Obama and the Media Fly East

Rush Limbaugh has been getting very irate this week. What has been blowing up his skirt is the naked partisanship now being displayed by the MSM and particularly the adulation of the massed Media over Obama’s flying visit to the two war zones of the Middle East. I understand Limbaugh’s anger but not his surprise. His belief, perhaps the straw he is clinging to, is that the Media’s uninhibited campaign for Obama will produce a backlash amongst ordinary voters. I doubt it very much but I hope he is right, for the sake of the West and its people.

First let me say that if Rush Limbaugh took the time to read this website’s archive he would stand a chance of graduating in real politics. For he would learn that we have been tracking and putting on display the increasing power and confidence of the Media Class for the last two years. For his benefit I will say again that what we are witnessing in 2008 and its election campaign is a quickening pace of the rise to domination of a new Ruling Class. Day by day, this Ruling Class throws off the mask of Leftist partisanship on behalf of the Democrat Party and steps into its historic role of Kingmaker and Writer of the Agenda. Poor Rush is still handicapped with the notion that the MSM dances to the Democrat Party’s tune whereas the reality is that the Democrat Party (and much of the Republican Party) is the grateful performing creature of the Media Class.

Obama’s whistle-stop ‘trip’ to the East’s war zone was blatantly a photo-op for the benefit of his Media managers. A series of TV and front-page Newspaper pictures, accompanied by a few edited quotations, were arranged to give him the aura of statesmanship, wisdom on military matters and the possessor of a magic force that will bring newness to the region’s (intractable) problems and win over enemies with his pop-star personality. I suppose Rush could be right that the ignorance that Obama actually displays every time he opens his mouth might just appal the majority of voters, but I have lost faith in the power of the masses to see through Media propaganda. The people who tune into Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Rodgers and read Free Republic and Human Events websites are a small minority compared to the Sport/Fashion/Cinema/TV watchers who get their news from MSM headlines and their history lessons from Hollywood. It is most likely that most voters will be impressed with the wisdom of Obama’s latest pronouncements, his grasp of military matters and his confidence.

Obama’s stupidity does not take much to discover for those who actually pay attention. I will cite only the most glaring piece of evidence, though it has been overlooked, even by Limbaugh. The Messiah of the New Politics and the vehicle for assuaging 200 years of White Guilt actually announced his (increased) troops plan not only within hours or arrival in Afghanistan but also announced the rundown of the same troops in Iraq before he had been to that war zone. Now as far as I know, the Great Black Hope, who was not so long ago a ‘Community Organizer’ in Chicago, had never previously been to either country or seen a rifle fired in anger. Only a man who spends his time admiring himself in the mirror and who does not realize that he is being puffed up by the Media could have such chutzpah. Does this man actually know anything about anything and even more worryingly does he have any idea that he knows nothing?

The Media Class cares little about the war zones. Its packaging of Obama during the war zone trip have nothing to do with foreign policy and defense, but everything to do with getting him elected in November. The Media Class, as we constantly write on this website, is a Class that historically occupies the land of make-belief, where history can be endlessly remade, where facts are unimportant and fantasies can be indulged. Its agenda is all about social change, especially the sexual revolution. Imposing same-sex marriage on the Nation (only a first step on a truly revolutionary social and moral uncharted path), is the priority and foreign threats of war and Islamic Imperialism can be wished away for now. The people of this new Ruling Class remind me of John Wyndham’s (‘The Day of the Triffids’) doomed household of revelers busy raping blind women and too lust-driven to care about the approaching and deadly Triffids. For the Media’s preoccupation with same-sex marriage and the normalization of sodomy, look no further than any newspaper any day. This last weekend, the WSJ ran a huge piece, starting on page one and written by Vauhini Vara who travelled to California’s Walnut Creek to find a heart-rending story of the dilemma faced by ‘Gay’ clergy who have homosexual parishioners who just want to tie the knot.  Only bigotry prevents these wonderful people from finding true happiness and God’s blessing, at least according to V. Vara. No doubt this article found its way onto the front page as part of the massive and hugely funded campaign to defeat the November proposition being championed by the besieged Christians.  The climate now affecting public opinion here in California and elsewhere is one of tiredness and irritation. Ordinary voters who 10 years ago would have seen same-sex marriage for the perversion of marriage that it is, have now been worn down and are willing to accept it in order to make the homosexual lobby go away. They are wrong about the lobby going away, for the list of demands for sexual change is only just beginning and the perverts who are so over-represented in the Media Class are revolutionaries. After November when the puppet Obama has been installed with a puppet Congress, the next moves will be the destruction of the conservative mavericks in the Media, the control over Internet websites and new laws to silence ‘hate speech’. The peace that reigns over a revolution is the peace of the graveyard. Just for good measure the WSJ on its Arts pages featured an aging folk warbler called Janis Ian.  She is pictured coyly peeping from behind her guitar and quoted as saying that society has come a long way from the days of her first hit. “The world has become more civilized. I can’t be locked up for being gay. Of course, I also can’t get married and have full rights”. Now I don’t remember lesbians being locked up for doing whatever they do in bed but this article must be seen in the context of the November ballot measure. Expect ever more of the same ‘casual’ propaganda to appear in the Media, for a revolution is being imposed from above.

