Obama’s Bill in the Balance

In our last article on this website we pointed out that Obama and his comrades have gone too far out on the Health Care Bill to allow for defeat. The Media also knows this, hence the constant Media up-beat reporting of the House Democrats’ squalid internal wrangling. In reality, the marathon Pelosi meetings going on behind closed doors must be extremely acrimonious but the Media presents them as a jolly series of negotiations between traders. The Media Class has many weapons in its armory ranging from selective investigations of (Right wing) individuals it seeks to destroy, ignoring news stories, inflating others, and relentless biased reporting. One other much-used weapon is being employed by the whole Media during this Health Care Bill issue. It is that of conferring approval. It is impossible to read any reporting about homosexual issues in the Mainstream Media (MSM) without being aware that the journalists are approving of one side of the issue. Similarly in the reporting of the current cliff-hanger Health Care Bill issue, it is clear that the MSM is anything but neutral. Every report puts the reader on the side of ultimate victory for the Bill. It is like following the story of a contest in which we know who the hero is and we are being taken through the trials and tribulations of his struggle to succeed – all the time knowing that the story will have a good ending and the hero will win just at the finishing line.

Media reporters were breathless with admiration when reporting that Obama had postponed his foreign trip in order to encourage his supporters and win over doubters. We were left in no doubt that this must make us all want him not to be disappointed. The Media reporting was not just intended to add pressure to wavering Democrat House members but to impress the whole of the Nation. Some will argue that as Opinion Poll numbers show that a majority of the Nation’s voters do not want the Bill to succeed, then the Media Class is not influencing people. I never underestimate the power of the Media. When Obama gets to sign this Bill, and he surely will at some point soon, for the Democrat Party cannot afford to lose it now, the Media will present Obama as the hero who has defied the odds and snatched victory on the line. Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the Media Masters are doing whatever it takes to buy or intimidate the wavering Democrats. Obama was right this weekend, when he made clear that he is staking his Presidency on winning for in doing so he made sure that the MSM would throw everything it has behind him. He is their man in the White House and they have too much invested in him to let him be humiliated. Those who get their news and information from the alternative Media will eventually learn something of the outrageous threats and bribes that are being used to intimidate reluctant Democrats but the MSM will do all it can to present the outcome as a happy process of relatively civilized persuasion. Obama will be presented as having come through a test of fire and emerged as a true leader when he signs the Bill before massed cameras. The reporting will be uniformly kneaded with approval. Any Democrats who have not voted appropriately will be buried. Any who dare to complain about the tactics used will simply not be offered a microphone and camera except on Fox News.

Victory will surely inflate Obama’s massive ego and he will quickly move on to the next revolutionary item on his Leftist agenda. We can expect to see Pelosi emerge even more openly as the ruthless Leftist who never waivers or blinks when in front of a camera and announcing that Black is White today and White will be Black tomorrow. Meanwhile, the ‘moderate’ Democrats will no longer exist. Those who have not caved will be targeted in their constituencies by the Soros forces of extremism. Some may consider joining the Republicans for how else can they survive?

We always point out on this website that the MSM constantly puffs up some ‘news’ stories whilst burying others and this tells us everything about the agenda of the Media Class. In Arizona, a local council has been active in preventing a group of seven Christians from meeting in their homes for Bible study. No neighbor has complained about these tiny meetings but they came to the attention of the local bureaucrats when they were advertized. The Christians were ordered to cease meeting since there is some past law on the books to prevent such meetings in private homes. Many types of gathering are not forbidden by this law but Christians ones are. The Christians have taken this to the Courts and won and lost several times. Now the case is going to get before the Supreme Court. Few Christians and even fewer non-Christian Americans will have learned about this outrageous intrusion into the homes of private citizens for the MSM is very selective in its concerns about such Rights. Christians should not have Rights as far as the Media Class is concerned.

Meanwhile, every American will know about the case of Constance McMillen it is being intensively reported in the MSM. Miss McMillen’s dispute with her Mississippi School District is the kind of news that the MSM homes in on, along with the ACLU. Anyone reading the MSM reports will quickly know which side of the dispute has the approval of the Media Class. The plump 18 year old Miss McMillen announced last week that she intended to take her lesbian lover to the School Prom. Every other pupil is taking a member of the opposite sex in accordance with rules of long-standing but Miss McMillen is clearly intent on making a statement and pushing the ‘Human Rights’ agenda. She appears to have the full support of her parents as well as the over-funded ACLU and the MSM. Rather than give in, the School Board has cancelled the Prom. No doubt billionaire Tim Gill and various rich Hollywood homosexuals will be contributing to Miss McMillen’s court fees and I doubt that the School Board has the funds to resist the rich and powerful homosexual lobby. We will soon be reading ecstatic MSM reports of how the School Board has caved and Human Rights have been further advanced, accompanied by pictures of the plump and smiling Miss McMillen and her lesbian partner.

Some weeks ago we covered the story of Lee (Alexander) McQueen the British ‘Gay’ Fashion Queen who died as the result of an overdose. At the time I commented on the ugly and un-wearable clothes that seemingly marked him out as a genius. In the last couple of weeks the Newspapers and magazines have been filled with pictures of the work of other Fashion designers. Besides ‘ugly’ and ‘un-wearable’ I would add the words ‘preposterous’,’ silly’, ‘stupid’, ‘laughable’, ‘ridiculous’ and ‘pathetic’. Can any reader think of any other appropriate words? What world do these designers inhabit? And this stuff makes them rich and famous?

There have been many Media stories about mass killings in Pakistan and Nigeria. The discerning reader of these stories might just about be able to conclude that the victims are all Christians. I say ‘discerning’ because the MSM goes to great lengths to conceal the religion of the victims and even greater lengths to conceal the religion of the killers. Here is an example from the WSJ’s front page ‘World-Wide’ column of March 11th.

“Suspected militants attacked the offices of a Christian aid group helping earth-quake survivors in northwest Pakistan, killing six employees”. Forget the redundant word “suspected”! The word ‘militants’ is being used to avoid the word ’Muslim’. The MSM will go to any lengths to cover up the religious identity of Muslims whenever they commit acts of terrorism or indeed any crimes. This is not just a MSM practice in the USA. It is just as common in the UK.

The BNP has been victimized again by the UK establishment and the MSM has again been uniformly approving and careful to conceal the facts. I suggest that readers go to the BNP website and read the full story rather than I try to condense it. My conclusion is that in the UK the Courts can now instruct a political party to accept as members those who openly disagree with its policies. Also the Party, if it is a Nationalist Party, cannot have any policies that might make any member of a designated minority feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. The BNP was also told to pay a whacking sixty thousand pounds towards the costs of the Government Quango that brought the case. This is a punitive sum and intended to financially cripple the BNP before the approaching General Election. Genuine political opposition to multi-racialism and mass immigration is being snuffed out in the UK and Socialists around the world will be ecstatic. Obama, Pelosi and Soros must be hoping they can soon acquire the same kind of power to eliminate all this awkward opposition in the US.

On Thursday night, here in California, we had another thick frost and the wind chill is keeping down temperatures well below ‘normal’. Just thought I should let you all know that we continue to experience global warming.

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