Obama Performs For His Paymasters

On this website we assert that politics in the UK and USA have become dominated by the Media Class. We also assert that this Class began to emerge in the 1960’s when TV took central place in every family room and the demand for continual entertainment and news resulted in a seamless marriage between the two and a dependence on Hollywood’s resources. Subsequent developments have tightened the bonds with the Arts world, Pro Sport, the Fashion Industry, Advertizing, Newsprint and magazines. Today, the Media Class, consisting of all these related commercial activities, has evolved a political and social agenda that it is now in a position to impose on us all. Given the core constituencies of this new Class, it is not surprising that its agenda is Leftist and, more significantly, at odds with the formerly conservative and Christian morality that prevailed. We assert that here is the explanation for the Culture War that now rages, for the Media Class is using its control over politicians to carry out a social and moral revolution. This revolution, to be successful, requires the destruction of the traditional Christian morality that has underpinned the US, the UK and much of the Western World. This destruction cannot be achieved without the defeat of the Christian Churches and this requires that Christians first be marginalized and then criminalized.

The emergence of a ruling Media Class has inevitably been a little different in each Nation State and any discussion of the UK would have to focus on the pivotal role of the Leftist and tax-funded BBC. In the US, a geographically large Nation State with a Federal history and a written Constitution, there are many complicating factors, but it can be claimed that the two core elements of the Media Class are Hollywood (entertainment, Leftist and obscenely wealthy) and the East Coast newsprint industry of the New York Times and Washington Post (News, Leftist intellectualism and geographically close to Wall Street and Congress).

In the 2008 US elections, the Media Class was finally in a position of dominant power, thanks to the now-deep pockets of the Hollywood constituency and the control over news and information of the News Media. Both resources were blatantly used. Obama’s campaign was hugely funded by his Hollywood paymasters at critical times and this enabled him to outspend and outlast the Clintons during the Democrat primaries. The Mainstream Media (MSM) not only prepared the ground for him with a relentless anti-Bush campaign that endangered National security for eight years but blessed Obama’s Presidential campaign with unending good news, extinguished all conservative attempts to uncover his dodgy and unimpressive personal history and choreographed every TV report. All of this is beyond dispute and can only be explained as the determination of a powerful new Class with its own agenda to have its own man in the White House and its own Party in control of Congress. As added evidence, we need only look at the Bush years and the Media’s destruction of many Republican politicians over that time, and the tarring of the Party as the Party of corruption. As we now learn, little by little and in no political context, the Democrat Party is THE Party of corruption, par excellence, but the Media has no interest in drawing conclusions for nothing must hinder this President and his Party from its task of making a revolution.

And so, in this context, we must view all current events. The nomination of Sonia Sotomayor, of Puerto Rican descent and an active member of the National Council of La Raza, is being portrayed by the Obama Administration as recognition of the Latino minority in the US. This explanation sits well with the Leftist activists who did the footwork for his campaign for it reinforces the Balkanization of society, a tactic so appealing to Leftists who desire the elimination of Nation States. Sotomayor is on record many times over for claiming that her ethnicity and gender provide her with a superior experience over White males when it comes to legal decision-making. Such claims should make her at best a laughing stock of the legal world and at worst guilty of racism but the MSM is busy amplifying Obama’s endorsement of her for she has one characteristic that makes her perfect from the Media Class perspective. It is that she can be relied upon to set the US Constitution aside at every opportunity. This nominee is reported to have had her legal decisions as an appeal judge reversed by higher courts over 60% of the time! Nevertheless she will be confirmed by Congress and celebrated by the MSM, ostensibly because she represents minority progress but really because she can be relied upon to help rewrite the Constitution in favor of abortion, same-sex marriage, relaxed voting rules, minority privileges and all the rest of the Leftist Media Class agenda. At this time she will not be able to overturn the Constitution but the next Obama nomination will make her part of a majority and then ‘Goodby Constitution!’ Never forget that Clarence Thomas, also a member of a minority when nominated as the first Black Supreme Court Justice, was subjected to a Media and Leftist lynching for he held conservative views.

Last week in San Diego, we learned that a Christian pastor, who had been holding a weekly Bible study class in his home for 15 people, was visited by a city official. He was closely questioned about the nature of his classes and then told that he must immediately cease holding them for he was breaking city laws. If he did not cease the activity, he was warned that he would be liable for mounting financial penalties. Do not expect to find this news in the MSM and do not expect to hear of any Media investigation or outrage at the unconstitutional nature of this bureaucratic move. A Christian legal defense organization has taken up the Pastor’s case and predictably met with some fancy footwork from the bureaucrats who will probably back down in due course. Some Christians will draw comfort from such an outcome but they will be foolish to do so for the event tells us much. It is, of course, part of a pattern of intimidation of Christians that will only greatly increase now that Obama and his comrades are in power. Christians in the US would do well to study the oppression of the British National Party in the UK and thus learn how people holding beliefs that are disapproved of by the Media Class are by turns marginalized, denied employment and then criminalized.

To return to the title of this piece! Obama has been fund-raising for his comrades in Congress and despite the gloomy economic situation has been raising untold millions. It seems that although the workers of the US are losing jobs and facing hard times, their political Party has no problem getting contributions. The explanation is, of course, simple. Obama and his Democrat Leftists are not the Party of the workers and the poor but the Party of the Media Class. In Hollywood this week, in front of an adoring audience, he did his party piece like any other actor and they gave him millions. He is, of course, Hollywood’s creature, bought and paid for, and he knows it. These rich Media people, untouched by the world’s economic problems, are only interested in the social and moral revolution that Obama and his comrades are implementing. They will be delighted with his Supreme Court nomination and cannot wait for the day when sodomy is promoted on every school syllabus, abortion is common for pre-teenage girls and those judgmental Christians are consigned to the dustbin of history.

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