Obama: First Blacks’ President Of USA

Please note where the apostrophe is placed in the title of this article!

Yesterday we wrote about two of Obama’s great legacies as President. Black mobs rampaging in shopping malls in pursuit of reparations and economic redistribution, and the right of men dressed as women to use little girls’ bathrooms, are a tribute to his awesome ability to impose Revolutionary change on a conservative society.

As befits a grand psychopath (of any skin color), Obama has indulged in the game of proving he can achieve outrageous goals, and that those he mesmerizes with his smooth lying tongue, cool nerve and ‘black is white’ statements and policies, are simply not anywhere near as smart as is he and deserve to be his victims. On this website we admire his amoral skills, and in hindsight we can see why he was the right choice of a Media Class intent on transforming America into an image of their own Class character.

To give Obama his due, he not only served well his billionaire Hollywood masters, but increasingly indulged his own needs and advanced his own agenda. He became so confident that he was able to set aside the Constitution, despite a Republican Congress, and rule by edict.

There is an old truth that conservatives must never stop observing, and it is never judge someone by their words but by their deeds. As the Bible says “By their deeds shall ye know them”. It is the way to judge Socialism – the finest words and the most disastrous results! Obama has been the master of speaking outrageous lies, sincerely, humbly, convincingly and as if deeply hurt by criticisms. “You can keep your own doctor” was just one of so many.

Obama usually tells his biggest whoppers when engaged in a warm conversation with a selected comrade from the Mainstream Media. It is in this setting that he claims he represents all Americans, irrespective of skin color and creed, and is a forgiving victim of White racism.

Pretty much since the day he took office, Obama has acted out a bias in favor of African Americans and sought to punish law-abiding Christian Whites. His appointment of Eric Holder and then Loretta Lynch to Attorney General was intended to ensure the Justice Department pursued a racist agenda.

One of Obama’s first actions (unprecedented for a President) was to publicly condemn a White police officer who, in investigating a possible break-in, had upset a Black college professor. Obama never waited for the facts. Soon Obama was defending every Black criminal and attacking every White representative of law and order. It began with Trayvon Martin and has continued to the present. He has made it clear by his actions that he is the Blacks’ President and the DOJ is their Department.

Most recently Obama has been ‘chatting’ with Ta-Nehisi Coates of the Atlantic and complaining that he has throughout his Presidency been vilified by Right-wing Media as being on the side of Blacks, or as he said “looking out for his own”. Here we see him skillfully casting himself as a victim of White prejudice and being falsely accused of what he knows he has been doing from day one.

More recently we have seen Obama emerge as the President not only of Blacks but of Muslims. It is doubtful that his Media Class masters (mostly Jewish and homosexual) had this in mind when they promoted him to the Presidency and protected him for eight long years. They will of course be grateful for his implementation of the homosexual agenda, his suborning of the Supreme Court and appointments of Far Left activist judges, his marginalization of Christians, and his importation of parentless brown children. But there is no doubt that he has increasingly pursued his own agenda of race and religion and sees those as his legacy.

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In 1956, Jackie McLean (1931-2006) recorded the album Lights Out! with Donald Byrd (trumpet), Elmo Hope (piano), Doug Watkins (bass), and Art Taylor (drums). Our selection from this album is “Up”, written by Jackie McLean.

“Up” begins with a few phrases which Jackie McLean and Donald Byrd play, followed by a drum break. Byrd takes the first solo,
after which is McLean’s. The first few phrases of his are stunning, despite this being his “warming up” compared to the rest of his solo. The rest of the group follows him as he explores the chord sequence, in which he touches several quotes which are mixed with quick phrases. One could mistake his solo for Parker in places. Enjoy!

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  1. I always figured Obama would be so disliked after eight years that the Broad Right would coalesce around a fire-breathing Republican candidate. We got Donald Trump. And the left got screwed.

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