Obama Not A Deft Manipulator Of The Media

When the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal take time off from attacking Donald Trump, some articles surface that justify the Newspaper’s claim to be Conservative. Then again, some have me thinking they are Leftist propaganda in disguise.

One example this Saturday is an article by Richard Benedetto titled “How Obama Gets Away With It”. Benedetto asks why Obama scores poorly with the public on so many issues -including race relations – that have got worse not better during his 7 years of office, yet here at the end of his Presidency he is escaping all blame.

Not missing an opportunity to further the Journal’s war on Trump, he attributes much of Obama’s election-time ‘position above the fray’, to the distraction generated by Trump’s ‘bombast’. This, he claims, blocks out more substantive issues, just as it did during Trump’s contest with rival Republicans.

Benedetto is slyly inviting his readers to dismiss massive, Government- encouraged illegal immigration over the Mexican border; the importation of thousands of potential Muslim terrorists; a massive $21 trillion debt; international trade deals that have driven out American industries and thrown American workers on the scrap heap; the decimation of America’s military capacity; and the callous treatment of injured vets as ‘not substantive’ issues! For these are all issues Trump hammered in every debate and at every rally.

In the opinion of this website, Donald Trump introduced into the election many of THE most substantive issues. It is just that they are issues the Ruling Class and its ‘loyal opposition’ had decided should not be debated. Trump has also said he will scrap Obamacare and Common Core, defend gun rights and remove many issues from the Federal Government and back to the States. Seems a pretty substantive list to us!

Benedetto’s main point however is to claim that Obama’s position above the fray of election politics is due to being “a deft manipulator of the media, probably more skillful at it than any other president ever. He heads a savvy public-relations machine that markets him like a Hollywood celebrity, a role he obligingly and successfully plays.” At the end of this unwarranted praise, Benedetto slips in that Obama has “ had the added advantage of a particularly obliging news media”. This is much more than an understatement.

As we have always maintained on this website, Obama is the creature of the Media Class and its Mainstream Media. He was selected in 2007 (in place of Hillary Clinton) by a cabal of Hollywood’s wealthiest and most powerful Media Class members, and ever since has been ‘sold’ to the American people in exactly the same way as any celebrity. He was chosen because of his ability to read his lines as directed, sometimes with false humility, sometimes with folksiness, sometimes with contempt, sometimes with threat, sometimes with arrogance, sometimes with empathy, in short as an actor.

The quality required was that of any actor, an ability to step into a role. Character shallowness is a bonus for actors for if there is no real character in the person, any character can be temporarily inhabited. Obama was ambitious, intellectually lazy and limited, a confident liar who enjoyed lying and very self-confident, and the Hollywood producers recognized his qualities and knew they could package him and make him into a star (President). We should expect that the Media Class would be capable of dominating politics in this way.

Obama has NOT manipulated the Media, his ‘success’ is due to the Media manipulating the American people. Its complete control over the MSM news AND entertainment enables it to hide facts, alter facts, invent facts, promote individuals and causes, and destroy individuals and causes – in short it is a propaganda machine used to impose the shared agenda of the Media Class and its ally, the Far Left.

Obama, their puppet in the White House (though not quite so much a puppet in his last days of office), is Media-protected at all times, and so we should not be surprised that the bulk of the American people are duped and Obama is wrapped in Teflon.

Mrs. Clinton may not be quite what the Media Class and its allies wanted, but Media Class indecision seems to have handed her the role of Obama successor by default. As it stands, the Media Class cannot easily replace her, nor can it as easily erase her history as it did Obama’s, but it will try. Donald Trump, who alone among Republican candidates does not let himself be bound by gentlemen’s rules, may succeed in exposing her past to the voters.

As the November showdown approaches, expect the MSM to turn on Bernie Sanders and his followers, not because his policies are more extreme than hers, but because he is rocking their boat just when they are seeking to steer it into the White House harbor so that their Revolutionary agenda can be completed. She will not need a savvy public-relations team, nor substantive issues, because the MSM will promote her and seek to destroy Donald Trump. It is already working hard to do both.

Finally, three cheers for Trump’s commitment at the NRA conference and for his list of 11 potential Supreme Court Justices. These two commitments are enough for every Nationalist, Conservative and Christian to vote for him in November and keep Clinton out of office.

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