Obama, Democrats and the Constitution

In our previous article we covered some aspects of the ongoing dispute between the Catholic Church and the Obama Administration. It was clear to us that Obama’s latest shot at the Church with the birth control issue was intended to force the Church, through its many organizations, to pay for contraception for employees through their health insurance contracts. It is our view that he did not embark on this casually. This was no blunder caused by sloppy thinking but a deliberate, take aim and fire shot. Obama and his comrades in the Administration had to know that this directive was not only un-constitutional but would advance Government control over Catholic doctrine and that there would be objections from Bishops.

Emboldened by the knowledge that his Media Class masters would employ all their MSM power to approve any and all attacks on the Catholic Church and would present the issue in their MSM in a way that would put the Church on the defensive, we have no doubt he enjoyed firing his latest shot. He and his comrades may however have underestimated the unity and resistance of the Bishops and the threat of a significant and crucial loss of Catholic votes that it might generate in this all-important election year. Obama’s revolutionary policies as President, even with massive support and manipulation from the MSM, have aroused much resentment amongst broad sections of White and Asian working voters. His re-election campaign staff, wanting to leave nothing to chance, must have advised a partial and tactical retreat. However, any retreat faced two obstacles. One was that his radical followers, especially amongst the Feminazis and Academics, would erupt with rage if the Catholic Church appeared to be recovering even the slightest of lost ground. The second obstacle was Obama himself. Driven by his giant ego, we (Radical and Right) are sure he is incapable of genuinely giving ground on any issue. Obama is a man devoid of both humility and insight and his unfettered ego has been super-charged by a Leftist ideology that empowers Government and maintains that the end always justifies the means. Political psychopaths throughout history have been drawn to radical/revolutionary ideologies which offer them massive opportunities to exert their will, not just over the people immediately around them, but over Nations and Continents.

The longer Obama has been in the White House, the more he has developed an appetite for unlimited Presidential power. And so, his Administration’s response to the Bishops has been to offer a compromise that is no compromise at all but merely a sleight of hand. We are sure that Obama relishes tactical moves that are brazenly dishonest for it not only creates more adulation amongst his like-minded followers but reinforces his belief that he is smarter than everyone else. He is, of course, relying on his paymasters in the MSM to present his response to the confused Catholic and independent voters as a compromise, whilst he can give a nod and wink to his Christian-hating supporters and feel like an intellectual and political ‘superman’. Fortunately, it seems that the Bishops have not fallen for this-but we shall see.

Meanwhile he and his Media Masters continue to take their revolutionary social war to the enemy. Make no mistake, the Obama Administration and his comrades all across the Nation, are on the offensive. The time has passed when the social revolutionaries inched forward by stealth. Today, it is conservatives who have to constantly give ground and mostly at an alarming rate. Courageous opponents (unwitting counter-revolutionaries) like Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage (please visit the NOM website regularly) are facing the wealthiest and most powerful Ruling class in human history. Rick Santorum, suddenly the front-runner in the Republican primary struggle (and a Christian, which surely makes him Enemy Number One for the Media Class), is currently being distracted from his campaign with an artificial and wholly Media-created crisis over the contraception issue. A joke by one of his supporters is being given the MSM grossly partisan election year treatment, i.e. that the joke is an outrageous attack on women and their liberty, is wholly offensive to all right-minded people and that Santorum must be held accountable for it. The ‘joke’ by a supporter was to the effect that in the past it was said that if women wanted to avoid pregnancy they should keep their knees closed clenching an asprin. This joke was commonplace in my youth, and probably repeated more often by women than men, for it was undeniably true and contained an underpinning of old-fashioned morality. Of course, the Media’s revolutionary troops who masquerade as journalists are feigning outrage over this ‘joke’ and confronting Santorum at every turn. They are not genuinely outraged at all, for they work and live in a bubble where no joke or word is too disgusting unless it is even marginally moralistic.

In our previous article we touched on the Catholic Church’s ideological ties to Fascism, i.e. the belief that Governments should dispense welfare, redistribute income, enforce economic and social ‘fairness’ and that Business and Unions should partner with Government. The Church has also been in bed with Leftists on illegal immigration and the open door to ‘refugees’. Until now the Catholic Church in the USA has shown no alarm over Obama’s evasion and trashing of the Constitution. Our belief on this website is that the Bishops have always been uncomfortable with the US Constitution, failing to see that it is their last defense against a revolutionary Government that intends to destroy their Church.

