Obama and the Celebrities

In our previous article we mentioned the imminent Obama fundraiser at the New York home of actress Sarah Jessica Parker, where the admission price was to be a stunning $40,000 per person. Parker, who misleadingly casts herself as the child of poor parents, was joined as hostess by the British-born, snobby Fashion- Queen Anna Wintour of Vogue Magazine. An on-line lottery was held to find two lucky ‘ordinary’ Democrats whose presence would assist the gathering by them verbally contributing their reasons for supporting Obama. Clearly Parker and Wintour value the little people of America and their views and no doubt Obama himself was inspired by the presence of two proletarian supporters.

It seems that the event was a sell-out amongst New York’s Glitterati and many millions of dollars were contributed to this worthy cause. Parker and Wintour must have felt that in their own small way they were helping the working people of America, indeed helping the poor of the World. It is reported that Parker cut the bread and slapped on the margarine whilst Wintour sliced the cheese and cut the sandwiches into squares. I have not yet learned who did the washing-up after the event but I have this picture in my mind of Obama himself, sleeves rolled up and hands in the sink, chatting with the two lucky lottery-winners as they all mucked in.

Parker and Wintour are big on homosexual ‘rights’, and the fund-raiser was largely inspired by Obama’s recent evolution on same-sex marriage. I have read that the lucky lottery winners were Robin Hunt and his mother, from Baltimore. Hunt is reported to be a hospital employee and I thought at first that he must be a hospital cleaner or porter, perhaps with a widowed mother. I forgot that ‘Robin’ is now a favorite name of lesbians, for it is suitably gender-neutral.

Whether Ms. Hunt is normal or lesbian has not been revealed and her racial identity-so important to Leftists- has also not been revealed but she is said to be a Hospital Administrator. Perhaps a website visitor will be able to email us and cast more light on Ms. Hunt, who may have been privileged enough on this one evening to have rubbed shoulders with Anna Wintour of Vogue. Ms. Wintour’s shoulders rarely rub those of anyone other than the select few of the Media Class and its Man in the White House. Presumably, Ms. Hunt and her mother realize that once departed from the party, they must never again cast their eyes upon Ms. Wintour.

Many on the Right will be puzzled that Obama’s visit to the Parker mansion should receive so much Media publicity for it does not fit well with his pitch to the poor and unemployed of the USA in this election year. A $40,000 per head fund-raiser with the glitterati of New York and Hollywood surely seems both obscene and hypocritical when so many are unemployed and getting food stamps and when he is constantly resorting to Class warfare rhetoric whilst on the stump. Even his dimmest proletarian supporters must feel uncomfortable if and when they learn of his social network.

As always, because on this Website we have the only correct analyses of the current revolutionary situation gripping the USA, we can explain why Obama so publicly and flagrantly gets his checks from these people. Indeed, after his free $40,000 meal at the Parker mansion he moved to another well-publicized party in New York where the entrance fee (burgers included?) was a mere $10,000. Some may ask why his election team doesn’t keep these visits out of the news so that he can better maintain his claim to be of and for the poor and under-privileged. The answer is as follows.

Obama is the political representative of the now-ruling Media Class of America. Hollywood’s richest and most influential members of the Media Class plucked Obama from relative obscurity, funded him, choreographed his election campaign, discarded and out-manoeuvred the Clintons, controlled (through its MSM arm) almost all the political reporting of the election campaign (along the way suppressing news of Obama’s many speech gaffes), obliterated his radical history and record of his meager achievements and ridiculed his Republican opponents.

The financial core of his support continues to be in Hollywood and San Francisco where the Movie makers and rich perverts collectively write the biggest checks. That is why he is constantly flying to the West Coast. Back on the North East Coast he fund-raises with those who are inextricably linked to the Movie, Advertizing and Fashion industries both financially and morally. There are of course many other wealthy financial people and heiresses around the USA who give to his cause, some to protect their businesses from Government persecution and others because they approve of his support for the homosexual and anti-Christian agenda. However, it is the Movie industry sponsors who are most motivated and in a tight-knit community. The hugely rich Media Class people he met at the Parker Mansion included Movie Stars like Meryl Streep and Fashion designers like Michael Kors. These are his key sponsors and it is their moral agenda he has to advance above all else. They expect him to remake America in their moral image and to once and for all remove the stifling and repressive Judeo/Christian underpinning of the old (and successful) America. Their current target is the imposition of same-sex marriage, not because they care a fig about marriage, but because its achievement will empower the State to drive the Christian Churches into exile, open the door to the indoctrination of the Nation’s children with homosexuality and promiscuity and enable free speech on moral and social issues to be wholly suppressed with the full force of the law.

