Obama Will Not Compromise – Why Should He?

If one is to believe the Mainstream Media, the USA is now poised on the edge of another financial cliff.   This time it is called ‘Sequestration’. Obama is asserting that if the Republican House does not bow to his wishes and agree to raise taxes further, he will be powerless to prevent a whole series of financial cuts in Government spending that will leave the Nation militarily defenseless, the poor and vulnerable suffering and the prisons emptied of dangerous criminals. 

    There is nothing new about Obama’s technique of threats about the consequences of budgetary ‘cuts’. It is an old game played all across the Western World by Public Service chiefs. When I worked in British Local Government in the 1970’s and 1980’s, I worked for a Chief Officer who played this game boldly and well. His Department was Social Services, an already bloated and largely ineffective empire that grew every year. Whenever elected councilors were driven by the seeming realities of public spending outstripping tax receipts to suggest Departmental ‘cuts’, he summoned the councilors – or at least the Leftists and gullible Conservatives – and warned them that if his budget was cut by one penny, old ladies would inevitably and speedily die in their homes, Old Peoples’ Homes would close, Handicapped people would be forced onto the streets, and countless children would die of neglect and ill-treatment. Moreover, even back in those days, he would remind them of the waiting Media and how the Reporters would soon be knocking on Councilors’ doors with cameras at the ready and laying death and suffering at their feet. He did not need to personally contact the Mainstream Media (MSM) – though he was quite ready to do so – because he knew the Leftist Councilors, who wanted more public spending whether or not it was remotely effective, already were hand-in-glove with the Reporters. 

    Without fail, the next day, the MSM would be saturated with reports and predictions of death and suffering if any cuts were made. And the gullible and ‘moderate’ Conservative Councilors would cave, leaving those who wanted to halt waste, high and dry. No cuts would be made and pretty soon Social Services would be getting even more funds to waste, much of it on more staff and pay rises. Our Chief Officer was not alone in playing this game. They all did it, though some headed Departments that had less leverage regarding ‘life and death’. The ‘game’ could not have been played without the connivance of the Reporters and their Editors and their close and cozy links to their ideological comrades in Public Service. At this time, the Media Class was already strengthening its grip on News and drawing in those parallel industries that would soon make the Media Class a rich Ruling Class. It was also recognizing that the Public Service workers were useful allies in the quest to make a revolution. 

    It is worth noting here some interesting aspects. Our Chief Officer made it clear that any employee who disputed his assertions (that there was no ‘fat’ left in his Department and since it was so ‘lean’, any cut would have catastrophic consequences) would be in trouble. Only he could make public comments unless the employee comments supported his threats of catastrophe. The reality was that Leftist employees were officially free to talk to the Media as much as they liked about the wickedness of cuts but any conservative who was concerned about truth and the taxpayers’ interests, risked his career if he opened his mouth. I knew a middle-manager – not a Conservative – whose sense of right and wrong led him to publicly dispute the need to close Old People’s Homes. He was immediately suspended and found that his Union would not fight his case. 

    Equally noteworthy is that although the cuts in budget never took place, the MSM forever after always referred to the ‘cuts’, thus arming the Union activists with a dishonest version of history and creating the public myth amongst the gullible – including Conservatives – that ‘cuts’ were responsible for any Departmental shortcomings. 

    What these early fights over proposed ‘cuts’ show is that the Left has developed this game right up to the White House. It also shows that elected representatives who face the voters every two years are likely to walk in fear of trial-by-Media should they attempt to control public spending by rejecting Obama’s demands. The employee I mentioned could not get Union support when unlawfully dismissed from his job and neither could he get his case to the public through the Media. Reporters and their Editors were already then not interested in real news, fairness and justice, but were deciding what news fitted a Leftist agenda. Since those days things have changed but only to get worse. The truth is that the ‘game’ Obama is now playing only succeeds with MSM connivance, but that is true of all his games. Thanks to the crucial Media Class support, Obama has become so bold that he is using the ‘cuts’ that have not actually taken place yet to release illegal immigrants from jails. This President’s brazen lawlessness is rooted entirely in his confidence that the MSM will give him a blank check. Given the check, Obama is able to turn a crisis to advantage even before the crisis occurs. He knows that, with the backing of the MSM, he can face down the Republicans. He will not back down. Why should he? These non-negotiable confrontations over the economy and the deficit are the beginning of Obama’s Revolutionary rule and not the culmination. He will use the same non-negotiable tactics on every issue that are on the Revolutionary agenda of his Masters. This will soon be clear when he pushes on with same-sex marriage and the ramifications of that grotesque parody that will become clear once the Roberts Supreme Court has cleared the way. There will be no compromises and new laws will be much the same as those in Canada. All opposition to the homosexual lifestyle and its promotion in schools and workplaces will be deemed hate-mongering and unlawful. 

