Obama’s Agenda! Is There A Conspiracy Pulling His Strings?

The more the Democrat Health Bill is dissected, the more we see a massive blueprint for extending the power of Government into the lives of the US citizens. It has become clear that this Bill is not the work of the inarticulate and fraudulent occupier of the White House although I have no doubt he is comfortable with every Socialist paragraph whenever someone reads it to him. Nor do I believe that the Democrat parasitic windbags and tax cheats of Congress have put this Bill together. One can only conclude that it was put together over a considerable period of time by a doctrinaire team and probably before Obama was actively engaged in the Presidency. It is a work that has been cunningly floated as a Health Bill when in fact it is stuffed with hundreds of Socialist initiatives that will, like the tentacles of an octopus, squeeze the life from the American people. Several good conservative Talk-show hosts and some politicians like Sarah Palin have identified dangerous and obnoxious elements and shone the light of day onto them and this has helped to mobilize many ordinary citizens into protest, but we should most of all be concerned about the origins and paternity of this Bill. In an ironic way, the Bill has noteworthy parallels to our Leftist President for if we only knew its origins, its originators and the dark rooms in which they have long been working, then all would be revealed and we would know and understand the conspirators and the conspiracy behind Barack Obama’s rise to power. We would also be closer to understanding where Obama is heading us and how conservative opponents are going to be silenced.

This leads me on to the topic of Obama’s sealed records and hidden birth details. When these issues first appeared on Internet websites I assumed that the writers were fringe kooks, for surely no aspiring politician would survive the primaries without his essential citizenship qualifications being thoroughly scrutinized by either the Media or his opponents. Since then events have persuaded me, and surely every other honest and enquiring mind, that there is something extremely suspicious in Obama’s past. It seems pretty clear that his two auto-biographies were works of fiction, circulated early in order to put the world off his scent. Liars usually are adept at ‘getting their story in first’. As soon as doubts about his version of his past began to surface he sealed his records and resorted to lawyers to block any access to the documents that would yield indisputable facts. This is an amazing stance for a President to take and one can only conclude that there is some very serious thing or things to hide. Still over the years many grand psychopaths have progressed far in public life before being found out. They operate on the basis that the bigger the lie, the more people are likely to assume its truth, for most people cannot conceive of anyone being so bold. The British politician John Stonehouse was a prime example. Now that Obama has triumphed despite the secrets, there are many who assume that others in his own Party (who now acquiesce in his concealments) will have done the investigations and been satisfied that there is no cover-up. Others will assume that political opponents must surely have dug deep, either before the elections or since. Most people will believe that the Media would always look carefully into any candidate’s past and if there was something as important as grounds for disqualification, then Obama and his Democrat Party would have been tipped off to change candidates.

Let us be clear! Most on the Left, including the massed ranks of the Media Class, have no regard for the Constitution and could not care less about ignoring it. There are many others, and not all on the Left, who probably consider the exclusion of a Black man from the Presidency (a historical and uplifting moment!) because of an accident of his birth, to be so unjust as to justify, this once, the turning of a blind eye. So there are many people who want the issue of Obama’s hidden records to go away! As I wrote in a previous article, there may even be some conservatives in Establishment circles who now take the view that US society (and Business and property interests) must be spared the Black violent protests that would surely now erupt in most inner cities if Obama was revealed to be a cheat and conman and replaced by the White Joe Biden.

For those who believe the US Constitution should be followed to the letter, those who believe that Obama’s Presidency spells disaster for America both economically and socially and those who simply believe that truth should always prevail, this issue must not be allowed to go away until ALL the true facts of Obama’s relevant past have been revealed. It is no longer just an issue about a possible cheat slipping through the net, for the suppression of all enquiry has revealed what increasingly looks like a most sinister and powerful conspiracy. We on the political Right, and indeed all who care about the twin principles of truth and free speech, have a duty to stand up against the rich and powerful when they try to suppress these two fundamental things, for we can be sure that they do so in the pursuit of wickedness. Powerful people are not protecting Obama because they like him or care about him, but because he is leading the imposition of their revolutionary agenda. Today I most strongly recommend that our website visitors go to the article entitled “Who is behind quashing the birth certificate Issue?” posted on the Free Republic website1 on 29th August. The source is an article on the Canadian Free Press2 of 25th August, written by the courageous Joan Swirsky and it is a ‘must read’. The article names some of the alleged members of the conspiracy of rich and powerful people who are ruthlessly stifling all enquiries into Obama’s past.

I recently received a copy of the BNP’s ‘Voice of Freedom’ newspaper (Issue 107). On the inside back page is an article by Sally Wood entitled “Only through the BNP can our people stave off extinction”. Wood tells us that she stood in her Church and thanked God for the BNP Euro victory. Apparently she is looking to the BNP to not only deport illegals and criminals but to stop “inter racial relationships”. Her fear is that if such relationships are not stopped then the English, Welsh and Scots will end up as a coffee colored people with black curly hair. Wood wants to preserve blue and green eyes, red and blond hair and very pale skin. The time has come, writes Wood, when we must encourage our young to marry their own kind.

Now Wood can wax eloquently over blue eyes and very pale skin and on this website we believe in free speech and free expression of ideas. Also, no-one should stop Wood from marrying and breeding with who-ever she chooses. She should also be entitled to employ in her own business and entertain in her own boarding house (if she has one) people of whatever eye and skin color she fancies. As it happens, neither Radical or Right are married to women with coffee colored skin or black curly hair, but if we wanted to, it is no business of Miss Wood or her Party. Nor should any native British man or woman be dictated to about who he or she breeds with, and the kids when they come out of ‘mixed marriages’ have the potential to be as good and as worthy of value as any other. I think it is pretty ironic that Wood should have such thoughts whilst in a Christian Church for surely Christianity is about people coming together, in faith, on an individual basis. There is a world of difference between opposing mass immigration from anywhere into the UK in order to swamp the people and culture, and denying individuals the right to marry whoever they wish, in order to reproduce and share family life with. What Wood believes about inter racial marriage is not worrying but what a Party believes is, for that Party may one day be passing laws. Wood, by enjoying access to the Party’s newspaper, is revealing here the busy-body, interfering, individual-freedom-destroying thread that dangerously winds through the BNP. Is it really a (National) Socialist Party? I believe that many of the British people who vote for the BNP and the many more who would consider doing so, will want no truck with a Party that wants to impose race-choices on individuals and which regards children with darker skin or curlier hair as unfit to be members of the British race. Wood shares her race/blood thoughts with Heinrich Himmler. Mr. Right says, and I am sure he is right, that it is too late to stop racial inter-marriage, for many young working British people have already found someone they love with darker skin or blacker hair. In the same ‘Voice of Freedom’, the Rev Robert West was quoted from a BNP meeting saying that there is nothing “unChristian about loving your country”. He is right, but there is also nothing unChristian about loving, marrying and having children with some-one of a different skin color. And it is not the business of the Government of the day, either! Finally, it seems that some in the BNP have little faith that our talented British genes can reassert themselves once mixed! It is time that the BNP absorbed a little more Christianity and expelled some of that German Wagnerian stuff.

1. Free Republic – Who is Behind Quashing the Birth Certificate Issue?
2. Canada Free Press – Who is Behind Quashing the Birth Certificate Issue?

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