The above heading is not an original of mine but taken from a new book by Joy Tiz and its subtitle is “A Cult Leader Takes the White House!” I haven’t read it yet and only heard about it yesterday morning when Miss Tiz was interviewed on the Lee Rodgers KSFO morning program. Miss Tiz (who is a M.Sc. in Psychology) was questioned about her just-published book on Obama. This was the first time I had heard of her and I find she has an interesting website and also writes for the courageous website Canada Free Press. Miss Tiz is an impressive speaker and, armed with a seemingly endless stream of facts, she told Lee Rodgers why Obama can be considered an extreme narcissist, a habitual liar and a dangerous occupant of the White House.

I have no argument with her about Obama’s narcissism and his many other serious personal failings. Regular visitors to this website will know that we have repeatedly written that he exhibits psychopathic tendencies and has no intellectual substance. Miss Tiz, according to her own words yesterday morning, describes him in her book as a ‘cult leader’. I am not convinced however that Obama has ever been a cult leader, though I do not doubt that both the ruling Media Class and his followers are very busy attempting to re-create his image into just that. Listening to those recordings of young school children singing his praises in class at the behest of teachers, is eerily reminiscent of the early days of the North Korean President. There is a small army of devoted Obama followers, and especially many African-Americans and some White women, who certainly exhibit the symptoms of cult followers, but Obama articulates no beliefs that would inspire a true cult following, nor does he actually have the personal magnetism, the Messianic charisma and the oratorical skills of the true cult leader.

In so far as Obama espouses any intellectual ideas, they are typical old Leftist ones of wealth re-distribution and growing government in order to better control the masses. I see no evidence that he has one original idea or has created a synthesis of ideas that might ignite the powers of a cult leader. Stalin invented ‘Socialism in One Country’ and Hitler invented a revolutionary racial brand of Socialism that demanded and received great sacrifices of and from his followers. Some religious cult leaders not only invent a distinct personal religion but are capable of leading their followers to destruction in enclaves and jungles. Cult leaders never take orders from anyone else! Obama, always wholly inarticulate without a teleprompter, and without an original vision, is surely incapable of obtaining great sacrifices from his followers. Apart from his stale domestic program of re-hashed Socialism, his international ‘leadership’ has consisted of denigrating his own country and sucking up to foreign despots. This may please his Leftist followers but it does not suggest the presence of a charismatic cult leader.

To be fair to Miss Tiz, she did state that Obama largely owed his rapid ascent to the White House to a combination of factors that included a powerful Media and the ubiquitous George Soros. The only personal ‘gift’ that she could attribute to Obama was his ability to seem ‘nice’. Not that she thought Obama was nice for she pointed out that he has no genuine sympathy or empathy for anyone touched by his policies. In conclusion, she predicted that if he failed to meet the expectations of Mr. Soros or his Leftist supporters Obama would be in trouble. This is not making the case for the claim that he is a cult leader.

All attempts to explain the rise to power of this intellectually shallow and narcissistic opportunist other than as the creature of a powerful new Media Class, fail. Indeed, Obama’s election cannot be separated from the triumph of the Democrat Party in the same election, for he and his Party owe all their victories to the all-powerful media Class which has the means to rewrite recent history, control all information, ignore most of its (and his) opponents, demonize the rest and turn mediocrities into stars.

I enjoyed listening to Miss Tiz and she made many good points, as do Lee Rodgers, Rush Limbaugh and the rest, but they never explain why all of the Media, with the exception of a few mavericks, is on the same page. Why are all Media outlets united behind the one agenda that pursues (Leftist) government growth, the development of a Fascist-style economy (in which Business is wholly subordinated to Government control) and a revolutionary remaking of the moral basis of society on the ashes of Christianity?

The only comprehensive explanation is that the newly-dominant Media Class is using its political and propaganda power to impose a revolutionary agenda. During its rise to power in the last 40 years, the Media Class has been relentlessly but incrementally introducing its agenda and this has ignited what some on the Right have called a ‘Culture War’. It has also captured the Democrat Party, put a radical social/moral agenda at the center of that Party’s mission statement and set about destroying conservatism, Christianity and Nationalism. Now, thanks to the electoral success of the Democrat Party the Media Class is dominant and the ‘Culture War’ is giving way to a full-scale revolution. Obama, who has none of the ‘gifts’ of a Cult Leader, is the empty creation of the Media Class skills in promotion and propaganda and owes his survival solely to the continued support of the Media. In return he is willingly fronting a massive expansion of Government and (mostly beneath the radar) promoting the new moral agenda. His appointment of a ‘Safe Schools Czar’, Kevin Jennings, who has embraced NAMBLA (NORTH AMERICAN MAN/BOY LOVE ASSOCIATION) and his cordial meetings with the leaders of militant Homosexual organizations are not due to carelessness but to an acknowledgment that he understands the expectations of his sponsors.

