Obama Is Their Man!

The mini-talented Bruce Springsteen has now endorsed Obama and adds his name to the ever-lengthening list of Media Class celebrities who have abandoned the Clintons. Looking back twelve months, Mrs. Clinton was the darling of our ruling Class and Hollywood was amassing big bucks for her campaign and victory. What has gone wrong for her? ‘Obama’ is the answer.   When I first saw some of the clips of his speeches on TV, I thought Obama seemed like a fresh and rather appealingly naïve non-partisan candidate. His message of unity and ‘new’ politics was matched by his demeanor – confident without appearing arrogant – and a simple honesty. There never was any substance to what he was saying, but he said it nicely. My belief was that the Clintons would soon take him to the cleaners, aided and abetted by the ruling and united Media Class.The long and grueling Democrat campaign has revealed two things. One is that the Clintons were never popular with most voters, not even Democrat loyalists. Their seeming popularity was a myth peddled by the MSM. Now we see that not even African-Americans had any deep attachments to the Media-styled ‘First Black President’. The other thing that the long campaign has revealed is that Obama is not an empty suit. He is in fact a hard Leftist politician and one more to the Left than Hillary. The more we learn about him, the more we discover his very Leftist radical past which is nothing if not consistent. His rise in Chicago politics has been rooted in socialist extremism, pandering to ‘Black victim’ constituencies, and financial help from crooks. This adds up to a typical Big-city professional Leftist politician. Obama has never held a real job but has immersed himself in a political career from the word ‘go’. This has been a comfortable route for him, for he has been an insider throughout his path to the Democrat Party top. Moreover, we now know him to be an elitist, not only because he has married a Black woman who has been privileged, and not only because he and her have made quite a lot of money advocating for the under-privileged, but because he looks down on those who are the backbone of America. The more he speaks and the more we learn about him, the more we understand that his wife’s damaging remarks about not being proud of her country were, and are, part and parcel of their joint political stance.

Obama has outflanked Hillary with his unqualified support for the Homosexual agenda, his anti-war policies, his anti-gun views and every other issue dear to the Leftists and their Media masters. Most importantly for his appeal to a Media Class that values ‘star status’, moral shallowness, infatuation rather than real relationships, youth, looks and confidence in acting a role, he has all of those attributes. He is a man who will say anything to be popular and say it as though he believes it. What more can the Media want than a Leftist politician who can act and conduct himself like a rock star? His rank-and-file supporters are infatuated with him and care little about his politics and I would bet that most read pop and rock magazines rather than Friedman and Hayek. Of most concern to this writer is that it appears that Obama is also a smooth and glib-tongued liar with a concealed hard-Left, anti-US pedigree.

The charge of elitism is not based on his personal history. As I understand it, he is the only son of a footloose, hippy-type mother who had a taste for men of color. Ultimately, she dropped him off on her white mother in Hawaii, where his earlier unstable life was overlaid with an education. The result is a man with an insatiable and urgent ambition for political power. He has learned to speak in one voice for White people and another for Blacks, but has decided to identify himself as an ‘authentic’ Black man. Thus he has positioned himself well for this point in US history, offering guilty White people the chance to renounce racism by electing him, whilst pandering to Black racism. His explanation for the conservative religious and social views of Middle America is straight out of the Academic Left playbook. It is the arrogance of such people that they consider their own views and policies to be uplifted, unselfish and Olympian as at the same time they live in safe areas, avoid taxes, work in the job-secure public services, get their kids into the best schools and sip wine at dinner parties. This is why he can rightly be called a Leftist elitist.

As the Media Class rushes from Hillary’s camp to camp Obama, joining up with the Soros money machine, it all looks like a lost cause for Hillary. I think not and I still believe that she will prevail and that the Media Class has badly miscalculated in thinking that the Clintons can be jettisoned without much fall-out. Ruling Classes may have a lot of power, but they are not all-powerful and internal divisions can lead to setbacks. At the present time nothing can be taken for granted. The Clintons are ruthless and clever and they have those old FBI files in the Clinton lockbox. Don’t count them out yet.

There is a book just published that I intend to read. It is “History Lesson” by Mary Lefkowitz (Yale University Press). Lefkowitz, who is Jewish was a classicist at Wellesley College. She failed to anticipate the consequences of intellectually criticizing the Afro-centrism that swept Academia at the end of the last century. She has now written a book of her experience of being on the wrong side of political correctness. There is a thread that runs from her experience to that of the late Charlton Heston. At the height of his success he revealed his conservative political views on topics like gun-rights and upset the Hollywood establishment. For being on the wrong side of PC he too became isolated and shunned and it effectively ended his career. The Left is, like Islam, fundamentally intolerant and seeks to silence its opponents. Let us hope that neither Obama nor Clinton get to the White House, for with majorities in Congress and a President, the modern Democrat Party will attack free speech from every angle, supported by an encouraging Media.


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