Obama Intended to Impose a Revolution by Stealth

 Some innocent observers may believe that what is taking place in Congress and in the Nation’s Town Halls is politics as usual. It is nothing of the sort!   A careful viewing of the whole US political scene reveals that we are in a revolutionary era. Over the last 30 or so years, the Democrat Party has steadily been moved over to the Far Left. Democrat Constitutionalists, social moderates and patriots have either been purged or have swum with the new and intolerant tide. The Democrat move to the Left, framed by the Media as a new moderation, has effectively cast the Republican Party’s conservative base as extreme Right even though the conservatives have not moved anywhere ideologically.

The 2008 elections, placing Obama in the White House and giving the Democrat Party overwhelming control over Congress and control over most State Governments, has set the scene for the imposition on the American people of a revolutionary agenda. The Obama program that is now being unveiled is not a reformist one for reform always requires the keeping of core values and core methods and simply tacking on or improving small parts. Whether we look at the Obama/Democrat Health Bill, the Cap and Trade proposals, the financial policies of this Government, the redefining of American foreign policy, the attacks on traditional marriage, the threats against free speech and the looming immigration proposals, what we see is a seamless revolutionary cloth. The language employed is often moderate-sounding and some moves are cunningly incremental but the intended effect of all Obama/Democrat policies and proposals is a revolutionary shift away from the past. It is a shift from the power of the American individual to the controlling power of the State, from the old concept of the US being an independent Nation State to becoming subservient to a World Order, and from a Christian morality to an atheistic and utilitarian ideology. On this website, we explain all this in the context of the growth of a new Class (the Media Class) and its emergence as a ruling Class. Obama and the Democrat Party are now the expression of the Media Class and its revolutionary agenda. In order to impose on a reluctant American people a new morality, it is necessary to extend Government into every aspect of the people’s lives and to take the road to totalitarianism. Thus Obama and his comrades seek to change government from being a servant of the people to the master of the people. It is through this prism that we should view the Health Bill around which the struggle between revolutionaries and counter-revolutionaries is swirling.

It seems likely that the Media Class thought that Obama had the personal qualities that would enable him, with skilled and overwhelming Media promotion, to distract the American people with soothing lies whilst the noose of Government was tightened around their necks. He might still do so, but it does seem that Obama and his masters have under-estimated the roles of the Internet and Talk Radio in countering the power of the Mainstream Media (MSM) and overlooked the individualist instincts that reside within the American people. As a consequence, the Obama Health Bill, a central plank of the revolution and chosen because it might appear innocuous, has encountered widespread resistance and has stalled. Because this is unexpected, Obama and his comrades are uncertain as to whether they should now steamroller through the Bill and all the Bills to follow or regroup and attempt to soothe the people. Since revolutionary movements are dynamic affairs we can see divisions emerging on the Left between the patient and impatient. Obama, as the public leader of the revolution – though not its absolute leader – now has to attempt to keep the revolution on course, keep its constituent parts united and vanquish the conservative opposition.

The opposition to the revolution has erupted from the conservative people and not from the Republican Party, for the conservative core of that Party has no means of communicating with the people, since it refuses to recognize the MSM as the opposition and is thus effectively denied a formal voice. The Republican Party may well have policies that would improve health care and health insurance without destroying all the parts that now work so effectively, but the MSM can and does suppress its message.

As the conservative people rises up on the Health Care issue, the Left, sensing a counter-revolutionary movement emerging, is turning to the violence that it considers its prerogative as a progressive force. In this particular situation it is the Union Movement that can quickly provide the Red forces on the streets and we need to understand the alliance that has grown between the Union leaderships and the Media Class, for the Media Class is firmly aligned with the Leftist Union leaders and depends on them for ground troops, mass organization and votes. The Media Class on its own does not have the numbers to win and take power. No aspiring ruling Class has ever had enough mass appeal to walk into Government and so accommodations and alliances are always necessary. As we have explained many times on this website, the Media Class has many roots of its own into Socialist soil but it has also been willing to forge more calculating alliances with awkward bedfellows. The Unions are a case in point. The Media Class and the Union leaderships (Union members are invariably controlled by leadership bureaucracies and not the other way around!) have found good reasons to support each other in a mutually beneficial partnership. The Media has avoided shining a spotlight on Union leadership thuggery against members and non-members alike, though such thuggery is rampant. It has soft-pedaled on the many financial scandals that plague Unions and their leaders. It has avoided publicizing the high life that Union leaders enjoy at the expense of their members, many of the latter (in the private sector) amongst the poorest workers in US society.

In return, Union leaders have inserted planks into their manifestos that have little to do with advancing members’ living standards or saving jobs. Once having slipped these planks into manifestos, leaders have altered rule books and then silenced or expelled those members who protest. Thus have socially revolutionary planks on abortion, homosexual special protections, World Peace, Third World immigration, ‘environmentalism’ – to name just a few – found their way into the forefront of Union policies though often the majority of members, and certainly substantial minorities, have disagreed. These policies usually are very important to the Media Class and to its revolutionary socially-Leftist core constituencies.

One thing Media Class Leftists and Union leaders can easily agree upon is an expansion of the role of Government. Union leaders crave a seat at the Government’s table (for obvious reasons) and Media Leftists can only impose their blueprint on society through the control of Government. Generally, neither revolutionary social blueprints nor any socialist blueprints that extend the power of Government, are widely popular, especially when the citizenry are fully aware of what is in store for them. ‘Obama’s’ Health Care Plan (I have put his name in parenthesis for I doubt he contributed to its writing) is wonderfully demonstrating the value of the partnership. The Media Class, which has no interest in the Plan itself, (Media people do not want for health care), does yearn for ever tighter Government control over the population, for it wants to control speech, writing, education of children and young people and all the things that add up to the power to impose a great social/moral revolution. The Health Care Plan will greatly expand Government and control the people. The Union leaders see well-rewarded seats on Boards for themselves, more and more political power coming their way and masses of newly enforced members, in this legislation. Now that the Plan is meeting popular opposition, Obama has already called upon the Union thugs to take to the streets to back up the blanket Media propaganda that he is receiving from his masters. We should not be surprised that the Media portrays this mob rule in reverse. While Red Union thugs pack into Town Hall Meetings and picket the streets outside to intimidate those who might attend to ask hostile questions, the Media tells us that it is a Rightwing conspiracy that is fomenting violence.

Obama may attempt to fool the people’s opposition by omitting some Statist aspects of his Bill but he has left too much of a paper trail setting out his determination to nationalize Health Care. Although the MSM has concealed this trail, it is all over the Internet and so few believe that he will be content with moderate reforms. Indeed, more and more people are realizing that he and his Party are bent on revolution but are not grasping why a revolutionary force is gripping America now.

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