Obama and Extremism

The Mainstream Media is at it again-working to manufacture popular outrage over something that most people consider reasonable. This time the Media Class is targeting Newt Gingrich, because he had the temerity to call the Media’s own man in the White House “an extremist”. Gingrich, in a recent Presidential debate, pointed out that Obama had – and not so long ago – sponsored a Bill in the Illinois Senate that permitted doctors to kill babies born alive as the result of botched abortions.

As regular visitors to this website will know, this is not a Christian website. We maintain that the USA (and many other Western Nations) is experiencing a revolution, caused by the emergence and then accession to political power of a new Ruling Class- the Media Class. This new revolutionary Ruling Class is busy imposing an unpopular moral and social revolution on the American people in order to create a society reflecting the morals and social habits of its own constituent parts. In order to succeed, the Media Class must destroy or radically transform the Christian Churches, replace our society’s Judeo/Christian base, discard the US Constitution, and defeat and outlaw Conservatism and Nationalism, for all are counter-revolutionary forces. On this website, Radical and Right, as counter-revolutionaries, defend Christianity, Conservatism and Nationalism from the new Rulers.

Abortion, all the time made easier by improved medical techniques is, like ‘mercy killing’ of the terminally sick, a complicated and divisive issue with some compelling arguments on both sides. Many people are likely to choose sides as the result of their own experiences and self-interest. Christianity and some other great Religions, which embody the wisdom of the ages, attempt to lay down guide-lines that are above individual circumstances. Christianity, in particular, has trail-blazed for 2,000 years the idea that the individual life is sacred and it has been in the forefront of civilized advancement as a consequence. Materialist philosophies-Marxist/Communism, Socialism, National Socialism, Humanism and even Fascism, which elevate the needs of the ‘masses’ and the forces of History above those of the individual, and assert that there is no greater power than Man, are in direct conflict with Christianity. As we pointed out in our previous article, the US Constitution is a document that is Christian based and exists to defend the rights of the individual.

The traditional Bible-based Christian Churches are opposed without reservation to abortion, claiming that the child in the womb is an innocent human being and that to end its life by medical intervention is ‘murder’. If the mother’s life will be at great risk when giving birth, Christians, having to weigh one innocent life against another, are willing to sanction saving the mother if she so wishes. Such moral and practical dilemmas are increasingly rare, thanks to the medical advances already mentioned. Abortion advocates, since they mostly spring from the materialist organizations listed earlier, like to represent the ‘mother’s life versus the child’s’ as the norm in abortion situations, but being Leftists they are happy to misrepresent the arguments on the basis that ‘the ends justify the means’.

Radical and Right hold the view that life begins at conception. It would be both comfortable and convenient if it were otherwise but facts are facts and anyone who has been present at the birth of a baby knows deep in his heart that this is true. Despite this, it is possible to sympathize with the woman (parents) who, knowing her baby is severely handicapped, seeks an early abortion. It is also possible to sympathize with the woman who has unintentionally got herself pregnant and does not wish to experience 9 months of pregnancy – especially when medical advances have made abortion so easy. The Christian Church is unwilling to countenance abortion whether or not the child is handicapped or simply unwanted, because the life is sacred and innocent. It also recognizes that abortion, in almost any circumstances, is a slippery slope.

The Christian Churches actually have facts and logic on their side and it is surely beyond argument that abortion is the taking of an innocent life – period. Having recognized that life begins at conception, Christianized Societies have long insisted that abortion is a criminal offence as well as a moral one. The acceptance of abortion by the US State is a recent development and a contentious one and a victory for secular forces. It owes much to the emergence of the Media Class as a dominant force in communication and politics and its coalition with Leftist blocs. Morally stranded between the Christian Church activists and the new secular Coalition’s activists are many people who are comfortable with the moral middle ground. That ‘middle ground’ is abortion at an early stage of the pregnancy, when the little human being is barely recognizable as a human being and can be de-humanized by using the term ‘foetus’.

As always with Leftist forces, middle ground, compromises and reasonableness are only temporary hold-ups on the road to absolutism. Homosexual activists and their Leftist allies have made it clear to the observant and those with even short memories that tolerance of private sodomy and its de-criminalization is far short from their impatient goal. Instead it is now publicly-celebrated marriage at all costs (even though marriage is Christian-rooted and actually losing general popularity) and the positive teaching of homosexuality throughout society, including schools, colleges and workplaces. Who could honestly dispute that the proponents of homosexual marriage intend to make criticism of it, on any grounds, a ruinous criminal offence? Similarly with abortion activists, the legalization of early term abortion has not been sufficient to appease their appetites and the US has swiftly and undemocratically moved on to the ‘legalization’ of late-term abortion, partial birth abortion and almost finally, the killing of babies who survive the abortion procedure and emerge, alive, into the world. We write ‘almost finally’ for surely their inevitable last demand will be that a woman should be able to have a living child put to death if it pleases her or the State? If anyone should feel that this is far-fetched (extreme) perhaps he should reflect on the civil rights/homosexual groups now demanding a right to ‘man/boy’ love.