Anyone who scoffs at our accusation regarding free speech should learn more about the ever-increasing State suppression of free speech in Europe. They should pay particular attention to Cameron’s UK where a catch-all charge of ‘anti-social behavior’ enables the Hampshire County police to break down the door of an ageing widow and drag her to a police station for the offence of writing to a local Government Department regarding the Muslim grooming of British children.(see BNP website). The charge of ‘anti-social’ behavior has been devised primarily to silence those who might oppose mass immigration, multi-culturalism or the homosexual agenda.

So Obama runs repeatedly to the Media Class celebrities for his campaign checks and to re-assure them that he has their homosexual and anti-Christian agenda as his priority. This they keep needing to hear for they are pathologically impatient-as we have explained in many previous articles. Just as important however, is that these are amongst the most neurotic people in the USA, addicted to fame, publicity, the constant re-assurance of their own importance, glittering social occasions that must be captured on TV and reported in Glamour Magazines, reasons to dress up in the latest and most outrageous fashions and-well you can all add to this list, I am sure. Do you really think that these people are prepared to meet and donate to Obama in secret? It is unlikely that they are worldly enough to perceive a need to keep their Obama support hidden from the masses but if they could, they would not, for they are hugely arrogant as befits a wealthy Ruling Class.

And so, Obama, who is also hugely arrogant, vain, an actor who reads his lines, an arriviste who is drunk with the power of his office, a man who despises the ordinary working people he must occasionally publicly identify with, has no problem with the publicity of his endless rounds of celebrity fund-raising. Come the election, the MSM will successfully portray him as the ‘Man of the Little People’ and Romney as the tool of the rich and powerful.

Two more very significant events occurred this past week. The CEO of General Mills, a big Minnesota employer, announced that his company will financially contribute to homosexual advancement. No doubt this will include sponsoring the grotesque and disgusting ‘Gay Pride’ events that are now a daily feature of American life. This CEO joins the many who are willing to offend a large part of the population in order to please a small minority of perverts. Paul Singer, a hugely wealthy New York ‘Republican’ has announced that he is setting up a fund to support Republican legislators who are willing to give active support to the homosexual agenda. He aims to make the Republican Party as homo-friendly as the Democrat Party. Initially he is hoping to encourage Republican legislators all across the USA to abandon their constituents’ interests and support Democrat Party laws imposing same-sex marriage. Singer will then finance their re-election campaigns when organizations like the NOM remind voters of their treachery.

General Mills is now another company whose products I will try to avoid, along with Home Depot, Starbucks and Target. The list gets longer and longer and we might wonder why these CEO’s consider the Homo agenda a priority. In some cases we can speculate that personal sexual appetites and/or blackmail are at work and in others perhaps a close family member is practicing same-sex anal intercourse. Still others are very hostile to Christianity and in Singer’s case, perhaps to Orthodox Judaism. The biggest factor, given that few people are homosexual/bi-sexual or transgender, is the desire of companies and important individuals to be accepted by the new Ruling Class, avoid Democrat Government reprisals and perhaps to be added to the Parker/Wintour social network.

The MSM is continually reporting that gas prices in the USA are rapidly falling. Yesterday I paid $4.35 per gallon, pretty much the same as 6 months ago and a small fortune compared to the Bush era. The MSM is, of course, doing all it can to massage the economic news for the sake of Obama’s re-election. The other factor at play is inflation, for the Obama regime is buying time by issuing ever more money that is not anchored to the actual American economy. The oil-producing countries are well aware that the US dollar is being constantly devaluated by the Obama regime. In the UK, the Cameron regime, now as dependent on the British Media Class as Obama is on ours, intends to inject 140 billion pounds into the banks in order to boost company and individual spending. The claim is that this will protect the UK from Euro fall-out! What Government-inspired inflation does is deprive savers of their savings, especially the prudent elderly. The rich and powerful do not suffer from inflation for they can move money around, across national boundaries and quickly buy inflation-proof items. The covert robbing of the prudent ordinary people has a moral aspect and a political pay-off. In the UK, Cameron’s inflation will take money from the savers and pass it to the feckless, just as Obama’s inflation is doing the same in the USA. This is immoral as far as conservatives are concerned, though Leftists will consider it to be justified redistribution and the ends justifying the sly means. The long term result of inflation (which is even more pleasing to those who lust for big, powerful Government) is that a population without savings for the inevitable rainy day will be rendered totally dependent on Government.

