Obama Is A Media Celebrity Not A Real President

As regular visitors to this website will know, we explain the contemporary political and social (cultural war) conflicts within the context of the rise to power of the Media Class.   We assert that the Media Class now rules in the USA, in Western Europe and in most other First World countries. We do not say that the Media Class has unlimited power but that it is powerful and dominant enough to dictate the political and moral agenda. In the USA, the Media Class promotes the Leftist core of the Democrat Party and successfully intimidates the rest of that Party and much of the Republican Party. Few politicians can long survive a sustained Media onslaught. They either succumb to the pressure or get defeated at the polls because they cannot overcome the negative messages that pour from the Print Media, TV and the entertainment industry. The Media Class achieved the destruction of George Bush and many conservative Republicans in the last election.

We also assert that the Media Class, beginning in Hollywood, selected Obama as the Democrat Candidate and then engineered his election. He is their creature and was chosen both for his empty celebrity show off personality and for his willingness to advance the revolutionary social agenda that is so dear to Media people. Obama has no grasp of economics and foreign policy and has no deeply held political or moral philosophy, and this was always clear to the discerning spectator prior to the last election. However the Media does not aim its propagandist output at the politically discerning but at couch potatoes, women preoccupied with trivia and the already indoctrinated young. Obama is a shallow Leftist, and his greatest assets, as far as the Media Class is concerned, are his confidence born of ignorance, his readiness to lie without embarrassment and his ability to forget what he said yesterday when contradicting it today. Of course these would not be assets in the presence of an honest Media, but in the Western World we no longer have an honest Media but a self-interested united Class that wields enormous power. Obama is therefore protected, packaged and promoted ad nauseum on our TV screens, in our newspapers and magazines and by the celebrity world.

Last night he appeared on the Jay Leno Show. Leno, like all successful TV people with very limited talent is both Leftist and shallow. Now that the Media’s creature inhabits the White House we can expect to see Media celebrities falling over themselves to provide constant fawning exposure of this untalented President. No President in history has debased the office by performing on a Late Show but we will have to get used to this kind of trivialization of the Presidency for we have a ruling Class that specializes in trivia and a President who lives for Media exposure and adulation. It is the lifeblood of show-off TV celebrities to be constantly seen on TV and to be making headlines every day and Obama will satisfy his ego and his Media masters expectations by revealing his petty preoccupations to the world of celebrity watchers. During his appearance last night he delighted the studio audience of morons when he boasted of practicing bowling in the White House and modestly comparing his performance to a competitor in the Special Olympics. Those worrying about the coming hyper-inflation of the US currency might have wished he had been reading a history of the Weimar Republic in the pre-war years instead of bowling. I suppose we can console ourselves that Sir Francis Drake played bowls whilst the Spanish Fleet was sailing up the English Channel, but Drake was not an empty barrel. Others might have regarded Obama’s joking about the handicapped as tasteless and indicating ignorance but the Media that would have crucified President Bush for such a remark will regard this as evidence of Obama’s wit and informality.

In this last week the Media has been trumpeting the upturn in the DJIA, for now all Media economic reporting must be upbeat. Downbeat economic reporting has ended with the departure of Bush from the White House. Some of us can see nothing to be upbeat about and those who buy stocks on the basis that Obama will solve the world’s economic crisis are clearly deranged. In fact the week has ended with the DJIA steadily losing its little bounce. Media scribblers and studio experts will be busy this weekend explaining this hiccup away, for nothing must detract from the ‘Obama as Genius’ portrayal.

Rush Limbaugh took issue with Obama’s tasteless joke about the Special Olympics and was devastating, not so much about Obama, but about the Washington Elite who have so often praised Obama’s sophistication, cool personality and charm and contrasted it with Sarah Palin’s vulgarity. He was particularly scathing about the snobby ex-Republican scribbler Peggy Noonan when he played a recording of Sarah Palin talking affectionately and sincerely about her Down’s Syndrome baby son and her hope that one day he would be taking part in the Special Olympics. Rush has never been better! There is no sharper commentary on the twisted values of the Media Class than their contrasting treatments of the principled Palin and the shallow Obama.

The result in the Salford (UK) by-election last Thursday was very disappointing to all those who are desperate to see the British people begin to reclaim their birthright. The Labour Party easily beat the second placed Conservative Party and the BNP came in a distant third. The BNP percentage was 13.5%, only slightly better than in the previous election. The only satisfaction was that the BNP pushed the obnoxious LibDems into fourth place. The result was not a disaster for the BNP but what can one say about British people who vote for any of the old gang parties? The BNP, on its website, points out that the Labour and Conservative Parties brought in all their big guns and swamped the ward with workers and literature. No doubt this is true but I think there are other explanations for the BNP’s failure to advance.

Manchester and Liverpool (Merseyside) have long been strongholds of the hard Left and also of Irish Catholicism. Irish Catholicism is not like Polish Catholicism, the latter being deeply pious and spawning many genuine religious intellectuals. My experience of Irish Catholic priests was that they were drawn to the Church to avoid unemployment, to avoid real work and to have easy access to the wine bottle. Just below the surface was an interest in horse racing, gambling and sentimentality about the IRA. I am not saying they were bad people, some were charming, but I concluded that there was more interest in spirits (of the bottled kind) than spirituality. Last week, the Merseyside leaders of the Catholic Church, the Anglican Church and the Jews were pictured together signing a declaration condemning the BNP. We should not miss the Media’s orchestrating hand in this. The three could have issued and distributed leaflets door to door, or spoken at religious gatherings but instead what we have was a Media event for the three were pictured together signing a document. This picture was promoted across the Media together with their condemnation of the BNP. These same religious leaders have never made the effort to combine to condemn abortion, sodomy, or ‘honor’ killings?

The BNP has poured scorn on this event, pointing out that these religious worthies preside over shrinking flocks and are sucking up to another religion that will have them all beheaded if the BNP fails to halt the current political and demographic trends. BNP leaders should not underestimate the effect of the picture and declaration however, for it adds yet another layer to the condemnation of the BNP by the three old gang parties and by pop and rock warblers, TV stars and editorials. This mass condemnation of the BNP, including as it does, slanderous references to Nazi-ism, is still effective, especially when combined with open official harassment and hidden thuggery. In many parts of the UK, there are people who are too intelligent to be influenced by these forces but on Merseyside maybe we should not overestimate the intelligence of the population. The BNP individuals who carry on the struggle on Merseyside are particularly courageous and many are the victims of persecution and violent attacks. One day, hopefully there will be payback with interest. The real Nazis and Fascists of today are all on the Left and the fools are in Holy Orders.

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