It would be easier to find $1 gasoline at a local pump than to find a negative story about Obama and his wife in the MSM. At the weekend, the Wall Street Journal fawned on the pair of them from every page. Two front-page pictures and a long article presented a glamorous Michelle with her clothes designer, Maria Pinto. This Shelley Branch column (accompanied by flattering pictures) was passed off as a fashion article but make no mistake it was a propaganda piece intent on promoting the new First Lady. A prominent  front-page article by Monica Langley was in a swoon about the possibility of Obama choosing Senator Jim Webb as his VP. Webb, we were assured would cement Obama’s military and foreign policy credentials. Two days before reporter Amy Chozick wrote a piece headlined “Obama Acts to Show Strength on National Security”. This article was positioned below another long article by Sara Murray headlined “McCain Appears to Lag Slightly in Key Battlegrounds”.

Meanwhile there is a concerted Media campaign to define any criticism of the Obamas as racist and any criticism of his wife as unfair targeting of his private life. Never has the Media been more energetic on behalf of a candidate, for the Media Class has now sunk all of its intellectual and political capital into getting him into the White House at the head of an unassailable Democrat Congress. From now until November we are going to be presented with constant reports of the unity of the Democrat Party behind Obama, of the success of his fundraising, of the purity of his history, of the adulation of the electorate and of his ability to heal a sick and divided nation. The converse will be constant reports of a fatally divided Republican Party, an accident prone campaign by its Presidential candidate and the racial nastiness of conservatives and their tired and ineffectual smear tactics. Already, a passive Republican friend of mine is voicing defeatism and a willingness to surrender to the Media’s embrace of Obama. ‘What can you say about him that is negative?” he asked me. “The man is clean and he can change things”. I don’t argue with my friend because it is a waste of time to argue with the brainwashed.

To those of us not brainwashed and aware of the Media’s propaganda role, Obama’s appeal is, well, unappealing. His foreign policy and defense statements have made Neville Chamberlain look like a war-monger. Our enemies in the Muslim world, on the International Left and in South America must be counting the days to victory. America’s least educated African Americans must be anticipating large payments of reparations and a free pass to jobs like airline pilot and brain surgeon, and charitable world organizations must be drooling at the prospects of the transfer of  wealth (my taxes and yours) from the USA to the sinkholes of Africa. Homosexuals must be having orgasms at the flood of legislation that will impart to their unhygienic sexual practices the aura of normality and first steps towards the lowering of the age of consent (surely the next demand after marriage). Abortion clinics will get even more Federal funding for the capital punishment of inconvenient babies.

My easily-brainwashed Republican friend compared Obama’s candidature to that of John Kennedy’s. Kennedy, he said, was inexperienced before his election as President,and some people feared a Catholic in the White House, yet Kennedy did a good job for the USA. I was never a Kennedy fan but I cannot remember Kennedy’s patriotism ever being questionable (he served well in the Navy during the war) and his brother Robert rooted out Communists from influential positions. As far as I can recall Kennedy was not prone to talking nonsense when deprived of a teleprompter. His wife never said she was ashamed of her country and he did not rub shoulders with terrorist bombers. There is only one valid comparison that I can see between the Obama and Kennedy campaigns. Catholics voting for Kennedy because of his religion were not guilty of sectarianism whilst non-Catholics who voted against him on religious grounds were. Today, Blacks who are voting en masse for Obama because of his skin color are not deemed racist but others who vote against him because of his color are. There the similarity ends!

Since Rupert Murdoch took over the WSJ, the opinion pages have made a subtle turn to the Left. Now we have the Bush-hating Peggy Noonan at weekends, another Leftist with a weekly column and this weekend, Jonathan Rauch telling us that “Gay Marriage Is Good for America”. It is hard to say who writes the most flatulent nonsense, Noonan or Rauch. Rauch’s argument is that since marriage is marriage and a good thing, extending it to homosexuals will give the USA even more of a good thing. I suppose the same could be argued for polygamy and marriage between a man and his dog. Legalizing same-sex ‘marriage’ is not the simple extension of a good thing but a fundamental alteration of an institution that has underpinned Western civilization for thousands of years. No amount of sophistry can equate same-sex sexual relationships with heterosexual relationships anymore than it can equate the latter with buggery between man and dog.

Global Warming (Climate Change) Check

California has just experienced a heat-wave of a week or longer with temperatures rising to 100 degrees on one day here in my home town. Today it is about 15 degrees cooler. It is, of course late June and June heat waves are not unusual. Nevertheless on Saturday I must admit I began to worry about global warming. Since all the Media constantly spouts propaganda on behalf of Al Gore and his hysterical pals it is hard not to be ready to view any rise in temperature as alarming. Like my Republican friend who has been sold on Obama, I am not immune to the incessant propaganda about man-made global warming. It took a phone conversation with one of my sons in chilly, wet England to ease my fears. However, it is easier to swallow the global warming nonsense than to swallow the nonsense about Obama. Every time I see and hear him on TV, I am reminded that he is an intellectually challenged empty suit who loves himself. His audiences look like they have just come from a game show and I assume that they are even more intellectually challenged than he is.

Finally, an MSM headline to cheer conservatives, rednecks and Christians! “Ford Reels as Truck Sales Plunge.” What has happened to Bill Ford’s pink dollar spenders?

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