Obama! The Man Who Knows Nothing

For non-US readers, the big news in the USA is the arrest and accusations of bribery and graft against the Democrat Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich. Pictures of the anxiously baby-faced and pomaded ‘Blago’ are on the front pages of every newspaper. When news of his arrest by the FBI first broke a few days ago, there was no mention of his Party affiliation, but as details of the charges emerged, it became apparent to the MSM that the dreaded word ‘Democrat’ preceding ‘Blagojevich’ was unavoidable.

For Americans, Chicago and Illinois are associated with crime and political graft like Hollywood is associated with neuroticism and gross vanity. It appears that the FBI has had the goods on Blago for some time and the first question that the Media should be asking (but will avoid like the plague) is why his arrest and charging took so long. The answer of course is that the Media’s Presidential appointee is a Senator from Illinois and it was better for his chances if Illinois corruption did not hit the headlines until after the election was over. As readers of this website will know, we love the LAW of UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES. The unintended consequence here was that the Federal Prosecutor by delaying action, enabled the FBI to record phone conversations of Blago negotiating to ‘sell’ Obama’s soon-to-be-vacant Senate seat to one of several competing Democrats. Presumably, this is how things are done in Illinois Democrat circles. Blago was in negotiations with various Democrat and Union operatives and one of them was probably an Obama man. Thus was Obama caught up in a growing scandal just as he was basking in the publicity glow of cabinet selection. I doubt Obama and his team were willing to pay Blago even though they had a preferred candidate but most likely they knew that he was trying to leverage his power of appointment. It is hard to believe that anyone steeped in the ways of Democrat politics in Chicago (and Obama has 20 years experience of climbing the ladder there) would not know Blago’s methods. The problem for Obama is that there are records of him endorsing Blago as Governor and praising him to the hilt only 2 years ago. In the current scandal Obama is on record saying that he had no idea that Blago operated in this way. The Media is happy with such statements, naturally.

When challenged about his association with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright (the preacher who ranted every week from his pulpit about how White America invented AIDS and deliberately infected African Americans), Obama said he knew nothing of the preacher’s crazy and racist views-this despite being in his congregation for 20 years. When challenged about his long and close association with the terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn, Obama said he knew nothing about their violent revolutionary history. When Tony Rezco, his neighbor and financial contributor, was prosecuted for corruption, Obama was ‘shocked’. Now he is shocked and taken by surprise that Blago, the man he once vouched for, is a crook. We seem to have a President elect who is an exceedingly bad judge of character. Since Obama does not know how many States there are in the USA, I think we can safely say that he is a man who knows nothing about anything.

It is an ill wind, so Obama might say, and one thing about the Blago affair is that it will take some people’s minds off the issue of Obama’s birth details. It is interesting that at the moment the Media Class is preoccupied with ensuring that Obama should escape the fall-out from Blago, but the real damage is being inflicted on the Democrat Party. Not even the Media can completely nullify that. This year there has been John Edwards, Elliot Spitzer and Kwame Kilpatrick (sex), Tony Rezco, William Jefferson and Rod Blagojevich (corruption) and now senior House Democrat Charley Rangel (ethics). No doubt there is more to come. Is this Obama’s ‘change’ and Pelosi’s ethical Democrat Party? Of course, the public will never get swamped with news of these scandals and Democrats must be forever grateful that they do not get the Palin treatment from the Media Class. This is one of the ways that the Media Class has control over the political system, for it can and does protect co-operative politicians.

Another scandal is also breaking and it is today’s news that top New York Broker Bernard Madoff is admitting to having run a giant ponzi scheme that involves a $50 billion fraud. The 70 year old Madoff who lived in Manhattan and Palm Beach, Florida, is I suppose, Jewish and has been a very big contributor to the Democrat Party. Rich Jews from the American financial sector seem to be the biggest contributors to both the Democrat Party and to Leftist and anti-Christian causes. George Soros comes to mind and one wonders why so many rich Jews seek to destroy the traditional values of the country that has given them such opportunity. I don’t buy into the notion that Jews prey on Gentiles for I am sure that many of Madoff’s victims are Jews too, but it would be reassuring to know that some wealthy (and honest) Jews give to conservative and patriotic causes. Perhaps a helpful reader would identify some so that we can keep the record straight on this website for we like to think that we use the site to be both fair and truthful.

For the record, Louisiana, including New Orleans, has just had snow and California has been gripped by cold weather. All across Europe, as far south as Gibraltar and Turkey, the temperatures are unusually cold. No doubt Al Gore will blame all this on global warming and at this very moment experts are meeting around the world to discuss how to make us all pay for carbon creation. Tonight I am going to get out my copy of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ for somehow it seems appropriate reading on a cold night.

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