Obama! All Smoke And Mirrors!

On this website we were never remotely impressed by Barack Obama. Not only was his resume wafer thin prior to the Presidential primaries but his speeches have always betrayed his superficiality and his opportunism. Slick talk would never have been enough to get him far and slick talk combined with a dark skin would not have been enough even in today’s guilt-ridden political climate. It took the whole concentrated power and wealth of the new ruling Media Class to get him to the White House. Having got him there it is taking the combined power of the Media Class and the whole force of government to protect him from being discovered for the shallow and ignorant fraud that he is. His immediate predecessors both Clinton and Bush were not intellectual whizz-kids but they were men of substance compared to the current President. It is a tribute to the Media Class and its overwhelming power that it was able to choose and elect such a man and then to shield him from discovery. This is not to say that Obama is harmless for he has acquired a revolutionary education of sorts from his early mentors and his ignorance, vanity and unfounded confidence are enabling him to recklessly pursue a goal of destroying American values and American prosperity.

When Obama first took on the Clintons in the Democrat primaries I don’t think anyone in his Party did much looking into his background and once his race advantage was touted and brandished it was difficult for anyone to delve deeper. By the time it became clear that his history was very unclear it was too late for opponents and skeptics to risk Media ire by demanding basic background information about him. Of course if the Media had wanted to shine a light into his past it could have done so, for that is what it does best, but only to Class enemies. I doubt the Media Class moguls who plucked Obama from obscurity knew much about his early history. We have never subscribed to a view of the Media Class as a tight conspiracy, simply a loose group of interwoven constituencies with a common agenda. Of course there are inner cabals who are sometimes in conflict and it was a Hollywood cabal of very rich people who set out to replace the Clintons, probably for personal rather than ideological reasons. They chose Obama and the rest is history both for the Clintons and the American people. If we were to stray into conspiracy theories, we might wonder if some inner cabal did know that Obama was concealing something unpleasant, or worse was actually ineligible to be President. For then that group would have a complete control over him in the White House. Still, let us assume that little checking was done in the haste to head off the Clinton express and now the Media Class has to protect its investment and put his background beyond examination.

Readers of this website will know that we are wary of conspiracy theories for we believe that Political and Culture Wars are ignited by the coming together of large and impersonal forces of technology, science, economics and chance. Only after a new ruling Class has assumed power can personalities within that Class play a pivotal role. Even then such personalities do not have magical power and such powers as they have are limited. Having said all this it is hard not to be astonished by what appears to be a wide-spread conspiracy to conceal Obama’s past. This man has refused to reveal his academic records, his early international geographical movements, his medical history and anything else that would open a crack into his past. Instead he has given us an autobiography that depends entirely on his say-so. It is beginning to look as though his autobiographical efforts were put out as a smoke screen to pre-empt any objective investigations. This is commonly called ‘Get your own story in first!’ What he has written is both self-serving and vague at every point where specifics are required.

When allegations about his Presidential eligibility by birth began to circulate on the Internet, I assumed that these were the work of cranks until I heard the Talk-show host Brian Sussman go through the facts systematically. Since then I have heard and read much more that overwhelms my first reaction of “No man would dare to conceal such a thing and hope to get away with it!” It seems almost unbelievable that a man with his strange and itinerant history could get to the White House without going out of his way to allay all suspicions. Yet Obama has done just that. He has only been able to do so because of the full protection of the Mainstream Media (MSM) and Government officials. For those who have depended on the MSM for information I strongly recommend a visit to the website Free Republic for July 28th 2009. In an article headed “Clearing the Smoke on Obama’s Eligibility: An Intelligence Investigators June 10th Report” and taken from ‘Western Journalism.com’ there is a compelling analyses of why no-one should accept Obama’s right to be in the White House without a lot more detail about his birth. It is beginning to look as though all of the cover-up of his other records is rooted in this initial issue.

