Obama Is The Godfather

On September 3rd, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) carried a lead editorial titled “The FBI’s Clinton File”. The writer tore apart the FBI’s release -timed to be overlooked by a public preoccupied by Labor Day weekend – of its investigation summary and interview notes with Hillary Clinton about her private email server.

Noting the record of Clinton’s vanishing digital devices, memory lapses and withheld emails, the article efficiently set out, from the FBI record, Clinton’s evasions, lies and crimes. It concluded that “She’s lucky she’s running for President because anyone else would have been indicted”.

On this website we would also add that any politician of the Broad Right, with a record of misdeeds one tenth of Clinton’s, would have long been publicly hanged, drawn and quartered by the Mainstream Media (MSM).

Five days later the WSJ lead editorial was titled “The FBI’s Blind Clinton Trust”. We can assume that the author was the same person who wrote the September 3rd editorial, and is a member of the editorial board. This article tore into FBI Director Joseph Comey for letting Clinton “off the hook”. It also accused Comey’s agents of being “forgiving about some incriminating evidence”. In conclusion that author wrote “The FBI’s kid-glove treatment of Mrs. Clinton raises serious doubts about the seriousness of Mr. Comey’s probe” and ended with “The entire episode is another Jim Comey scar on the FBI’s reputation”.

On this website we would ask ‘what reputation?’ Surely by this time every member of the Broad Right is aware that under the Obama administration America is no longer a lawful society, but one ‘enjoying’ the arbitrary law of the Revolutionary transformation that was promised in 2008. All the departments of government, the Federal Courts and the Supreme Court are now functioning free of the constraints of the Constitution and Congress, and (we would say) released from the restraints of truth and facts. From the IRS persecution of conservatives, to the redefinition of taxes (Roberts on Obamacare), to the imposition of ‘transgenderism’ on bathrooms – truth and facts which get in the way of the Revolutionary agenda of the Ruling Media Class and its Far Left allies, have been swept aside.

There will be much more of this sweeping aside of truth, facts and pre-Revolutionary law between now and the November election. If Hillary Clinton is elected President the final ‘sweeping up’ will be completed by the end of 2017. The Republicans in Congress (with a few exceptions) long ago surrendered to the Revolutionary forces, out of fear of the MSM, and more recently fear of untrammeled government power.

It matters little if James Comey let Hillary Clinton “off the hook” out of fear, or as a paid employee of our Revolutionary government, the result is that Clinton will not be held accountable by law. Her election is absolutely necessary to the Ruling Media Class, Obama, and their Far Left allies, in order that the Revolution be completed, and that the old law not be used against those who have betrayed the American people and their Constitution.

What is different about this forthcoming election is that Donald Trump and his mobilized Nationalist followers, have elbowed aside the Republican collaborationists. If elected, Trump has said that he will dismantle Obama’s government machinery and reform the Supreme Court. And he has implied that he will hold traitors (Revolutionaries) accountable. A Trump FBI would no doubt bring Hillary Clinton to justice and have Obama investigated. This, in effect, would amount to a Counter revolution. High stakes indeed!

Revolutionaries and gangsters are, under the surface, pretty much one and the same. Obama is the Godfather of this regime and like Mafia Godfathers he hides behind respectability and operates through minions. He has packed the Government machinery and the Federal Courts with his people. He gave the signal for the IRS to silence the opposition, and he is responsible for all the Government’s execution of arbitrary law. He is responsible for Comey’s “kid-glove treatment of Mrs. Clinton” for he early on announced that she was not guilty.

The WSJ’s editorial writer is afraid to look past Comey and name the Godfather. We on the Broad Right need to understand that the Godfather and the forces he represents, cannot afford for Donald Trump to enter the White House in January. Beneath this civil election process, the violent forces of Revolution and Counter-revolution are waiting to erupt.

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