Obama – Good for the Media Class but Bad for America

On this website we have always contended that Obama owes his Presidential election victory to the Media Class that selected him, funded him, packaged him and then sold him to the electorate. We have never bought into the Media line that he is gifted, highly intelligent, articulate, principled and wise. On the contrary, we believe that he is moderately educated, intellectually shallow, unprincipled and dangerous. He is however smart in the way that a con-man is smart, with a glib tongue, a good eye for his victim’s weakness, great self-confidence and unhindered by any compulsion to be truthful.

All ambitious men who are impatient to get to the top need some luck along the way and Obama’s luck was to be Black and to have connections just when the Left in America had put racial preferences at the center of education and politics. Of course, if Obama had been committed to conservative social or economic policies he would have been shunned by the same extreme and rich Leftists who promoted him, for they really care nothing about racial minorities except as fodder for their agenda. Obama’s assets, such as they are and listed above, would be of little help to his ambitions without the connivance of the Media Class. Self-confidence that has no foundation, a glib and lying tongue, and manipulative personality traits are handicaps when a Media Class is antagonistic, and the Media Class News-purveyors in the US could destroy this President in a week. They will not do so, of course, for he is their man in the White House and is faithfully implementing their agenda. His appetite for publicity and an adoring audience, and his boundless energy that enables him to flit from one newsroom and camera to another, allows the Media Class to keep up its appearance of being on the political sidelines. He is like a Hollywood actor who is given a good part in an entertaining movie and the audience forgets that a Director, a Producer, a Scriptwriter and others did the real work. When Obama appears on six TV channels over one weekend, skating through one supportive interview after another and furthering a Leftist agenda that will enslave the American people, the viewers are distracted by him and fail to see the real picture, which is that the Media really has the central role. The gullible public is also left unaware that Obama and his minders decided that he could not risk appearing on the maverick Fox News Channel where he would not only have had to face some unscripted questions but might have had to deal with tenacious challenges to his many lying answers. Even then, although confined to the enabling TV channels of his secret sponsors he almost came unstuck when George Stephanoplous uncharacteristically challenged him on his definition of a tax. His denial of a dictionary definition revealed how this President deals with unhelpful facts. Poor George may find himself paying a high price for this brief intrusion of reality. I cannot help wondering if, for one moment, he let his Clinton connections cloud his thinking, for no doubt George still meets with his former employers and together they scheme Obama’s downfall to make way for Hillary in 2012.

Every day, every news bulletin, even comedy shows, feature our new President and always in the most positive way. Even economic bad news is now delivered in upbeat tones by the Mainstream Media (MSM) and packaged with optimistic predictions. To those of us who had got used to the constant grimly-delivered economic news of the Bush era, it all comes as a welcome relief. It is clear that our President is addicted to publicity, just as Media celebrities and Hollywood types are. His appearance at the UN conference this week is a good example of how this man cannot let a potentially sympathetic gathering go by but that he wants to be its star. No matter that he has nothing of substance to offer, he is happy to take the microphone and spout platitudes or reckless statements, so long as it pleases his audience or impresses them with his importance. At the UN he reminded our enemies that “I” stopped torture on “my” first day in office. This statement (what torture is he talking about?) drew great and spontaneous applause from the many practitioners of torture who were gathered there and Obama must have felt he had got off to a good start. There is a lot of “I” in his speeches and one has to conclude that he now sees America as merely an adjunct of himself. ‘Grandiose’ comes to mind as an adjective for this President and as his speeches are full of startling and dishonest claims – boldly proffered – we might conclude that ‘psychopathic’ is also appropriate.

An example of his constant lying came from an unusual source this week. A well-researched and sympathetic account of his life and marriage has just been published (“Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage”) and its author, Christopher Anderson, has inadvertently revealed that Obama had great problems fulfilling a book contract back in the days when he was an Illinois Senator and concentrating on his next political career move. In the end, he sought the help of neighbor, comrade and mentor, Bill Ayers, the one-time Weatherman terrorist and unrepentent Leftist revolutionary activist. It seems that Ayers did most of the writing for ‘Dreams from my Father’, though both men went to great lengths during the White House election campaign to deny any meaningful collaboration with each other over anything. Both lied, but since the ends justified the means, such lies are to be admired and the Media will ensure that this Obama lie stays dormant like so many others. Somehow, the biographer’s unwitting revelation of Obama’s barefaced lying will have to be buried but this is no problem for today’s Media’s all-powerful grip on information. That awesome grip will enable the Media Class to protect and promote this dangerous man in the White House and his equally dangerous comrades in Congress.

