Obama Obeys His Masters

We have consistently claimed on this website that Obama is a political, intellectual and philosophical lightweight and we have seen nothing since his inauguration to change our assessment of him. We also claim that his elevation to the Presidency was engineered by a Media Class that today has the power to make and break not only politicians, but all public figures. This is not to say that Obama is incapable of being a great political threat to the US and indeed to democracy around the world. Seated in the White House, and worse still, travelling the world to make speeches, his personal weakness for adulation is already revealing his capacity to do much damage. His speeches denouncing all US policies and actions prior to his election to the Presidency are pleasing to his Leftist supporters in the US and just as pleasing to the enemies of the US abroad. Time will reveal the fall-out from this exercise in America-bashing and there will be endless unintended consequences.

There is a case before the Supreme Court at the moment which involves firemen from New Haven, Connecticut, a town with a one third Black population. In order to ascertain who should be promoted, the Fire Department instituted a written examination and provided a list of reading materials and other information so that all candidates would have time and the opportunity to prepare. The result was that the successful candidates were all White and Latino. The Civil Service Board then rejected the result and directed that a different test should be undertaken. The successful candidates have taken their rejection through the Court process and failed at every hurdle as Courts have upheld the principle that outcomes must enable Blacks to have their fair share of promotion irrespective of performance. The Supreme Court looks as though it will split on a political fault-line, conservatives for meritocracy and Leftists for engineered outcomes that favor the failures when they are Black. We look forward to the time when elite Leftists opt to be flown in airplanes that are piloted by failures of the correct skin color and have heart operations on the same lofty principle.

We mention this case because Obama reached the Presidency largely because of skin color. The Media Class Hollywood billionaires who threw their money and influence behind him saw that the time was ripe to play the race card in a Presidential election and that great propaganda could be made out of the race issue. They were already miffed with the Clintons and Obama was just another actor who would convincingly speak the lines provided for him and who was a willing and proven servant of the new sexual and social morality that is the Media Class litmus test. Here was a man with few deep beliefs, a willingness to say and do anything to get on, who had limitless ambition without substance, yet was supremely confident. It is important to remember this background when reflecting on his recent activities as President. Here is a man and President who has his own grandiose and narcissistic agenda and is occupying a position of seemingly great power but yet must please the even more powerful forces that engineered his success.

So far, Obama’s quest for adulation and constant favorable publicity has not clashed with the agenda of his masters. He has rapidly advanced the homosexual agenda (pleasing his Show-Biz and Arts Media masters), he has become the smooth-talking, shallow presenter for the Leftist’s economic agenda that will achieve Government control over all economic life, he has begun dismantling the Nation’s military machine (pleasing the Leftist activist base) he has rescued the Unions in Detroit (pleasing the Union bosses and their workers) and he has blatantly removed Christian symbolism when making televised speeches, thus reassuring all the many segments of the Media Class and the Socialist base that is largely financed by the sinister George Soros.

The speeches to the world’s audiences that have effectively trashed all Obama’s predecessors could be attributed to Obama’s overwhelming narcissism, except that his speeches are written for him and are not off-the-cuff utterances. We can assume therefore that the strategists who write them and who are representing people pursuing a real political agenda are busy laying the groundwork for more revolutionary change. We think that the trashing of the past is a clever strategy and a very sinister one. It has the consequence of elevating Obama beyond criticism and raising him above the Office of President as it is normally perceived, for if all previous Presidents, and indeed the American people, were guilty of doing great harm to the world, then He is a fresh start and more than just a President. The case is being made that he is a revolutionary leader who is leading the Nation toward a new and infinitely better future. Revolution signals a dramatic break with the past and its conventions. Revolutionary leaders trash the past as a precursor to sweeping away all the national conventions that limit government power.

It is with this in mind that we should view Obama’s latest flip-flop on the issue of prosecuting Bush Security advisors. When Obama initially made speeches saying that his Presidency would look forward and would seek to heal political divisions, these were words written for him by people with a hidden agenda. The intention was to soothe the political center and lull the conservative opposition. Obama may have taken the words at face value when he made an unscripted remark to the effect that his administration would not be pursuing criminal prosecutions in respect of past security decisions on interrogation. Since then, those who have the task of implementing a revolutionary agenda have had to write him a revised script, for prosecuting and punishing members of the Bush administration, if achieved, will open the door to a faster revolution and a more effective silencing of all opposition. If former Bush advisors are successfully prosecuted, we will be entering a new phase of the revolution and signaling a complete break with the past and with traditional American politics. We can then expect ‘new’ past crimes to be defined and prosecuted and more moves to silence all opposition. All this is possible with an eager and dominating Media pumping out propaganda. Meanwhile, a victory for federally-implemented same-sex marriage will open the door to the criminalization of anti-homosexual expression and a more active suppression of Christians. At the moment, the Supreme Court is an obstacle to some of the revolutionary moves that our new ruling Class has planned but it will not be long before Obama has an opportunity to appoint more Justices and we can predict that such appointments will turn the Supreme Court into a revolutionary weapon. We should view the prosecution of Bush advisors, the claims that the ‘Far Right’ is now a threat to law and order and the moves to redefine this Presidency as a break with the past, for what they are – revolutionary steps by a new Ruling Class.

Now for an update on the weather. For a few days earlier this week, central California experienced hotter weather with the temperatures in the upper 80’s and low 90’s. Now the temperature has dropped dramatically and the forecast is for continuing cool weather. Since we getting to the end of April it appears that global warming has been postponed yet again.

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