Obama’s Asian Escape

On this website we constantly remind visitors that nothing in the Mainstream Media should be taken at face value, for those who decide what gets into your newspaper or on your TV screen, have a hidden agenda. The Media Class is not in the business of providing honest news and information, stripped of bias and set to some principled standard of truth at all costs. Quite the opposite! The Media Class, whose members are almost wholly Leftist, is dedicated to ‘purging’ what you read see and hear, of anything that might impede the social revolution it yearns to impose. Keith Olbermann, who was quickly restored to his MSNBC slot despite having broken the rules of his employment, was only remiss in having his Leftist bias revealed by a Website. He embarrassed the MSM only because his financial contributions to Democrats came to light. His offences were not the contributions and the bias they confirmed but being careless and getting caught out. His speedy restoration to the job of ‘providing a professional public service of news and commentary’ should not surprise anyone, for why would his Class comrades not close ranks around him? Indeed his quick and unapologetic return to work merely confirms what we have been saying on this website, which is that the Media Class is becoming bolder by the day.

It is in the context of viewing all Media News as propaganda that we should approach the Obama trip to the Far East and what we are being told about it. Just as the MSM’s content should never be taken at face value, neither should anything our President says or does, for the man is a liar and a fraud. Consequently, let us start with what we know about this man and his actions. He is not pro-American and neither is his wife or his past associates. He is not a deep political thinker or a man with a wide knowledge of the world and its history. He is not a grand strategist or a man of high principles. He is a very ambitious (for himself) man who is completely unaware of his limitations. We have to assume that his rapid advancement in life has much to do with positive discrimination in Academia, his suitability to the corrupt school of Chicago’s Leftist politics and the calculation by a rich and powerful segment in the Media Class that here was a man they could successfully promote in furtherance of the Media Class agenda. All of this unflattering assessment can be deduced from his 2 years in the White House. So whatever he and the Media might say we can safely assume that he has not gone on this latest jaunt to advance the interests of the USA or to further some grand vision for the World.

The trip is certainly the most expensive jaunt ever carried out by a President but we know that Obama is resentful of those who pay taxes in the US. We also know that he and his wife, like the pigs in Orwell’s Animal Farm, see no reason why they should not enjoy to the full all the fruits of office. The massive retinue that is accompanying the Obama’s is not just a ‘no-expenses-spared’ one but one intended to be flattering to their greatness. The refusal of his administration to reveal costs, citing security fears, confirms that the costs are indeed outrageous. The Media has colluded in the cover-up, but why should we be surprised by that?

The legitimate purposes of the jaunt are unclear. When I read that India and Indonesia were on the itinerary I wondered if he believed that the two places were connected by name. The trip to India seems to have been sold to us as an opportunity for Obama to cement a good relationship between India and the US by pledging support for a seat on the UN Security Council. The UN and its Security Council are corrupt, gas-filled and pompous but presumably Obama is unable to see the obvious and assumes that India will not see the obvious either. This whole trip is a waste of time and money unless one views it as having everything to do with domestic US politics and little to do with foreign affairs. The 10-day trip, with the exception of the Global Summit in Seoul, is obviously an opportunity to escape the US in the post-election period. I believe that Obama is incapable of dealing with events that have not gone his way for he has had no practice at dealing with tough times, rejection, failure of his agenda and dealing with communications ‘scriptless’. Instead of sharing and shouldering the burden of the Democrat Party defeat he has assumed that a high-profile, though mostly meaningless, foreign trip will distract the American people and bolster his image as a star. Despite the best efforts of his Media masters, the historic Democrat defeat and its ramifications will be awaiting him when he returns and the trip itself cannot be show-cased as a success. The Obama ship has been driven into dangerous waters and the captain’s lack of seamanship is being revealed.

I think there is another reason for the trip too and that is that Obama could not bear to be around for Veteran’s Day. At some deep emotional level, perhaps to do with his half-baked Leftist and dysfunctional upbringing, he cannot acknowledge America’s outstanding military history and ascendancy. It represents that part of America that he most resents. Many conservatives paint this President as a cold and detached man who is too intellectual. On this website we do not believe that he is at all intellectually gifted or preoccupied with intellectual matters. We believe that he is simply a quick-witted opportunist, driven by an ambition that springs from a sense of inferiority and who has been able to capitalize on the rise of a new Ruling Class. Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists should not be distracted by this man and his antics but should identify the real enemy as the new Ruling Class that plucked him from obscurity.

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