the US, the real concern of the Media Class. The headlines are all about ‘Gays’ in the military as the MSM goes into overdrive to advance their (im)moral agenda.

Mr. Radical tells me that temperatures in Scotland this winter have been the coldest combined December and January on record. Any one who looks carefully at a global map will see that northern Scotland is not far from the Arctic Circle. Presumably this extreme cold weather in Scotland is also affecting the Arctic, or does it get warmer the further north one goes, hence the melting icebergs? Here in California I can only report with my lying eyes that this is the coldest winter since 1996. Still, before long the soldiers and sailors of the US armed forces will be keeping warm at night fighting off the sexual advances of comrades – or lying in hot embraces.

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