The big money is all on the homosexual agenda, and I mean in terms of funding and not betting. There is no doubt where the wealthy stand and where the ‘great and the good’ stand and we should not be surprised. One reason is that the members of the Media Class continue to amass wealth and we are all meant to be pleased, unlike when Big Oil or Big Pharma people get rich. I heard this morning that actor Will Smith is on course to earn $80m this year, from film making alone. We are meant to be overjoyed that the latest Batman film (graced by the Broken Back, late, overdosed Heath Ledger, no less) has broken recent box-office records and this was headline news before everything else, even Obama’s military exploits. But there is a long history to the current divisions in society and I was reminded of this on the last pages of “Witness” by Whittaker Chambers. Chambers, when he lifted the lid off Communist penetration of the US Government bureaucracy, discovered that he had earned the hatred of the ‘Great and Good’ Americans. Alger Hiss the graduate of Harvard Law School, architect of the United Nations, who had spent years betraying the US whilst employed as a top Government advisor and policy maker, was their darling. Partly this was because what Hiss and his Communists were pushing was only a more radical version of the creeping Socialism promoted by the Great and Good ‘liberals’ but it also had another facet which Chambers noted. “No feature of the Hiss Case is more obvious, or more troubling as history, than the jagged fissure, which it did not so much open as reveal, between the plain men and women of the nation, and those who affected to act, think and speak for them. It was, not invariably, but in general, the ‘best’ people’ who were for Alger Hiss and who were prepared to go to almost any length to protect and defend him. It was the enlightened and the powerful, the clamorous proponents of the open mind and the common man, who snapped their minds shut in a pro-Hess psychosis, of a kind which, in an individual patient, means the simple failure of the ability to distinguish between reality and unreality, and in a nation, is a warning of the end.” These words are as apt now in relation to the US Obama mania, the Media Class rush to same-sex marriage and the UK’s abandonment of national independence and free speech.

Some good news! This week, a Federal Court dismissed the appeal of Mumia Abu-Jamal. This is the Black one-time reporter and Leftist activist who in 1981 shot and killed Philly policeman Daniel Faulkner. It is impossible to go to any Leftist street event in SF without seeing the usual placard-carrying Trotskyites demanding his release as a victim. The tragedy is that Mumia wasn’t executed, for this campaign will continue until every witness has passed away and he is released by a liberal judge. The same kind of people campaigned for the release and re-instatement of Alger Hiss. I suppose that since Hiss died before his conviction for lying could be reversed (he was never tried for treason but should have been) it will fall to Hollywood to make a film that rewrites history. In the Hollywood version Chambers and Elizabeth Bentley will be the villains and Hiss, Dexter White, Abt et al will be the innocent victims of Red phobia. The late Heath Ledger would probably have been given the Hiss role and Madonna that of his wife.

One other piece of good news is the breaking story by the National Enquirer about former Democrat VP candidate John Edwards. At the time of writing this article the story has not made it into the MSM (no surprise for this is a Leftist) but will be difficult to suppress. Edwards, who milked his wife’s battle with cancer during the recent primaries, seems to have been caught bang- to- rights having trysts with a lady friend in an LA hotel. It is alleged that he also has a ‘love-child’ with her. Given the detail and the circumstances in the NE report, I am inclined to think that the Enquirer’s reporter is as believable as Whittaker Chambers’ denunciation of Alger Hiss. Normally, I wouldn’t gloat over such a human failing and especially given the problems already facing his wife and family, but Edwards is now an Obama man and was (I deliberately say ‘was’ in the past tense) a possible VP running mate. He is also a Trial Lawyer and one of those politicians who is always talking about the working man whilst getting rich. It will be interesting to see how the MSM handles this unwelcome news.


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