Obama Without the Prompter

It seems to be a universal opinion that Obama lost the first debate with Romney. Even the fawning Leftist Media commentators have conceded that their man was taken to the cleaners. Given that these people have a virtual monopoly of the Media (Fox News and some Talk Radio being the exceptions) they have had to find a theme for damage control, with little time to do so. Since no one convincing positive explanation presented itself immediately, they arrived at a clutch of explanations which included that Obama failed to prep adequately, was short of time prior to the debate, was generally tired, or had never liked debating. I suppose there are many sports TV-watchers, Rock enthusiasts, Movie-goers and tweeters who never pay attention to anything important, who will believe some or all of this pathetic propaganda. The passage of a little time since has allowed the Media Class to settle on one explanatory theme which is that Obama was knocked off course by Romney’s lies!!

Those who have been paying even minimal attention to Obama’s rare unscripted utterances during his White House tenure will not have been surprised by this fumbling performance that was accompanied by shifty looks and the baring of teeth in lieu of a grin. On this website we have, since 2008, maintained that Obama was chosen by Hollywood’s perverted billionaires for four reasons. One was that he was Black, enabling those selling him to the American people to play on White guilt and Black tribalism. The second was that he was perceived by these experts in fantasy as a promising actor who could read his lines with confidence, no matter the content. The third was that they knew from his record (which they would henceforth conceal from the American people) that he believed in little, was a shameless and resentful opportunist and was comfortable with extreme Leftist ideology. The fourth reason was that his lack of real ability would make him completely dependent on his Media masters and consequently he could be commanded to impose their sexual agenda on the American people.

As both a Leftist and a psychopath, and protected by the MSM, Obama has been a confident and shameless liar. He has been promiscuous with his promises from Day One of his bid for the Presidency, promising to uphold the Constitution, close Gitmo, create a post-racial society, take money out of politics, and to leave office after one term if he had not solved America’s economic problems. That he has been able to escape the consequences of his lies, reckless boasts and many failures, is solely down to the protection of his masters in the MSM. Like all true Leftists, he has never shrunk from accusing his opponents of his own misdeeds, and so he has joined the MSM in claiming that Romney lied throughout the debate. It is hard not to admire Obama’s brazenness in calling Romney a liar now, when he never called him out during the debate.

The truth is that the debate was the first time that Obama has had to ad lib without a prompter and to have someone confronting him with uncomfortable facts. It is my opinion- though I only watched a small segment of the debate – that Obama did better than I expected, given that Lehrer the moderator did not seek to take his place. Perhaps Lehrer was caught by surprise by both Romney’s grasp of the facts and Obama’s ineptness, but he will surely suffer for this from his comrades in the Media Class and we can expect the next moderator to be more pro-active on Obama’s behalf. As we have always maintained on this website, Obama is a man without substance. Romney, on the other hand, is a man of substance and achievement and the debate offered him his first chance to talk directly to the American people and not through the distorting prism of the Media Class.

The next televised debate is between Ryan and the bumbling Biden. I am surprised that Obama did not drop Biden and replace him with Hillary Clinton. Perhaps she declined, perhaps Biden had some aces up his sleeve in terms of revelations or perhaps Obama’s Media Masters vetoed Clinton for reasons we may never know. It is highly likely that Biden will be revealed as a buffoon unless the moderator can shield him. Neither Biden nor Obama can be relishing these debates, knowing that the MSM is unable to edit their ramblings before they are released to the public.

One outcome of the first debate is that Romney has undoubtedly surged in public support. Although almost all Opinion Polls are clients of the MSM and probably staffed with Leftists, we are approaching election – day and none can afford to be too wrong. This is the time when most stop blatantly attempting to create the final outcome and get nearer to accuracy. Pew today claimed that Romney has taken a small but significant lead and Rasmussen also gives Romney an edge. With three debates to go and four long weeks, there is still time for the MSM to repair Obama’s self-inflicted damage by throwing mud at Romney or Ryan or both.

Axelrod, the former Chicago Media reporter who now manages Obama, is a no-holds-barred Leftist and Media insider. He is capable of organizing a smear attack, the like of which has never been seen before. However at this moment the Romney campaign must be greatly re-energized and conservatives all across the Nation must be feeling fresh hope that America can be saved.

As we repeatedly write on this website, the MSM has the power to make news, distort news and forget news, the only criteria being how it helps or hinders the Media Class agenda. We have often mentioned the rise and fall of Cindy Sheehan, who only was newsworthy when she was harassing President Bush. Poor George Zimmerman, who for a time was used by the MSM to whip up anti-White racism (despite being Latino) and re-kindle Black victim sentiment, has been missing from the MSM’s pages. If Obama loses in November, the Zimmerman trial and a not-guilty verdict will be massively covered by the MSM in order to cause riots and taint the Romney victory with racism. Remember Nancy and Bob Strait? No, not surprising for the MSM avoided that story back in March. Nancy (aged 85) and husband Bob (aged 90 and a war hero)- both White – were invaded in their Tulsa home by a gang of young Blacks. Nancy was raped and both were cruelly beaten.

Nancy died then and Bob died later from his injuries and shock. Tyrone Woodfork, a young Black man aged 20 was arrested and charged with murder. As far as I am aware- and I have been constantly searching- the MSM has still not mentioned this story and will not, at least until after the election, and you all know why! Jon Corzine, Democrat Governor of New Jersey from 2006-2010 and touted by Obama and Biden as the financial expert who would play a big role in the Obama Administration, has not yet been charged with the disappearance of over a billion dollars of investors’ money. This is another news story the MSM will avoid until after November. You all know why!

The latest news today is that Obama has just left San Francisco after a fund-raising stop. He left with $4m. One person is reported to have paid $40,000 to shake his hand. Attendees paid $20,000 each to be present. We can be sure that there were many sodomites present for SF vies with Hollywood for the title of ‘Gay’ capital of the USA. If I were Obama I would be scrubbing my hands very thoroughly for my mother always told me that feces caused sickness. An honest MSM would surely report Obama’s visit with a headline like “President gets $4m from his rich homosexual friends”. Not a chance!!! You all know why!

Weather – Here in mid-California, the heat wave has passed and cool weather seems here to stay until next year. In the UK, rain is still the order of the day and this must surely be heading to a record-breaking wet and cool year. Not so long ago in early summer, weather experts in the UK were forecasting a long hot drought and severe water shortages, all caused by MMGW. Despite the rains, Starcross remains above sea level. It is widely reported that Australia is experiencing unusually cold weather. Could it be that as the North Pole melts, the South Pole ice is growing?

Music Choice – I am not a technology person and all the new devices leave me behind. Mostly I don’t care for much of it is time-wasting. However, whilst on a brief vacation trip last week, my son introduced me to Sirius Satellite Radio Frank Sinatra. This is a superb service for all who appreciate adult music, for not only is Sinatra featured but so are all singers who record in the adult genre. Some, like Michael Buble, are contemporary, and give hope that grown-up music will survive. I am about to get serious (Sirius) and I recommend you do too.

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