Obama. The Scoundrel Plays to the Mob.

Last Friday evening Obama made an election speech which was recorded live. I am not sure whether he was keeping to a script on the teleprompter or whether he took a chance and ad-libbed. Straying from the script is always a dangerous practice for him as he either begins to stammer and stumble or to reveal his own unvarnished and poorly expressed beliefs. The stammering and stumbling is bad enough for we learn that the Media Class has placed in the White House, not a brilliant orator but an actor who is only coherent when reading his lines. Ad-libbing is potentially much more dangerous for him for then we can read between the lines and know what he really believes. He is fortunate that in either case, the Mainstream Media (MSM) can almost always be depended upon to bury those unscripted and very telling moments. Thanks to the alternative Media of the Internet and Talk Radio, excerpts from the Friday speech were captured and have been played frequently all across the conservative airwaves. I have yet to hear or read any mention of them in the MSM with the exception of a WSJ editorial. This silence by the MSM tells us that Obama has revealed something his masters would prefer concealed.

Speaking in Roanoke, Virginia, Obama was doing what he does best when public speaking to a sympathetic and ignorant audience, which is to say he was appealing to the lowest common denominator. He was attacking the economically successful self-made people in society and offering reassurance to those in his audience and beyond who live on the government payroll or are perpetually welfare-dependent. In Democrat-run cities there is little difference between the two!

“There are a lot of wealthy, successful Americans” he proclaimed, who make the mistake of attributing their wealth and success to their own intelligence and hard work. Obama then told his audience more of what they wanted to hear. The wealthy and successful owed it all to people – those in his audience – who are also equally as intelligent and hard working but who have been denied wealth and success. With the verbal sleight-of-hand of the scoundrel, Obama attributed the success of entrepreneurs (the people he constantly refers to in scape-goating terms as ‘the rich’) to the (also paid-for) work of those in society who teach, pour concrete, direct traffic, operate lathes, spray paint, and cut lawns – in short the working population who are not self-employed.

“If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen”

Now we all know that society creates a web of interdependence and the smarter and more thoughtful among us know that the marketplace, when allowed to function, prices the rewards for all according to supply and demand. Mostly, demand for, and scarcity of, skills decides who gets the biggest rewards. Those skills which are most in demand generally require the most learning and postponed rewards. In the market economy, the brain surgeon, the mathematician and the airline pilot become a lot richer than the lawn-cutter – unless the latter starts his own business and prospers by exceptionally hard work. Those who develop new ideas that are useful and who market them successfully almost always have to work harder, take risks and are smarter than the rest. (Wealth rarely comes overnight for such people. That is reserved for Pop warblers, guitar strummers, Hollywood people and Democrat politicians). We call these hardworking risk-takers ‘entrepreneurs’ and in America, until recently, they have been admired and their rewards have not been resented. The people who Obama is insinuating are unrewarded for their hard work and smartness are Government workers and those whose jobs depend on taxation. People who build bridges (designed by engineers), deliver mail etc. do help to keep the wheels turning – this is the grain of truth in Obama’s story – and they are paid for their work.

Obama, whose whole background is resentful racism and envious Socialism, is busy remaking America for his Media Class paymasters who want a social revolution that is unpopular. In order to get re-elected he is doing what comes naturally to him, and that is presenting those who contribute least or nothing to the interdependent society, with a simplistic and very appealing message. It is that the successful are not entitled to their extra rewards for they also need the interdependent society. Somehow, he implies, you people here – and those out there like you – have been cheated out of your rightful entitlement and we need to put that right. He is, of course, cynically manipulating the envious, the idle, the ignorant, those who have a restful 7-hour working day in a Government job and the chronically parasitic. We all know that he is not intending to appeal with this message to the farmer, the doctor, the airline pilot, the middle manager in a big business or especially those in small businesses who aspire to building bigger ones. He is appealing directly to the unionized government workers and the underclass, the two components of the mob-in-waiting.