We are so used to the Media lying that words are beginning to have little lasting meaning in our language. A word deliberately misappropriated always facilitates a lie. ‘Gay’ is a good example of a word that has been misappropriated in order to convey a Media lie, though ‘moderate’, ‘activist’ and ‘inclusive’ quickly come to mind. I was struck by this truth again this week when I read a brief BBC report of a trial in the UK. Two Black brothers (aged 29 and 27) named Mykoo were convicted of a string of violent robberies in London. Their modus operandi was that one would strangle a victim from behind whilst the other took valuables. It seems that the sensation of strangulation reduces victims to a state of terror and surrender. Between them, the brothers admitted to some 167 similar offences stretching back over 10 years. The BBC headline reported that the brothers were sentenced to ‘Life’ imprisonment. Actually, later in the article we learned that one got 14 years and the other got 9, and as anyone who knows the UK’s Leftist dominated judicial system will be aware, neither will serve anything like those terms. As I maintain, the Media has adopted an Alice in Wonderland approach to language, so that ‘life’ means ‘not for life, nor anything remotely resembling it’.

Recently I wrote a piece about the decline of jazz and how subsidization from public funds had detached the music from its roots amongst ordinary people and elevated it into the empty Arts centers where musicians could indulge their artistic whims and edgy ideas free from the tastes of audiences. The Wall Street Journal of 24th September has a piece by Larry Blumenfeld on trumpeter Wynton Marsalis and the New York Lincoln Center. This center and Marsalis are greatly subsidized by grants from the great and the good, and are held up as examples of how jazz is preserved and elevated into an Art form. I think it is an example of how a potentially dynamic music is killed by kindness. The great Ornette Coleman has appeared there and it seems churlish to write anything negative about a man who once seemed like a successor to the saxophone genius Charlie Parker. Coleman played his best music when he was playing in lofts and scrabbling around bars. Some of it was ahead of its time and profound and some of it was very unappealing. I doubt that Arts center ‘work’ led to any additions to his talent. In the article by Blumenfeld is the following sentence: “Outside New York, the jazz club circuit is shrinking. Increasingly, jazz is presented at arts centers and universities”. It will continue to shrink until jazz musicians are back in bars and clubs, playing for love rather than union rates, to ordinary people who want their emotions affected and their feet encouraged to tap and dance. To reclaim an audience the music will also have to battle the influences of the miserable, whining and juvenile garbage that the Media Class feeds to the public under various labels like pop, rock, folk-rock and rap.

In the UK, a nurse in the small Devon town of Exeter has become involved in controversy and hit the headlines. She has been wearing a crucifix around her neck whilst nursing for 35 years, but was recently asked to remove the crucifix which has now been deemed to be jewelry and to be a source of danger and germs. She has refused to comply and presumably sees this directive as part of the contemporary attack on Christianity in the public services. A lawyer who specializes in defending Christians against official persecution has taken up her case. I hesitate to defend this nurse if it can be proven that the rules on uniform conformity are fairly applied. A uniform is a uniform and provided that Muslim, Wicken and other religions and fads are treated the same way, I think the good lady should tuck her crucifix into her pocket when at work. This may be one of many instances of unfair treatment of Christians and these will multiply as the Media Class and its Leftist allies become more assertive, but this case does not provide a favorable battleground for conservatives. What I was struck by however was the correspondence columns in the local newspaper ‘The Express and Echo”. Very few supported the nurse. A few simply argued that rules are rules, but so many were virulently anti-Christian. I have noticed here in the US that many Leftists and Democrat voters are full of anger and hostility to Christians and Christianity. To hear them rant, one would think that Christians were like Muslims in Iran, marching through the streets and enforcing Christianity on everyone. The reality is that Christians are a pretty humble and passive lot who reserve their religious expression for Church and spend much time doing good works without proselytizing. The good old Salvation Army is a prime example, but few Christians express their views publicly, unlike Leftists who drive around in large gas-guzzling SUV’s adorned with Obama stickers and never fail to talk politics at social gatherings. Even nuns no longer wear an identifying uniform.

I think this anti-Christian hostility is fuelled by the Media Class in many subtle ways but the truth is that, as more and more citizens model their lives on Hollywood and TV perverts, so they resent the existence of moral standards of behavior. Add to this the Leftist propaganda now taught in schools and emphasizing that moral judgmentalism is now the most heinous crime and we have a generation that believes that America (and the UK) must be purged of Christians. As I wrote in a previous article, many Jews are also very hostile to the one group that is a staunch defender of Israel. I am willing to bet that George Soros would be happy to spend half of his fortune to eliminate Christianity from the US and the world. The worry is that most Christians in the US, and that nurse in the UK, seem unaware of the dangerously hostile tide that is running against them. The Media Class and its Leftist allies are busy launching a final and hugely-funded assault on traditional Christians whilst the Christians are devoting their resources to doing good works. I hope God is looking out for them for they need divine intervention!

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