Obama Is A Liar

By now it must be clear to just about everyone that Barack Obama is a very bold and shameless liar. Most career politicians are willing to bend the truth as a matter of course and many only half believe what they say, especially at election times. Some of the most successful over the years have been those who are willing to tell bigger lies than their competitors. Those on the Left are generally much more comfortable concealing their political motives with lies than those on the Right but politicians on the Right seem to be able to match them when it comes to lying about sexual transgressions and personal financial matters. Conservatives should never put too much faith in their representatives and always be a little skeptical, for human nature is human nature and the urge to get into politics as a career does not sit well with integrity, family life and normal activities. America has been fortunate since the Second World War in that several of its Presidents have been fairly honest men. Truman, Eisenhower, Carter, Reagan, Ford and the two Bushes, whatever their shortcomings, have not been liars or blatantly dishonorable. The same cannot be said for Kennedy, Nixon, Johnson and Clinton, but surely these are all eclipsed by the present incumbent who may well be incapable of telling the truth at any time.

There is now every reason to suspect that Obama has told a whole lot of whoppers about his personal history. Not only has he told them but he has written them too for his self-serving autobiographies appear to be more fiction than fact. The doubts about his details of his birth are only the beginning of a trail of untruths and cover-ups of his history so that we are left knowing virtually nothing reliable about him. Has any previous occupant of the Oval Office ever revealed so little of his personal records? And all this at a time when few public figures escape intense Media interest in their personal lives. I suppose we have to go back to Kennedy to find a President whose (scandalous) private life was kept totally secret by the Media though Johnson also escaped much bad publicity. Only now are we learning the sordid truth about this pair. Poor Nixon was not so lucky, for the Media of his day was always looking for dirt and when some was finally uncovered it never left the Mainstream Media (MSM) headlines.

Regular visitors to this website will, by now, know where all this is leading. It is to the assertion – unique to radical and right – that the Media Class has been increasingly in the business of protecting Leftists and targeting Conservatives since the 1960’s. We have finally got to the stage where we have a Leftist in the White House about whom we know nothing relating to his personal history. Just as dangerously that same Media Class, which selected and elected him, is now in the business of enabling him to lie and lie and lie. This President was full of bold and confident statements (reassuring many conflicting constituencies at the same time) during his election campaign and these have been listed in a previous article. There is no doubt, that using its massive coverage, the MSM endorsed all of his statements and as a consequence many inattentive voters cast a ballot for him and his comrades. Now that he is in office he and the MSM have conveniently forgotten most of them. Every day he publicly tells lies to rationalize some newly adopted stance and the MSM colludes in burying what he said the day before. Anyone who listens to Conservative Talk Radio will daily hear excerpts from Obama’s pre-election speeches in juxtaposition with his latest pronouncements. Since these speeches are Obama’s own voice, there can be no refutation of their accuracy. They reveal Obama to be a shameless and extremely confident habitual liar. However the lie I wish to nail today is one mostly avoided by Conservative Radio hosts for on the subject of homosexuality they are running scared. They all instinctively realize that the homosexual constituency of the Media Class is its most powerful and richest and capable of closing down conservative radio stations if sufficiently provoked.

The latest exposed Obama lie concerns homosexual marriage. During the election campaign Obama very clearly reassured voters that he was against homosexual marriage but supportive of civil partnerships for same-sex couples. There is no doubt that he was lying but he calculated that coming out in favor of same-sex marriage might harm his election prospects with the majority of voters. This week he has reneged on this guarantee and his Justice Department has filed in support of repealing the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). He now says that he believes that marriage should be extended to same-sex couples. Clearly he has not suddenly undergone a conversion on this issue but was simply waiting to get elected in order to welsh on his commitment. I have no doubt that homosexuals and Leftists knew all along that he would do this. The MSM will not reproach him with dishonesty, for it greatly admires his willingness to lie and lie and lie, and with such confidence! It may be that Obama’s complete contempt for truth and integrity was a major consideration of the Media Insiders who selected him and abandoned the Clintons, for even Bill Clinton would surely blush a little to say so many conflicting things in such a short time span. The truth about all those on the Left is that they wholly believe that the ends justify the means, that their ends are noble even when the ends also happen to enrich them personally, and that all things are relative. Add to this a Media Class that is not only Leftist but makes much of its wealth from the creation of fiction and fantasy.