In this Friday speech Obama revealed that he is, in so far as he is an ideologue, a revolutionary Socialist who works on Class envy and Class resentment to gain power. He is also a scoundrel, for he brazenly mixes with the very rich he pretends to denounce and loves to share their lifestyle. He is comfortable especially with those rich people who have contributed little for their wealth – we might call them the decadent rich. His heartfelt resentment is for those who have made their wealth with hard work, self-sacrifice and brains. It is these people – the backbone of America – who Obama and his comrades intend to tax punitively in order to have funds for redistribution.

Obama has another motive at work here in this crucial election campaign. He is busy pointing the finger and denouncing people like Romney – entrepreneurs and people with business skills – for this reinforces his attacks that are directly on Romney. He is acutely aware that Romney’s resume is in sharp contrast to his own, most of which has been concealed by legal embargoes. All we have are two novels posing as auto-biography and a short stint as a community agitator. Romney is hugely better qualified to be President and his background is an open book compared to Obama’s. Obama cannot afford for their resumes to be placed side by side before the voters. He must attack and demonize business men, dismiss ability and hard work and imply criminality wherever there is success, for this smears Romney. Obama is dependent on the MSM to cover up his past and to amplify his scurrilous attacks on Romney’s character, whilst he sets about energizing the underclass and the mob. His Media Class masters collude with what he is doing because for them, the social revolution, which will usher in a new decadent America, is all they care about.

This brings me to the Boy Scouts of America. This week (and we on this website salute their adherence to principle), their organization voted to continue excluding practicing homosexuals from their ranks.

This was a courageous decision, and those responsible, including Deron Smith, will pay dearly for it. The WSJ on its front page immediately added “‘angering critics” to its summary of the decision. The honest additional remark should have been “thus reassuring America’s parents of young boys”. It seems that the BSA spent two years consulting parents and not trying to appease wealthy perverts, Leftist politicians and the Media Class. There is a simple remedy for the angry “critics” and that is to use some of their billions to set up a rival Boy Scouts that panders to homosexuals. No doubt there are a few Leftists and gullible parents who would send their boys to be indoctrinated and recruited into sodomy, but not many. Let the market place operate!!

The Boy Scouts decision was not the only good news this week. Department Store chain J.C. Penney, one of those chains like Home Depot that has lavished money on the pervert’s cause, has lost 50% of its stock value since February. This has to have much to do with the campaign by NOM and other Christian organizations to ask people to shop elsewhere. The campaign is not asking the chains to take a stance on same-sex marriage etc, merely to be neutral. I avoid Penney’s and drive further to Lowes for plants, paints etc. It seems that I am not alone.

There have been many reports on Free Republic concerning the July 17th ‘flash mob’ raid on Walmarts’ Jacksonville, Florida. The MSM has almost completely ignored this rampage by over 300 ‘young people’ and has studiously avoided mentioning the most obvious fact, which is that this was another flash mob of young Blacks. The mob invaded, destroyed and robbed, terrorizing shoppers. No-one has been arrested despite video cameras being present. Rush Limbaugh tiptoed around the event today, not daring to mention race but speculating that the rash of such lawlessness might have something to do with Obama’s denunciations of business and profit. That might be an element but Rush avoided the more obvious conclusion. Young Blacks, at least those who do not have Church-going 2-parent families, know they are Holder’s people and that any one of them could be the son Obama never had. Obama is heading a lawless and racist Administration and actually acts out the “Its our turn now” message as he ignores the Constitution and feeds at the trough.

Tonight, as I was busy writing this article, I missed the Fox News interview with poor George Zimmerman, the Fall Guy of the election campaign. I hope to catch up on it and cover it in the next article.

Weather – A few exceptionally cool days here in mid-California but more heat to come. Our informant from Starcross, England is now on board the local Ark.

Music Choice – The great alto saxophonist and band leader Cannonball Adderley was another who died too young. He made many excellent recordings and I recommend “The Jive Samba” which combines jazz, Latin and Soul plus the atmosphere of a live performance, some humor and a switched-on audience.

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