Obama is Trashing the Constitution

In our last article I commented that Romney appeared to be winning over a broad-based constituency of the Republican activists and was therefore ‘marching on’. His 48% share of the Nevada votes looked like a breakthrough. Yet that assumption was turned on its head this past week in the three subsequent Mid-West State primaries where Rick Santorum cleaned his clock- and the clocks of Gingrich and Ron Paul too.

It has been argued in the Internet’s right-leaning columns that Santorum’s victories were due to the fact that he campaigned in person in the three States and his rivals gave them a miss in order to campaign in bigger States where there are more delegate votes. Surely, this cannot be the whole truth. I find it hard to believe that the Republican activists in States like Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri have not been paying attention to the campaign up to its arrival in their States. Nor can I believe that their votes for Santorum are only an expression of being miffed with Romney and Gingrich for by-passing them. The Republic rank-and-file animosity towards Obama and his comrades is so great that to a man and woman I am sure they are driven by a tremendous desire to end his dangerous reign. The problem for them is how to replace him with a Republican President who can be trusted to undo Obama’s revolutionary policies once in Washington and which candidate has the ability during the final campaign to overcome (on the campaign trail) the mighty Mainstream Media advantage that Obama will enjoy. So many Republican activists fear that Romney will not turn the clock back once in the White House. Many believe that Gingrich has the mental ability and mental agility to cope with the Obama Media-bias advantage in televised debates but that he is morally compromised and erratic.

Until now, Santorum, whose personal history-as far as we know- indicates he is not morally compromised or lacks conservative conviction, has never impressed as a big enough character to punch at the weight required in this big league. I have just listened to his post-victory speechmaking and whilst I like what he is saying and have always believed he is morally superior to both Romney and Gingrich, he sounds like a light weight. I have taken part in a number of on-line polls and each time have voted for Santorum but to be frank I never feel that he is the heavyweight who can beat Obama in an election where the odds are hugely stacked in Obama’s favor. Obama is the office-holder who has the full -and unprincipled-support of the richest and most powerful Ruling Class in US history.

Christie, Jeb Bush and Sarah Palin all have that ‘weight’ (no pun intended in Christie’s case) when speaking. They don’t get over-excited, don’t start to gabble, don’t sound ‘thrown’ by hostile interviewers, they can be aggressive and sarcastic without losing their cool and they exude self confidence. Whatever their shortcomings (and the Media would leave no stone unturned to smear, misrepresent and ridicule them, indeed has already done so for Palin) in terms of conservative philosophy, these three each has a presence, carries a big punch and can use it. The shortcomings of the current contenders indicate that each will be a loser in November and I think this explains the low turnouts in the Republican primaries. Many who fear Obama’s revolutionary policies are still waiting for a candidate who can overcome the odds.

Obama, meanwhile, seems ever more confident that November is in the bag. His contraception decision demonstrated- as it was meant to- his hostility towards the traditional Christian religions (Catholics in particular); his determination to ignore the Constitution; and his allegiance to his Media Class masters and the Leftist ground -troops. I am sure that the disastrous Republican primary campaign, whose civil war has been orchestrated by a hostile MSM, and which shows no sign of ending, has emboldened him. Always arrogant and resenting any limits on his power, Obama is ramping up the unconstitutional initiatives of the Presidency, much to the delight of all Leftists and Media Class perverts, who see the US Constitution as the greatest obstacle to the moral revolution that they crave. Having knocked Christians to the ground Obama and his secular followers are everywhere stomping on their faces. An emerging Ruling Class always has as a priority the capture of the judicial system and this Media Ruling Class has mostly captured the US Courts. Only the Supreme Court remains as an obstacle and even here there are four out of nine Justices who harbor only hostility to the Constitution they have sworn to uphold.

This morning the MSM is busy presenting Obama’s latest tactical move on the contraception issue as a reasonable compromise with the Catholic Church and its voters. No doubt Obama and his comrades mis-calculated by assuming that the Church was now wholly irrelevant, but his sidestep, which merely moves the payment of every woman’s contraception from individual (Catholic and other religious) employers to all who pay medical insurance and taxpayers, is no retreat. At the core of Obama’s contraception policy are three principles. The first is that access to ‘free’ contraception is a woman’s ‘Right’. This is both a Feminist and a Socialist moral-based belief for it severs all links between sex and marriage, sex and child-bearing and sex and personal responsibility. The second principle is that contraception is, like illness and accident, a health issue and not a moral issue. The third principle is that all should pay, which is a belief at the heart of State-controlled universal healthcare.