Only on this website will you find an explanation, not just for the political/moral revolution now unfolding in Congressional and State legislation, but for the seamless ideological unity of almost all the Media world. TV channels (only the maverick Fox a partial exception), Newspapers (Washington Times a rare exception), Radio (only exceptions are conservative Talk Radio), Films, Arts, Entertainment/Showbiz, Fashion, Pro-Sports and Advertizing, ALL march in lockstep. Only on the Internet do the widely-held beliefs of Conservatives, Nationalists and Christians get exposed in a positive way, and for how much longer?

I have in front of me a copy of the Tri-Valley Herald, a local Californian newspaper that gets deposited (free) on my doorstep every week. The main front-page story, complete with large colored picture, is headed “It’s What Theater Is For” and preceded by “LARAMIE PROJECT: 10 YEARS LATER”. The article – that is continued at length inside the paper – is actually a promotion of a series of plays in about 150 theaters and Arts centers to commemorate the murder of ‘gay college student’ Matthew Shepard in 1998. Since this is now more than 10 years on it is clear that poor Sheppard is not going to be laid to rest any time soon. On this website we do not condone murder. Indeed we support capital punishment not just for murder but for exceptionally cruel crimes, and Sheppard’s murder was exceptionally cruel. However, another exceptionally cruel murder (preceded by multiple acts of sodomy) in that era was perpetrated by two homosexuals on a young boy who had been lured into their home. This crime, which was never reported beyond the local media, received absolutely no National Media coverage AND IT NEVER WILL, for it does not help promote the Media Class agenda.

The same Tri-Valley Herald also has whole columns by Leftist writers promoting Obama’s Health Care initiative and attacking Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman. Who would be surprised that a local newspaper has so blatant a Leftist agenda? The rarity would be any newspaper that strayed from it. We, on this website, have an explanation for this. Does any commentator anywhere else have one? Limbaugh’s ‘Government-controlled Mainstream Media (MSM)’ explanation, totally fails to explain why Bush (and Reagan too) and the Republicans received such destructive and wholly biased Media coverage for 8 years, whilst being the Government. The BNP’s explanation of the ‘Controlled Media’ also fails to explain in any way what institution is doing the controlling and by what mechanism. Our explanation is that the bias and unity are simply the expression of a powerful Class interest.

We have regularly claimed on this website that the disgusting and unnatural act of sodomy is motivated by the sadism of the perpetrator and the masochism of the willing ‘victim’. Sodomy is a perversion and excited/fuelled by the sexual power of one human being over another. It is humiliating and has always been condemned by civilized societies. Frederic Mitterand, who has recently expressed outrage at the detention of Roman Polanski and been ‘impassioned’ in pleading for his immediate release, once admitted in a book (written 4 years ago) that he goes to Thailand to sodomize young boys. Mitterand is France’s recently appointed Culture Minister and the nephew of a former Socialist Prime minister.

This revelatory story surely supports everything we claim on this website. First, he is a ‘Culture’ Minister and we have consistently asserted that the world of ‘Culture’ and the ‘Arts’ is a constituency of the Media Class and, like the Show-Biz world, is a source of its perverted sexual agenda. We have also asserted that homosexuals almost always covet young boys and that consequently homosexuals should not be admitted to jobs and hobbies that give them access to young boys and young men. We have recently also pointed out that with the accession to power of the Media Class, homosexuals and other perverts have become emboldened, confident that they will receive sympathetic treatment by the MSM and that very soon legislation will enable them to silence criticism and have official access to everybody’s kids. As to our assertion that sodomy (and sex with children) is motivated by power, here are Mitterand’s own words: “I got into the habit of paying for young boys in Thailand”; and “the slave market excited me enormously”. Mitterand, who is 62 years old, was formerly a TV celebrity, where he no doubt found himself to be amongst many like-minded ‘excited’ comrades. Significant in all this is that the French Prime Minister is in no hurry to sack his Culture Minister just as Obama is in no hurry to sack his perverted Czar for children. The revolution is moving apace!

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