Sadly, Rome’s Bishops are not alone among Christian Church leaders in this respect, and last Sunday I heard a Pentecostal Pastor who is determinedly steering his Church in a Leftist direction and is openly admiring of this lawless President. Here on the Left Coast I think there are many Pastors like him who will be more than happy to bow to the State and bless same-sex marriages, who will be happy for their Christian schools to indoctrinate children with pro-sodomy propaganda, who avoid the abortion issue like the plague, who never mention Islam’s relentless and worldwide slaughter of Christians and are purging their congregations- all this intolerant Liberalism under the cover of tolerance, non-judgementalism, acceptance and inclusiveness. The US Constitution will have to be discarded and buried in order for the social revolution of the Media Class and its Leftist allies to triumph. The reason is simple. The US Constitution enshrines individualism as the basis for an American society of free people. Socialism, redistribution of wealth by Government and intrusive, rapacious Government powers cannot co-exist with individualism. The Democrat Party, the Obama Presidency, the Trade Union leaderships, the Academics who enforce political correctness on all places of learning, Leftists of all persuasions and many of those who have already amassed wealth because of the Constitution, are wholly opposed to individualism. The newly dominant Media Class, intent on enforcing a new and morally corrupt agenda on an unwilling population seeks totalitarian powers for its Government. All of these allied constituencies can only proceed and succeed by destroying the Constitution and its safeguards for individualism.

Recently I heard Michele Bachmann on a conservative radio station. She unwittingly gave anecdotal support for this website’s claim that totalitarianism is growing in the US. In her State of Minnesota, public schools have been put on notice by the Obama/Holder Justice Department that it is no longer acceptable for schools and teachers to merely adopt a neutral stance on homosexuality when teaching sex and social values. All teachers must now teach homosexuality ‘positively’. Schools are being monitored by the Justice Department to ensure compliance. It is clear where this is leading. Teachers henceforth will have to be re-educated and interrogated to ensure that they are not harboring ‘bigoted’ views. Those who fail to show sufficient enthusiasm for the new morality will be purged from teaching and likely will find it hard to obtain employment in any large organization. Those schools that now exist outside the public sector will not long be allowed to escape the purge. Finally, Home Schooling will have to be ended for the home will be the last hiding place for those deemed bigoted by Justice’s Eric Holder and his comrades. We can be sure that billionaires Tim Gill, George Soros and their rich soul-mates down in Hollywood will be employing armies of investigators in a myriad of well-endowed private organizations in order to scour the Nation’s schools and colleges and ferret out those not complying with sufficient energy. Does this sound like a totalitarian future to you? Does it sound un-Constitutional and the antithesis of a society based on individualism? Many, including the Pentecostal Pastor I heard last week, will no doubt see this as the dawning of a bright new world.

The facts to which Bachmann referred will never find their way into the MSM. On the same radio program-I think it was that of the outstanding Mark Levin- I heard some more facts that will remain concealed by the MSM. The Obama campaign has made much of the Warren Buffet story that his secretary pays more tax than he pays. This has been a useful story in ramping up the Class warfare between those (Obama voters) that pay no income tax and those who pay almost all of it “the rich”. It transpires that billionaire Buffet chooses to pay himself only $100,000 a year (he gets much more in more devious ways) and he pays her twice as much-hence she pays twice as much as him in income tax. Buffet, a typical wealthy Leftist also makes much of his relatively humble abode in Omaha. What he conceals, according to the radio host, is that he is the owner of a $20m Californian mansion that overlooks the Pacific and it is here that he spends much of his time. If all this is untrue, we welcome a refutation from Buffet, who, like Soros and Gill employ organizations to monitor websites like ours.

The weather all across the northern hemisphere of this planet continues to ‘enjoy’ seasonally- normal cold weather. In many instances- and Romania comes to mind- the weather has been exceptionally cold. Journalists, embarrassed by this hiccup in the Global Warming narrative, have been forced to overwork that phrase ‘cold snap’. Mr. Radical tells me that the UK’s BBC, surely the most propagandist ‘news’ organization in the Western World, has been employing a new word to imply something short, unusual and unexpected.

Music Choice – Recently I have been featuring a lot of 1950’s and 1960’s American jazz- the period before jazz became ugly-sounding, jettisoned melody and chord sequences and required that musicians be wholly self-indulgent, as long as they sounded either miserable or angry. After the mid 1960’s drummers were no longer confined to providing rhythm and embellishing the work of soloists. Following the fashion that all must have equality under the spotlight, drummers were permitted to solo throughout and bass players had to be given endless choruses of unfathomable solo. The Bass solos were the only ones not drowned out by the drummer, who was now given the grander title of ‘percussionist’.

Delving back into the 1950’s I recalled the smoky voice of Kay Starr. I read once that Starr was part native-American and had graduated via Big Bands. She had some hits but in my opinion she never recorded a better song than the nostalgic and romantic “Wheel of Fortune”. I don’t know anything about this song or the orchestra and arranger but this was a typical high-quality example of the popular music of the time. We were not aware then that popular music would soon become the domain of the pimply adolescent, uninhibited and gyrating strummer of the ubiquitous over-amplified guitar.

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