The Catholic Church has been angered by the ‘moral-sex’ aspect of Obama’s initiative in that it intended to force Catholic organizations to directly fund behavior that is in direct contrast to Catholic teaching. On that, Obama has retreated-temporarily and until after his re-election. The Catholic Church has generally been supportive of ‘every-one pay’ welfare for it is traditionally economically aligned with Fascism. I use the term ‘Fascism’ not as a term of abuse but within its correct meaning of neo-Socialism. The Catholic Church has long espoused the marriage of State, Unions and employers in managing welfare and social services. It has also supported the abandonment of Nation State boundaries wherever possible and this has led to its support for illegal immigration and the universal healthcare that must accompany it.

Sister Carol Keehan, the head of the Catholic Health Association, who helped Obama steer through the Obama Health Care law last year, has predictably welcomed Obama’s latest tactical move, claiming it solves the problems of conscience. She is, of course, a Leftist in the Catholic public welfare tradition. Still, the Catholic Bishops and their congregations should not be as gullible as Sister Keehan, for Obama has revealed his deep-rooted hostility to Christianity and the Christian Churches. His latest statement “As a citizen and as a Christian, I cherish this right (the principle of religious liberty)” is typical of a Leftist who will say anything to lull the opposition on the basis that ‘the ends justify the means’.

All Americans, Catholic or otherwise, should recognize that Obama is a Leftist revolutionary who intends to shred the US Constitution in order to advance the moral and economic revolution of the new Ruling Class. This revolution is intended to destroy individual liberty, free speech, traditional beliefs and institutions that are based on Judeo/Christianity and advance the march to totalitarianism.

Here is an observation not directly connected to the above paragraphs. It is often parroted by the MSM’s commentators and reporters that socially ‘liberal’ views on abortion, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, global warming and multiculturalism are predominant amongst young educated people. Clearly what is implied here is that intelligent, educated people embrace the new values and the ignorant and less-educated are bigoted by ignorance. Having had much recent contact with modern educational material (books, DVD’s etc) in order to Home-school my son I can safely affirm that modern education is nothing less than naked propaganda. The young who are emerging form our schools and colleges are simply ‘brainwashed’.

Weather – The cold ‘snap’ over the northern hemisphere has reached down to the Indian subcontinent and is continuing its grip on most of Europe. I read this week (tucked away in a small corner of the MSM) that the snow and ice on the Himalayas has not decreased in the last 10+ years. The UK has now been freezing for weeks and its winter is beginning to resemble that of 1962/63. Starcross, Devon, UK is still being closely monitored by our website visitor who reports that sea levels remain the same as those of the 1700’s. Incidentally, ‘snap’ is one of those MSM terms meant to imply something brief and unusual.

Music Choice – Sometimes we recommend an album rather than a track. Horace Silver got a mention here back in December for his composition “Barbara”. Silver, a piano player began recording under his own name and with his own bands back in the mid 1950’s. Mostly then his compositions were ok but not outstanding and somewhat dominated by drummer Art Blakey. His ‘Senor Blues’ of 1956 was however a pointer to where his style was heading and featured some good players including Donald Byrd (tpt), Hank Mobley (tenor sax) and Louis Hayes on drums.

Silver’s composition ‘Song For My Father’ recorded in 1964 is a masterpiece and is an example of his settled style but his album ‘The Jody Grind’, recorded in 1966 is full of Silver masterpieces, including the title track, ‘Mary Lou’, ‘Mexican Hip Dance’, ‘Blue Silver’ and ‘Dimples’. This Silver band featured the 22 year old Tyrone Washington on tenor sax, Woody Shaw on trumpet, James Spaulding on flute, Larry Ridley on bass and Roger Humphries on drums. By this time, Silver had perfected the art of writing underlying bass patterns that were distinctive and writing in waltz times. Washington, a powerful and confident player who was Georgia-born in 1944, seems to have disappeared after the 1970’s. He deserved wider recognition.

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