Obama Gets Tired

For the benefit of UK visitors to this website, Americans spell tyre with an ‘i’, so the topic here is gas consumption. We have been pointing out in recent articles that Obama is not the sharpest knife in the drawer and that the Media Class may be getting buyers’ remorse over abandoning the Clintons in favor of a look-a-like pop star.   Nothing could have better supported our observation than his call to Americans last week to inflate their tires to reduce gas consumption and thus make a significant contribution to the energy ‘crisis’. Here is a candidate for President who has opposed contemporary oil exploration, claiming that new oil finds in the US would not produce gasoline soon enough to matter. Like his inane comrades in the Democrat Party, he has repeated the mantra that any oil find would take 10 to 15 years to reach the pumps. As someone remarked on Talk Radio this week, the US tooled up for world war in less than two years and that was back in 1941. In 1940, the US had virtually no navy, no army, no tanks, no ships, no artillery, no war planes, no aircraft carriers, no ammunition, no factories on a war footing, no provisions infrastructure, few men in uniform and little military experience. Within two years the US was not only bristling with all the above, but was able to supply the UK and the USSR.

Advocating tire inflation as a solution to high gas prices is embarrassingly pathetic. There are only two explanations for Obama’s drivel. Neither is flattering! Either he is ignorant (and says whatever comes into an empty head) or he believes he can get away with any old nonsense because he thinks the American people are stupid. I suppose Harvard Law School and his earlier places of education failed to teach him about the US war effort, for after all no modern educationalist would want to mention past US achievement. Heaven forbid that American ingenuity and effort should be praised to young ears! But can Obama really be entirely ignorant about the staggering history of American technology when its achievements are all around him? Drilling for offshore oil and its transportation from around the US are surely minor technical and distributional problems? Let us also note that Obama is a man who believes that by passi ng laws in Congress, American industry can be made to overcome the infinitely more difficult problems of harnessing wind power, growing bio-fuels and all the other green solutions spouted by the lunatic fringe. Obama, like his comrades has also been a dedicated opponent of nuclear power.

This week he has flip-flopped on drilling, having read the opinion polls, but who knows where he stands on anything to do with energy? Some conservative commentators concede that he is a great orator, so I must be missing something, for it seems to me that anyone who only spouts drivel is not worth listening to. One thing is keeping this dopes candidacy alive and that is Media Class spin. Never has the Media Class so well demonstrated its ability to protect and package a fool. So far it has been working hard to present Obama and his comrades in a positive light but that is only half the Media capability in play. Before long the attention will be turned to destroying John McCain and we should not underestimate its power to invent and distort any and all news and facts.

The Media’s ability to suppress news is formidable, as is its boldness in doing so. Two examples this week will suffice to make my point. One is the absence of reporting about events at the House of Representatives where Nancy Pelosi and her Leftist comrades have turned off the lights (literally) and scuttled away to avoid debating the subject of oil drilling. The Republicans have remained in the darkness continuing the session as a protest. If this had been a reverse situation, ALL the Media would have been there twenty four hours per day filling the headlines and screens. This is after all, a Media that could reach Crawford’s back trails to film Cindy, the war protestor. Instead, zilch! The Republican people’s representatives are talking to themselves in the dark! Some have suggested that John McCain should make a speech from an oil rig for publicity purposes, but what publicity would he get? Readers of this websi te know the answer.

The second example of Media Class power to enforce a news blackout (no racism meant) is the unfolding story of John Edwards and the love-child. Perhaps I should call it the non-unfolding story, for it has so far failed to surface outside of the National Enquirer and the blogosphere. The Enquirer claim that Edwards has been conducting an affair with a Media woman and fathered her child may not be true, though Edwards, in the running for VP candidate to Obama, has failed to refute what the scandal paper has printed. Given that he is a very successful Trial Lawyer we can be forgiven for believing that he has been caught with his pants down. This week the Enquirer has printed photos of Edwards with the alleged love-child in his arms. There are several reasons why this story should make the front pages of every newspaper. First, Edwards and his allies made much of his wife’s cancer when he was campaigning for the Democra t Party nomination. Secondly, his wife very actively campaigned with him. This is not a case of a politician’s wife who has chosen to remain private. Thirdly, this is a politician who the Media has been touting as a VP candidate for Obama. Surely his alleged secret life and his alleged cheating on his sick wife are newsworthy? Not if he is a Democrat and an election is approaching that could see the Media Class confirm its assumption of power by having its poodles in high office.

The Media’s power has resulted in most large companies pandering to its agenda. Business people who know which side their bread is buttered are increasingly eager to support Media Class causes. We have often mentioned the ailing Ford Motor Company’s largesse with its shrinking cash reserves donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to homosexual causes. Now there is news that Pacific Gas and Electric have donated $250,000 to the homosexual campaign to oppose Prop 8 in California. Prop 8, if passed by voters will ban same-sex marriage. Opinion polls suggest that the electorate is evenly divided this time, so why would PG& E enter this customer minefield? One explanation is that the higher echelons of the company harbor determined homosexual activists. I think it has more to do with business people galloping to the side of the new Ruling Class.

There is still nothing in the MSM about the two refugees from the UK who have sought asylum in LA. Mr. Radical has done some research on their views and we now know that both are involved in a US-based website that is anti-Jewish as well as racist in general. In our view holocaust deniers should seek refuge in a lunatic asylum rather than political asylum and people who are concerned to differentiate us all on the basis of skin color are mentally sick. This is not to say that there aren’t legitimate arguments to make about Jewish influence in Government and the Media and to protest the swamping of Europe with Third World people and Islamic Imperialists. But there is a line that has to be drawn between rational political argument and emotion-driven hatred. On this website we think free speech and uninhibited intellectual discussion should be jealously guarded and we therefore oppose the UK Government’s legislation th at outlaws selected ideas and their publication. Having now visited the website at the center of the prosecution I can only comment that it has the taint of Nazism about it.

Last night a Mexican-born rapist and killer was given a lethal injection in Texas, despite efforts and protests from the great and the good from around the world. Attempts to halt the execution were based on a technicality that had absolutely nothing to do with justice. The parents of the two victims were present and it is reported that the killer apologized to them for the pain he had caused, thus admitting guilt. One has to say that this final apology was a more convincing action of regret than all the death row stories that abolitionists produce to justify leniency. There is no point in celebrating the death of a man who expresses genuine regret when he has nothing to gain and so we pray that God will be merciful to him and that the victim’s families will also pray for his soul.

A true hero died on Sunday in Moscow. Solzhenitsyn, who in 1962 wrote “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” did much to reveal to the world the enormity of the Communist crimes of mass murder in the Soviet Union. He wrote from bitter experience for he spent many years in the Socialist Gulags where so many wholly innocent people suffered and died. Like Whittaker Chambers and Elizabeth Bentley and others who defected from Communism and told the truth to the world, Solzhenitsyn was not welcomed by Leftist intellectuals in Europe and the USA. I suppose that is only to be expected for they all subscribe (though will not admit to) to the view that ends justify means. However, more instructive is the fact that many moderates of the elite and political classes also were cool towards him, just as they had been decades before to Whittaker and Bentley. In the last 80 years it seems to have been the case that any revelation that impacts negatively on Leftist beliefs and practices is shunned by the Establishment. I think this is partly due to the fact that many conservatives and ‘moderates’ have taken part in government that has capitulated to the Left and so prefer to avoid facing guilt by association. Secondly, the Left has held ascendancy in the realm of ideas thanks to dominating the centers of learning. Finally, and most significantly, the Media Class has been growing ever stronger and more dominant and it is interwoven with Leftism.

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