This leads me to the next topic. Sean Penn, the Hollywood ‘star’, political activist and champagne socialist, recently played the lead in a Hollywood film about Harvey Milk. The film predictably won rave reviews from the Film industry though I think it bombed at the box office. I almost wrote that Penn’s film was about the life of Harvey Milk but that would have been totally inaccurate for the film is a very dishonest piece of propaganda and omits all the many things that would have revealed Milk as a sexual predator on teenage boys. For the benefit of website visitors unfamiliar with the San Francisco history of the 1970’s and its invasion by the world’s perverts, Milk was a New York homosexual, who when in his early 30’s took a hapless 16 year old boy as his live-in lover and then moved to the Castro District of SF. According to his biographer Randy Shilts, a friend and fellow SF homosexual, Milk was especially keen on sex with young boys and was inventive in his sexual practices. No-one, it seems, has ever disputed the accuracy of the biography (book title “The Mayor of Castro Street”). There is, of course, nothing unusual about either of these traits in homosexual men, but Penn has left them out of his film. Milk also was a promoter of the career of Jim Jones, the Black sect leader who built his congregation in SF before taking them to a jungle retreat in Guiana where he murdered several visiting politicians and then organized a mass suicide of men, women and children. Milk became the first elected openly homosexual supervisor in SF at a time when politics in that city were being transformed by the moral/cultural effects of the homosexual and hippy invasion. Prior to this the city had been a Democrat stronghold – but the old version of working class Democrats. The conflict between old-style Democrats and new-style Democrats led to bitter factional fighting within the city’s board and eventually to the City Hall killing of Milk and the mayor George Moscone, by another Democrat supervisor.

In normal times, Milk would have been best left forgotten, but we do not live in normal times. Instead we live in a revolutionary period, for the Media Class has acquired political power, not just in SF but in the USA and elsewhere and like all new Classes when they capture power, it is busy recreating society in its own image. One of the Media Class’ core constituencies is the homosexual one and it now feels able to change society for its own benefit. I do not need to lay out the homosexual agenda, for any website visitor to www.zombietime.com will be aware of what that agenda will include (see ‘Up Your Alley’ or Folsom Street Fair).

Recently, Obama conferred a posthumous award on Harvey Milk and this outrageous act was welcomed by his Media masters, for it is a tactical move in a bigger strategy that is now unfolding. The next move is that the Californian Assembly is creating a Harvey Milk Day anniversary to celebrate his memory and this anniversary will include a day of Milk/homosexual celebration in every California State school. Parents will not be notified in advance and it will not be permissible for parents to withdraw their children for the day. I predict that the next step will be a State-wide public holiday and then a Court ruling that all private schools (including Christian schools) will also have to honor Milk with a day of homosexual promotion. It seems that Governor Schwarzenegger is now willing to sign the necessary Bill into law, for he is, after all, a Hollywood man!

A major component of the Media Class revolution now being imposed is the ‘normalization’ of sodomy and homosexuality in general. In the understandable public protests about Obama’s plan to nationalize Health Care, this other major item on the agenda is being largely ignored by Conservatives. Whilst the Leftist assault on Health Care is a central part of the Socialist Revolution, so too is the assault on education, for the real aim of the Milk Day is to move much closer to imposing a new morality on the Nation’s children. Once young children can be indoctrinated about same-sex and other perversions, without parental consent, and with the full authority of the law, society will have been irrevocably and radically transformed. Homosexuals want to be able to sexually exploit our young children and for this they intend to sideline parents and have the young mentally prepared.

The decision by the Scottish Government to release the Libyan bomber has been widely reported in the US Media where it has caused outrage. Not reported is the fact that the Scottish Government is a Socialist one. Surely this is very relevant!

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