Obama Will Have To Bite The Bullet

Back at the end of the old year I forecast that Obama’s election victory was likely to ignite one or more of the four tinderbox situations that exist in this dangerous world. Obama and his Media sponsors were reckless about foreign policy in the campaign. I have written many times on this website, our new Media Class masters are more concerned about same-sex marriage, AIDS, abortion rights and similar radical social topics than they are about America’s enemies and the threats of war. People who work in the world of make-belief (Hollywood), and who can spin, distort and invent the news at will (New York Times/Washington Post) are confident that they can just as easily shape world affairs to their liking. In order to mobilize the Leftist ground troops for the election, Obama indulged in much wishful thinking which translated into ‘peace’ talk. Leftists and the idealistic young were ecstatic and so were all those anti-Americans around the world. Unfortunately, loose talk costs lives and the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are now paying with theirs.

I have no doubt that the Israelis decided to cleanse Gaza’s Hamas in their rear before the reliable George Bush left office. They may also decide to next deal with Hezbollah in the Lebanon if the opportunity occurs in order to remove Iran’s surrogates on their borders, for they must surely fear that Iran’s crazed rulers will strike after Obama is in the White House. Israel, if it fails to be utterly ruthless may come unstuck in the Gaza Strip but I think this is likely to be a bloody and thorough Israeli campaign, no matter how much the UN and San Francisco’s children protest. I see this war as a consequence of the Obama election victory.

Obama, for his part, is being extraordinarily coy. For a man whose tongue last Autumn never stopped irresponsibly wagging about his views on foreign affairs, he is now meticulously observing the office of the President. He is right to keep quiet until taking office, but it must be obvious to everyone that his motive is that he does not know what to do or say. Events are taking control, as they always do in foreign affairs, and he must now be aware that big talk and fine words only work in election campaigns. They will certainly never change the Palestine conflict and have not done so since 1948. In a few weeks time, (unless the Israelis have destroyed Hamas and killed many Palestinians in the process or withdrawn in defeat), Obama will have to bite the bullet and make a real decision with unforeseen consequences. Meanwhile, the Iranians must be as uncomfortable as the President-elect. Can they afford to watch their surrogates in the Gaza being crushed and do nothing? Yet with Bush still in office they dare not move against Israel. What message will Obama eventually send? If he expresses support for Israel and lessens the chance of an Israel/Iran war, he will surely enrage the girls of Code Pink and all the other children who chant the mindless Beatles’ ‘Give Peace a Chance’ and who thought he represented change.

Obama is indeed fortunate that in domestic affairs he is the creature of the Media Class, for any conservative President-elect would have been Media-crucified by now. What with Illinois (his home State) scandals, the Al Franken fix and now New Mexico’s Bill Richardson’s debacle, it is becoming an ever greater challenge for the Media to keep Obama’s Teflon shield in place. Meanwhile, the Illinois saga continues with Gov. Blagojevich’s appointment of Roland Burris to replace Obama in the Senate. Blago certainly knows how to embarrass his former comrades and his selection of an African-American political veteran was a master–stroke. The bumbling Senate leader, Harry Reid, was surely too quick to commit his Party to a rejection of Burris and is now seeking the help of Republicans to decide the issue in a show of bi-partisanship. Senate Republicans would be wise to push this right back to Reid. I cannot see any legal grounds for denying Burris his Senate seat and he seems intent on claiming it. His ace in the hole is his race card. There are no Blacks in the Senate now that Obama has been promoted and Burris and House Blacks are laying claim to the Obama seat as ‘theirs’. Since the Dems are the Party of quotas I cannot see Reid risking Black ire and I believe he will be humiliated and back down. Obama was also too quick to add his weight to Reid’s rejection and Burris’ victory will be his defeat. No doubt the Media will find a way of turning this whole Democrat disaster into a success.

Here in California the extremely cold weather continues with frost every night. Many of the plants in my yard are giving up the ghost and I wonder if any neighbors will join me in a class-action suit against Al Gore. I bought the plants and put them in because Al seemed certain about galloping global warming. Can anyone recommend a good trial lawyer?

I mentioned in my last article the New Year’s Eve car-burnings in France. One reader asked for the Reuters’ reference but I was not able to provide it. Now the BNP website has posted it (Is Nick Griffin getting his stuff from us?) and in more detail. I recommend a visit to their website which is always an enlightening read and better than any MSM (MainStream Media) publication.

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