Before we wholly enter the nightmare world that George Orwell envisioned in his novel ‘1984’, where words can and are used to mean whatever the new Rulers require, let us ponder that ‘foetus’ has been substituted for ‘baby/human being’; ‘gay’ for ‘homosexual’ and ‘inclusive’ for ‘intolerant’. It is our contention on this website that ‘extremist’ is the appropriate word for those who advocate the killing of a baby who survives the abortion process. For those who have read this far, Obama must be considered an ‘extremist’ just as Newt Gingrich asserted. It seems that Obama, when he was a Senator in Illinois not just supported this idea, but sponsored it in the Senate. He is, of course, the representative in the White House of the new Revolutionary Class and as such is a revolutionary leader. We should not be surprised that he is busy pursuing extremist policies at all times-financial, social, economic and legal, and Gingrich accurately nailed him on the abortion issue.

On the Rush Limbaugh Show this morning, Limbaugh claimed that most reporters in the MSM were not aware that Obama, as an Illinois Senator, had sponsored such a piece of legislation. He then protested that now they were focusing attention, not on the legislation itself and Obama’s role, but searching to find if he had ever been questioned about it by the MSM. Sadly, Limbaugh, a maverick who is nevertheless too immersed in the Media Class to see clearly, seems unaware that the Medias Class, of which he is a part, is determined at all costs not to enlighten voters about Obama’s brutal abortion-policy history.

Firstly, the Media Class put Obama into the White House and is working flat out to keep him there. Secondly, it put him there so that he could implement the Media Class’ agenda. He is enthusiastically doing so for he is a Leftist revolutionary and we have to assume that he genuinely thinks that babies who survive abortion may be killed for convenience. Thirdly, abortion has always been a Leftist shibboleth and its legalization was one of the first acts of the Communist Government of Russia. Abortion is a litmus test issue for all Feminazis and Obama is fully aware that they are a key constituency of the Media Class and of his ground troops. He is seeking re-election and needs to mobilize his voting base. Fourthly, he can be confident that his extremist background and his current extremist policies will be hidden from voters or re-packaged by the MSM until after November, and that it is his opponents who will be labeled ‘extremist’.

Recently, Mark Levin, perhaps the most effective of the counter-revolutionary Talk Radio hosts, announced that he was changing his position on the Media. It was no longer enough, he said, for Conservative Republican candidates to attempt to talk to the people over the MSM, it was now imperative for them to attack the MSM as an enemy force and an appendage of the Democrat Party. He is partially correct, though he would get it wholly correct if he read this website. The truth is that he has it the wrong way around. The Democrat Party is an appendage of the Media Class.

This week, at a local Supermarket Chain, Tide washing powder was selling at $23.99 per box. It was only 2 years ago that it was about $11.00 per box. This is major inflation and it is increasing day by day. Inflation is the true explanation for the big rise in gasoline prices at the pump and for the rise in the stock market. This inflation is the direct result of Obama’s extremist financial and economic policies and he is well aware of the revolutionary consequences of rampant inflation. He is aware that the billionaires who fund him will be protected from its consequences and that it will destroy the economic independence of the prudent citizens who are mostly socially conservative. He is also aware that the MSM will hide both the inflation news from its columns and point fingers in wrong directions.

The Republican candidates continue to destroy each other by debating on the enemy’s turf and predictably Obama’s chances of re-election continue to rise. Here is an observation that may interest parents of young children. I have been bringing my young son up to not judge others by the color of their skin but by their behavior and character. I have always assumed that this would stand him in good stead as an adult. Now I am realizing that it might lead to him being unemployed. The new standard is that people should not be judged by their behavior but by their minority status and that it is wrong to judge people from certain minorities by the same behavioral standards that you would judge those from the majority, for this is concealed racism.

Music Choice – Margaret Whiting was never well-known in the UK. When I was young, Doris Day, Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Dinah Washington and many more American female vocalists were popular, but I cannot recall Margaret Whiting. This is a pity, for she was an excellent singer and very popular in the US. Born in Detroit, her family moved to LA when she was 5 years old. Her father was a successful composer of quality popular songs. I discovered today that she passed away on January 10th of this year. Recently, my youngest son unearthed a CD from my collection and began playing it. “Jazz for Dinner”, an album chock-full of good singers and songs and including the genius Charlie Parker, has one track of Whiting. Although I would not class her as a jazz singer, her “Moonlight in Vermont” is as good as anything else on this excellent album, bar Parker. She sounds remarkably like the young Ella Fitzgerald – a compliment indeed! Incidentally, this tune is one of the all-time great ballads and better than Leftist Vermont deserves, but I must remember that music, like all art forms, should not be judged by politics. Get this album and enjoy a happy 70 minutes listening!

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