Obama – Slim, Slick and Slippery

When Barack Obama first entered the US presidential race, it struck me that he was innocent, straightforward and honest. Like almost everyone else who only had knowledge of him from the initial news clips, I compared him to the awful Mrs. Clinton (with Bill in the wings) – who appeared to be ‘Media anointed’ – and I wrongly saw him as the underdog. Of course, almost any candidate would have looked good compared to the Clintons.  We have now had several months to get to know Mr. Obama and clearly he has been “Media anointed’ in her place. He wasn’t the underdog for long! His early line of patter about non-divisiveness and change has surely run out of steam. Even those who pay little attention to politics and who therefore swallow the MSM propaganda must have concluded that he is not innocent, straightforward and honest. I, and many others on the Right who have called him an empty suit because of a lack of substance in his speeches, need to update our take on him. He is not exactly an empty suit but he is a not-uncommon type. When I worked in local government social services I saw a trickle of people just like him, come through the ranks and rise rapidly up through the hierarchy.

They were usually of attractive appearance, sometimes trendy sometimes conservative in dress depending on the situation. They gave off an aura of energy and enthusiasm and quickly threw themselves into some aspect of the job that garnered attention without being genuinely demanding. In the Left-dominated social services they always quickly sought unpaid office in the Union, but an office that required little hard work but much publicity. They also lost no time becoming spokespersons for the rank-and-file. None of this activity turned into a long term commitment, for all they were doing was establishing credentials. Real work never landed on their plates for they were always too busy preparing for their next advance. These people never much believed in anything except career advancement for themselves but they correctly figured out that a Leftist resume would take them a long way. They were right, of course and I think they acted out of instinct rather than clever calculation, at least in their early days.

I am not sure that Obama is much of a Leftist but his instincts told him that in Chicago politics Leftism was a requirement for advancement and no doubt the same was true of Yale. Careerists also need luck and his luck is to be Black when that has become a political asset rather than a handicap. The last few weeks have surely revealed that Obama is just another careerist who is willing to adopt any new ideological position that will get him into the White House. He might even soon be saying that he cares about the almost-born child if that is what it takes to win. His Leftist backers may conclude that he is really one of them but just tacking his way to power before implementing Leftist policies. Maybe or maybe not! With a Democrat Party majority in both Houses of Congress he is likely to be a President who will give the Left all it wants in order to maintain a trouble-free relationship with his Party in Congress, but his main concern will be retaining the approval of the Media Class. He must be aware by now that his victory over Mrs. Clinton was brought about by the Media and not by his own endeavors. His frequent blunders when straying from the script and the subsequent ‘cleaning up’ efforts by the Media will have brought home to him that he owes all of his Presidential advancement to his Media masters. As he believes in nothing except his own advancement he will not find it difficult to also use the Presidency to advance the Media Class agenda. We can expect an Obama Presidency to push same-sex marriage and the homosexual search for respectability and special treatment, to appoint judges who will ignore the Constitution and legislate from the Bench, and to hasten the process of removing real Christianity from the public square. It is always possible that some cataclysmic event will take place between now and November, such as a terrorist attack or a war between Israel and Iran. Either or both would likely propel John McCain into the White House, but otherwise I cannot see what will stop the Media Class from installing President Obama. McCain may be much the better man but the Media will bury him, especially as I get the impression that McCain is not hungry for success. I think McCain is more concerned to be noble and to go down in noble defeat. Obama certainly is and will do and say whatever it takes. His Party and its special interests are also desperately impatient to bury the old America whilst the Republican Party, bemused and uncomprehending that its real enemy is the Media Class, is divided, petty and leaderless.

There are fools (and they surface on conservative sites on the Internet) who believe that massive Republican defeat in November, followed by a disastrous Obama Presidency, will lead to a reborn and triumphant Republican landslide in 2012. I suppose they assume that the world outside the USA will mark time and that the rules of the political game within the US will not be changed. How foolish they are. In the UK, the BNP hopes for an energy and economic crisis that will take the nation back to the horse and cart, believing that such a scenario will hand the BNP electoral victory. The only examples in modern history that I can think of when national disaster radicalized politics were Russia in 1917 and Germany in 1933. On both occasions the peoples and their nations paid an enormous price for change.

I have been reading the June copy of ‘IDENTITY’, the BNP’s monthly magazine. I always enjoy the pieces by John Bean, a veteran nationalist. He is a genuine intellectual, though he would probably deny it. The magazine is not always very impressive but the June copy is better than usual. One piece by Phil Reddal, entitled ‘Depression: Our Greatest Enemy’ is rather muddled but I think he is on to something. He writes about a relatively recent phenomenon in the US and the UK where more and more people claim to be depressed. He is not talking about the clinical depression that is endogenous but the apathetic and self-centered kind that leads large numbers of people to anti-depressant drugs, illegal drugs, alcohol and other types of self-destructiveness. It also manifests itself in cynicism, lethargy and negativity. Popular music with its juvenile whiny words and music perhaps best represent it. The UK is further down this road than the USA where many people (at least those with real jobs in the private sector) are still optimistic, cheerful and hopeful. Reddal believes that the native British people’s pervasive depression has resulted in low birthrates and apathy towards the mass immigration that is erasing their culture.

Given that the Marxist indoctrination in schools and universities is aimed at making the native people feel guilt about everything from race to environment it is not surprising that young people are addicted to whiny, depressed and shallow music and act depressed. But I think that this can be traced back to the rise to power of the Media Class. Up until the early 1960’s few people in the UK and US were depressed. Humor on radio and TV was upbeat and produced belly laughs. Almost all popular music was cheerful both in sound and lyrics, films were patriotic and history was focused on heroes and proud moments. I don’t need to write more, for all conservatives over 50 will know what I am getting at.

Our Media now presents our history as shameful, our past and current economic successes as disastrous for the world, our historic culture as deceitful and rotten and economic doom and gloom imminent. On this website, where we claim that the Media Class is executing a barely concealed revolution, it is totally instructive to measure the process in the context of entertainment, for the Media Class is rooted in the entertainment world and advances much of its propaganda through entertainment. Whether one observes what has and is happening in popular music, in plays, in literature, in films, in humor and in the daily news, we can see the pre-eminent cause of the depression that Reddal has stumbled upon.

After a brief spell of very hot weather (and hundreds of forest fires), the smoke has cleared and we are back to temperatures slightly lower than normal for early July. I see it is official that the US had a colder than average winter this year. Those lying eyes of mine continue to deceive me about global warming.

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