Obama Dodges Mainstream Media

I read a Mainstream Media report today that claimed that Obama was by-passing the MSM by using the Internet and connecting direct with the people. It seems that he took some questions from bloggers and answered them with his own blog. The implication was that the MSM is ganging up on him and being unfair. Every day I feel that this President is taking me and the US public further down the rabbit hole that led poor Alice to Wonderland. For starters, can anyone with half a brain believe that the man who was picked, packaged, promoted and protected by the Media Class has a need to go over the heads of the MSM in order to get his message to the people. Obviously not, but I think there may be something strange going on, and here is an explanation.

This President was never singled out by the Media Class for his brain or his accomplishments. He has none of the latter and the MSM would have known this right from the beginning if it had investigated. However, Obama was initially picked and funded by a factional group of powerful and very rich Hollywood insiders who had developed a dislike of the Clintons. When Oprah (motivated by racial considerations) added her weight (no pun intended) and wealth and then George Soros lined up too, the unity of the Media Class was shattered and a real contest developed on the Left between Mrs. Clinton and Obama. The battle that ensued was not about policies, for both Clinton and Obama were faithfully aligned with the Media’s agenda of revolutionary social change. Clinton, thanks to her husband and the Democrat Party organization he had built during his Presidency, never expected a fight for both she and her husband believed she was already anointed. Obama was initially promoted by that segment of the Media Class that owes its wealth and power to Entertainment and illusion. To them he had several Star qualities – young, slim, vacuous, energetic and Black. He was a discovery waiting for a script. Clinton was, in comparison a Bette Davis of the past.

The News Media (intellectual) segment of the Media Class was mostly in the Clinton camp, and in other circumstances might have realized that Obama was dangerously lightweight, but I think it was wrong-footed and when some in its ranks deserted early in the campaign when Obama (overflowing with funds) won some primaries, the die was cast. Consequently, Obama was never scrutinized by the MSM. Not only were his intellectual shortcomings not realized but neither was the question of his citizenship qualification. Eventually the MSM came together, when it appeared that a narrow Clinton victory in the Primaries and a battle taken to the Convention would risk defeat in the November contest. Mrs. Clinton was pressured to concede with victory, albeit a slim one, in her grasp. From then on the Media Class united behind Obama and he was given the finest treatment a candidate has ever received. I think it has gone to his head, but that is another matter.

In the Presidential campaign, Obama was protected and scripted and this treatment continued after his move into the White House. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to protect him from ad lib statements, especially during Press conferences. Such conferences are so much a part of being President that he cannot avoid them. Even though the Reporters are his loyal supporters, every so often a question or follow-up produces a gaffe that shatters the Media portrait of a genius at work. One assumes that Obama’s minders are aware of this and most recently he did a Press conference with only a handful of selected Reporters and a restricted number of pre-arranged questions. The MSM, no matter how much it wants Obama to be shielded will not want to be deprived of the daily question time, for the political reporters involved are key Media people and this is their show time. I believe there is tension building between the Obama team and the Media Masters. Some might already be wishing that a more able performer had been chosen for the White House.

Yesterday, in the UK the BNP fought two ward elections, one in rural East Midlands and one in North East Lincolnshire. These are places where the BNP has only lately arrived for they are areas far removed from the racial battlegrounds of the big cities. They are however places where the BNP needs to gain ground in order to be a major national Party. The Party has never fought the wards before.

In the Yarborough ward of North East Lincs. the result was:

Lib Dem. 763; Con. 513; Lab. 437; BNP 370; Other 49. The BNP percentage was 17.4%

In the Melton Borough (East Midlands) Long Clewson Ward the result was:

Con. 463; Ind. 231; BNP 120; Lab. 100. Here the BNP percentage was 13.1%

The significance of these results is that if the BNP achieves such percentages in the June Euro elections, it will be allocated MEP’s in the Euro Parliament and will qualify for salaries and expenses. As the Party’s candidates are fundamentally different from those of the others Parties, the salaries and expenses will go into the Party’s coffers and not into pockets. Because the Party is very poor and has no rich celebrity donors, the money will have a great impact. The other Parties and the Media Class are now becoming very alarmed by this prospect. The Media attacks are increasing daily and the weasel establishment Church leaders are pulling out all the stops. Yesterday’s results will give them all sleepless nights.

For those interested in our weather reports, I must mention that last Sunday morning on the way to Sunday School I saw Mount Diablo and several other peaks snow-capped again. Today was more normally warm, but March continues to be a chilly month here in central California.

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