Obama Has Now Fully Evolved!

Regular visitors to this website will know that we have always maintained that Obama is paid for and promoted by the now-Ruling Media Class.   We have in fact gone further and always said that he owes his Presidency entirely to one powerful faction in the Media Class – the ultra-rich Hollywood homosexuals. During his primary contest with Hillary Clinton – the almost anointed Democrat candidate – we identified the moment when Obama was called to Beverly Hills and chosen – and Mrs. Clinton was ditched by Hollywood and subsequently by the whole of the Media Class. Left with the support of only the Union faction and the Clinton ‘machine’ of Party activists, Mrs. Clinton was robbed of the Party’s nomination. 

    If something similar had happened during a Republican contest, the losing candidate would have turned on the winner and done everything possible to damage his chances. On the Left however, and with the Democrat Party purged to the point of monolithic obedience, Mrs. Clinton and (reluctantly) her husband became loyal supporters of Obama. I suppose they realized that even if they had protested, the Mainstream Media (MSM) would not provide them with a microphone. 

    In advance of the 2008 election, Obama could not reveal his agenda, especially the very revolutionary social/moral part of it because he and his masters in Hollywood knew that crucial working class votes would be lost. Obama was chosen by the rich perverts and libertines (Hollywood contains their core, but they have powerful and wealthy centers on the East and West coasts, too) because he had no moral principles and would coolly lie to the colluding cameras of the MSM. And so, after his election, Obama began to reveal his attachment to the Revolutionary moral agenda of the Ruling Class that owned him and protected him with constant MSM propaganda. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” (DADT) was ditched and he soon announced that on the grotesque same-sex marriage he had ‘evolved’. In the midst of America’s financial ruin, he hosted parties at the White House where homosexuality was given the public blessing of the President. America’s foreign financial aid became dependent on the recipient’s willingness to embrace homosexual advancement. 

    Now, with a second electoral victory behind him, Obama has emerged in the true colors of his masters. I quote today’s WSJ (Carol E. Lee reporting 22 January 2013) “With specifics not usually offered in inaugural addresses, Mr. Obama promised to preserve government health-care, expand rights for women and gay couples and press for gun controls, overhauls of the tax code and immigration laws, as well as climate-change measures”. 

    It is hard to know what further rights women need. Government health-care is unstoppable – thanks to SCJ John Roberts. Immigration from the Third World has already disenfranchised and is now impoverishing America’s (mostly) White working and middle classes. Gun confiscation of the aforementioned – and blatantly ignoring the Constitution – is a necessary next step in silencing and suppressing counter-revolutionary opposition. Climate-change measures are all about totalitarian control over the individual and are already proceeding apace. Tucked away in Carol Lee’s sentence is ‘rights for gay couples’ and here we see Obama fully ‘evolved’ and signaling his intention of criminalizing all opposition to the normalization of same-sex sexual relationships. Those Christian Churches (and organizations like the Boy Scouts of America) which hold to Biblical teaching on marriage and normal sexuality are about to feel the full force of Eric Holder’s grossly misnamed Justice Department. So too, are websites like ours that reject homosexual sex practices on the grounds of hygiene and perversion. 

    Obama, as we have always maintained, never ‘evolved’. Like all agents of Revolution, he constantly lies through his teeth, accuses his opponents of the crimes he and his comrades are about to commit and relies on the MSM to cover and forget his endless deceptions. The WSJ headline was “Obama Vows Aggressive Agenda”. 

    Some who visit this website might wonder why Obama and his masters are so concerned with a moral revolution when America is sinking further into debt and decline. They might wonder why his Government seemingly has no concern about inflation, chronic unemployment, the growth of Muslim Imperialism across the world and the concomitant terrorist threat to America, the Balkanization of America, and much more that indicates America’s rapid decline. The answers to these we have repeatedly written. Our new Ruling Media Class is not like any Ruling Class in history, for it is largely childless, consumed by the appetites of sex (disconnected from love), drugs and drink, and owes its birth to the creation of fantasy. Our new Rulers have little interest in the long-term future of children, grandchildren, and no pride in country. In fact they have hi-jacked the word ‘pride’ and dragged it through their fecal matter. They have a hatred and fear of Christianity, truth and real history. History for Hollywood and most of today’s Leftist Academics, is something to be re-written to suit the times or better still to be turned into popular propaganda entertainment. 

    Not all the world is lost! In France more than a million people marched to protest the grotesque same-sex marriage that is being promoted by the Socialist Prime Minister. I know that in our MSM reporting the numbers were greatly diminished and this gigantic event turned into a footnote, but a million is a million and hugely significant. Of course, the French MSM is no different from our own but this was the grass-roots taking to the streets. In Russia, Putin’s Government is about to make the promotion of homosexuality a crime. Mr. Putin – a Nationalist – has taken note of Russia’s birth statistics and America’s moral sickness, and intends to listen to his people. 

    Many gun-owners have complained about local Media hacks publishing names and addresses of legitimate gun-owners. Now I know the hacks are doing so to ‘out’ those ‘bitter clingers’. (Incidentally we need to visit again those Obama words ‘bitter clingers’ for they ooze with enmity and contempt. Obama was talking about the normal hardworking non-Black people of the Midwest, South and West. He is bitter, of course and clings to his Marxist dogmas of Class envy.) My take is different. First, if I was not a gun-owner, I would fear my vulnerability being communicated to burglars and rapists. Secondly, as a proud (and I use the word ‘proud’ deliberately) gun-owner, I welcome burglars and rapists knowing that I am armed and ready and willing to shoot first and ask questions after. 

    In our next article we will again tackle the GOP’s election defeat since many Conservative commentators are continuing to serve up only half a dish. 

    Weather – Here in California the cold winter continues. Every night for many, many weeks, the frost has descended and ponds and puddles are covered with ice. Nothing unusual, this is just winter weather, but how can this be global warming? In the UK, now snow-covered from one end to the other, and with temperatures sub-zero for day after day, the BBC (the intellectual leaders of the UK’s Media Class) has been using its over-used word ‘snap’ which suggests something quite short-lived and slightly unusual. This week the BBC headline was “Cold Snap Is Here To Stay”. You have to admire the chutzpah of the Media Class. 

    Music Choice – We have previously recommended Robert Goulet’s superb recording of the Bronislaw Kaper masterpiece “Invitation”, which was originally written for a movie. We have also recommended Dinah Washington’s dramatic and unbeatable version of Noel Coward’s ‘Mad About The Boy”. In 1961, Washington, less than 2 years from an early death, recorded “Invitation”. Not as good as Goulet’s version but still well worth listening to. Washington had the gift that all great singers have – a distinctive voice. No mistaking her voice!

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