    This leads nicely on to Michelle Obama’s expensive (to the taxpayers at a time of genuine fiscal crisis) trip to Hollywood for the much-talked about and wholly vacuous Oscars. The involvement of the First Lady in this exercise in annual trivia – but presented by the Media as our foremost cultural event – has been noted by Conservative commentators as unique in Presidential history. Limbaugh has spoken of it with contempt but since he does not understand the role of the Media Class he has missed its significance. Michelle Obama and her husband owe their residence in the White House primarily to Hollywood. As we have pointed out many times it was Obama’s 2007 meeting with Katzenburg, Spielberg et al that signaled the shift of Hollywood money and power from Hillary Clinton to Obama and guaranteed his selection and eventual election. Obama and Michelle are now Hollywood’s creatures and their priority, even above satisfying the Left’s demand for financial redistribution, is to fulfill the Hollywood demand for homosexual advancement and the remaking of America’s morality. 

    Incidentally, Hollywood may regard moral ‘reform’ as a priority for Obama and his comrades, but our Rulers down there in Beverley Hills are still just as greedy and hypocritical as their Leftist allies. I refer readers to a WSJ article of Feb 23rd by Glenn Harlan Reynolds in which he points out that although the Leftists in Hollywood call for higher taxes on those aspiring to become rich, the Movie Industry gets $1.5 billion annually in taxpayer subsidies. Not surprisingly, the MSM/Obama call for taxing the ‘better-off’ and demonizing the rich never points the public in the direction of Movie Stars, TV Presenters and Pro-Sports people. Our new Ruling Class can keep their wealth and accumulate more for they represent progress and the higher things in life! 

    It is the opinion of this Website that the Homosexual agenda requires the suppression of those who question the normalcy and hygiene of same-sex. Prior to the intimidation and persecution of opponents, the Homo Activists must first flush out their enemies. I am indebted to Free Republic for the posting by Kaslin on Feb 21st of an article from Towhall.com and written by Mike Adams. The article heading is “Brown Shirts at ECU”. It reveals that Summer Wisdom (Is this name indicative of a life of fantasy?) a Sociology Prof at East Carolina University also helps runs the LGBT Resource Office (perhaps better described as the Homo Battle HQ) that is hosting a program titled “Gay? Fine by me!” This program, semi-officially circulated to all Departments invites all staff and students to sign on to the program and display their membership. As Mr. Adams writes, “it is a program to flush out Christians” and others who oppose same-sex marriage. The challenge is ‘Publicly join or be driven from the Campus.’ 

    Did you know that recently a quarter million people marched against same-sex marriage in San Juan the capital of Puerto Rico? This was not enough to justify the MSM reporting it even though a group of 20 homosexual protestors will attract the whole Media to any remote corner of the globe. You might think the marchers were merely expressing support for an age-old and beneficial institution between man and woman. In the nu-speak of Homos which the MSM is ready to slip into our language via quotes from activists, Puerto Rican Human Rights Activist Pedro Serrano dubbed this a “rally of hate and intolerance”. 

    Mr. Radical has reminded me that in the UK’s province of Northern Ireland (aka Ulster) Loyalists continue to march day after day. They are protesting the official Cameron efforts to dispense with the Union Flag of Great Britain on public buildings since the flag may offend the IRA and its supporters. Sometimes I think that only the Protestant people of Ulster have any patriotism left. Few on the mainland are willing to leave the TV couch, even when their country is being swamped with Third World immigrants who are intended to make them a minority and ultimately make them victims of genocide. 

    Mention of Nationalism brings me to an American Conservative writer and campaigner who died on 15th February 2005. Samuel T. Francis was unknown to me but a website visitor directed me to his life, contribution to Conservatism and eventual elimination from Conservative forums. Francis worked at the Heritage Foundation in his early days where he wrote the “Soviet Strategy of Terror” and other articles on the Soviet threat. He moved on to the Washington Times where he contributed many commentaries that were lauded. He also worked on Capitol Hill for Senator John East. It seems that from this high point he fell into great disfavor when his honest and intellectually enquiring mind took him into race and economic Nationalism. It seems that there are forces within Conservatism that will not tolerate any questioning of race-based political correctness and uncontrolled global trade. I am not sure that I would have agreed with Francis on some issues but I resent being deprived of the ideas of any genuine thinker just because some shadowy group decides debate must not be allowed. We on the Right must defend free speech at all times and welcome debate with all the forces of the Right. This means fiscal Conservatives, moral Conservatives, Christians and genuine Nationalists. Francis refused to compromise or retreat and was quickly excluded from the national debates. On this website we are proud to contribute our small bit in the restoration and rehabilitation of the reputations of those Conservatives who have offended the enemy on the Left or the weak-kneed on the Right. We are sure that our own views are unwelcome to many who claim to be Conservatives. 

    Weather – Here in middle California we are finally getting some warm Spring days though at night the temperature is still dropping to the 30’s and covering the ground with frost. In the UK, as in most of North America and the northern globe, it is freezing cold. ‘Experts’ are saying that recent blizzards in the Plains are further evidence of global warming! 

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