What is as alarming as this President’s secrecy is the growing hysterical condemnation of skeptics. Lou Dobbs, the respected radio host has dared to ask for details of specifically where and when in Hawaii Obama was born and for this he is being crucified from all quarters. He may well lose his career unless he stops. Joseph Farah of World Net Daily is another being hysterically attacked and his attempts to erect national public adverts have been blocked at every turn. Endless MSM articles plow the same dishonest furrows which are that Obama has already posted his birth certificate and that his details have been verified by Hawaiian officials. Neither is true and none of these writers have told us which hospital Obama was born in, what time and the name of the doctor. Nor has anyone yet produced a witness! Is it possible that a hugely publicized President would not be claimed by many past hospital acquaintances and in such a small place as Hawaii? Obama is the first President in history to refuse to reveal early personal documentation yet he has the most reason to do so.

One would have expected the above concerns to have aroused conservative intellectuals and broadcasters and so they have, but not in the way anyone would have predicted. Rush Limbaugh, usually the first to sieze on an opponents weakness, has avoided the subject day after day. Ann Coulter, Debra Saunders and many other columnists have recently joined in the condemnation of ‘birthers’ (clearly intended as a derogatory term) with remarkable venom and without addressing the facts at all. Some have claimed that questioning Obama’s eligibility is rank racism, a sure sign that rational argument is unavailable. A pack of so-called conservative journalists are rallying not on facts but by claiming that skepticism about Obama’s legitimacy (as expressed by the ‘birthers) is damaging the credibility of conservatism.

There are a number of explanations for these hysterical attacks from both Right and Left. One is that pressure is being put on Media livelihoods. Another is that there is a view that to disbar a White House occupant, especially a Black one, at this stage would cause massive civil unrest and race riots. This is probably true and might appeal to some conservatives. The third probably held by many Leftists is that Obama is not eligible but so what? Why should he have been disbarred by a silly old rule that is both unfair and outdated. Leftists have never respected the Constitution after all!

As I wrote at the beginning of this article, no-one and no group in the Media Class has magical power, and so far, this issue, despite massive Ruling Class efforts to snuff it, has grown. Perhaps it will not go away thanks to the Internet and some brave souls like Joseph Farrah, Lou Dobbs and Brian Sussman. Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham and the others have lost much credibility.

Obama’s dependence on the Media’s smoke and mirrors was revealed yet again this week. His invitation to his Harvard buddy the racist elitist ‘Skip’ Gates, and Police Sgt James Crowley, to come to the White House for a beer and chat, was surely only a means to enable the MSM to arrange a photo-op that would bury Obama’s embarrassment and maybe even salvage a little favorable publicity. Obama has shown great arrogance in refusing to apologize to Crowley and his colleagues even though the facts (which he casually admitted never knowing) have shown that it was Gates who behaved as a racist. You can be certain that Crowley had no alternative but to accept Obama’s summons, for his superiors would not have countenanced snubbing the President and who can blame them. Job security and pensions count for a lot in such circumstances. Maybe for Crowley this will be a good career move if he co-operates. For Gates it is a life jacket. For Obama it is an opportunity for the fawning Media to repaint him as a healer of racial divisions and a man of the people. Whether the MSM will succeed is another matter for the old saying about fooling some of the people some of the time etc has some truth. Most non-Leftists will surely conclude that Obama is not a big enough man to apologize, always takes the side of a ‘brother’, is ever ready to attack the upholders of law and order and shoots off from the mouth. Some might also see serving beers to two provincial citizens as reminiscent of Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

Here in central California July has been a relatively cool month. We experienced a few hot days but overall temperatures have been pleasant and almost always well below official forecasts. In the UK, after a warm and sunny (if late) spring, the promised ‘barbecue’ summer has turned out to be cool, wet and windy. The latest forcasts have been downgraded to reflect the reality, but everyone is asking, “How could they have got it so wrong?” Was this mere chance or were the authorities falsely forecasting heat waves in the hope that our collective memories’ would be open to another season of global warming propaganda? Given the cover-up of Obama’s history nothing will surprise me now. Fortunately, the climate is a script too far for Hollywood.

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