Here in Obama’s USA, the frightening State persecution of George Zimmerman continues. He now sits in jail for a concocted bail offence when there is not a scrap of evidence that his freedom pending trial had any element of risk to anyone. He is, at this time, an innocent man and much of the evidence that will be pertinent in his trial and which has already emerged, suggests that he really is innocent. Now his wife is being charged with a spurious bail offence and it is clear that the Special Prosecutor, Ms Corey, is out to ‘get’ the family by hook or by crook. Alan Dershovitz where are you? We can only speculate on her un-professional motives, but the Zimmerman persecution cannot be detached from the re-election of Obama and powerful forces are at work behind the scenes. In the meantime every MSM report continues to present the dead Trayvon Martin as an innocent child who was shot whilst walking home with candy. The MSM knows this to be almost certainly false, but as the instigator of the whole affair it cannot afford the truth to emerge until after November.

The British philosopher Roger Scruton has just published a book making a case for a conservatism that seeks to separate from the free market model that views economic activity and perpetual growth as the over-riding basis of conservatism. I have followed Scruton’s journalistic contributions over the years and been a little put off by his country gentleman background that reeks of the old class snobbery of pre-1945 England. Nevertheless, on this website, we share his dislike of the lust for constant growth espoused by many right wingers that unhinges conservatism from the past. We see unlimited population growth (open borders) and urbanization as a disaster, not because the free market cannot feed and clothe unlimited numbers (maybe it can) but because dense urbanized populations produce people whose lives are totally artificial and ant-like and who require ever-increasing Government control to reduce anti-social behavior. In a rural setting, one person’s noisy, smelly dogs do not much impinge on neighbors. Nor does his nightly barbeque and loud rock music or log fire. In a dense urban setting, his uncontrolled (by Government) life-style may drive a neighbor to murder or suicide. Dense urban areas breed crime, fecklessness, vice and anonymity.

True conservatives will also value preservation of the countryside, of wild lands, of small pastoral communities and the traditional values that are based on centuries of human experience and, yes, the Christian Bible. We do not agree with those on the Right who believe it is the right of anyone to do what they like and build what they like on their own land. Such freedom is fine in a sparsely populated country but impossible in an overcrowded one. Endless population growth and a dependency on it for economic well-being will inevitably lead to totalitarianism and the rapid evolution of a human race unrecognizable to us. American conservatives would do well to read Scruton’s book and plant cultural conservatism and conservation back at the heart of the conservative movement.

The demon of cancer seems to be marching ever more menacingly in our society. Is it my imagination or is cancer now affecting every family, including those who have never smoked? Is cancer our Black Death? Maybe, but even if so, the MSM and the Media Class throughout the world will insist that AIDS is the scourge we must spend to defeat. Regular visitors to this website will know why. In the UK, our informant tells us that wet cold weather continues to wash out sports events and outdoor life. ‘Flaming’ June was always like this before Man- made Global Warming transformed the British landscape and threatened to bring the Sahara to Manchester.

Music Choice – My son recently brought home from the local library a DVD of the 1950’s film “Jazz on a Summer’s Day”. I saw this film in an English cinema in the late 1950’s when scenes from Newport, RI seemed like another world for us in post-war Britain. The film has its moments, though for those eager to see jazz greats in action, there are too many shots of yachts and the more extrovert audience members. Nevertheless, the DVD is worth seeing for brief glimpses of a young Gerry Mulligan, George Shearing, Art Farmer, Jim Hall, Jimmy Guiffre, Bob Brookmeyer, Monk and Sonny Stitt. The magnificent Stitt is accompanied by guitarist Sal Salvador and fortunately the camera and mike capture his whole solo. Salvador, although never mentioned amongst the great jazz guitarists, was good enough to play with Stan Kenton and Gerry Mulligan. On this DVD he effortlessly executes a superb solo. Can any Rock strummer of today produce playing of this quality?

Also on the DVD is Anita O’Day on-stage singing “Tea for Two”. O’Day’s personal life was one long catastrophe but on this day, O’Day was on the ball and on fire. Get the DVD and listen to a real singer and a great performer. Madonna is not fit to hold Anita’s hat!

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