Obama Acts on Media Agenda

Despite a catastrophic economic situation developing for the US and the industrial world, and despite a huge fall in US stocks on the day of his inauguration, Obama’s first political actions addressed the closing of Guantanamo (to please his Leftist activist base and George Soros), ‘Gays in the military’ and the ‘defense of marriage’ obstacle to same-sex marriage. It is clear that Obama intends to quickly introduce legislation that will ensure that same-sex marriage is legalized in every State and will allow homosexuals to act out their homosexual lifestyles in the military. These were issues he carefully avoided during his election campaign but we can expect that they will now get priority. In recent articles on this website we wrote that Obama was selected and elected by the Media Class, that he had absolutely no qualifications to deal with the Nation’s foreign and economic affairs, and that he would only act quickly and effectively on certain social (moral) issues. We have always maintained that the Media Class chose Obama, despite his lack of any substance to be an effective President in the National interest, because he was the right material for a Hollywood/Advertising role in an election and because he would loyally implement the Media Class agenda. That agenda, reflecting the compulsive (and repulsive!) pre-occupations of a powerful core group within the Media Class, is totally social and very revolutionary. It is about reconstructing US society (by new laws, control over education of the young, and by constant propaganda) so that the dysfunctional and perverted amoral new ruling Class activists will feel comfortable with themselves and be able to pursue with ever greater energy their appetites.

We do not believe that Obama has a clue as to how to deal with the Nation’s economic crisis. His confidence, a trait that so many find re-assuring, is based on ignorance and self-pre-occupation, but like all shallow opportunists who ride their luck whilst thinking that they are superhuman, Obama knows that he depends for survival on a supportive Media. He will get it as long as he continues to promote an amoral, anti-Christian agenda, for little else matters to those rich celebrities of Hollywood and elsewhere, who control our TV screens, our newspapers and magazines, our airwaves and our entertainment. As we frequently write on this website, our new ruling Class is immersed in fantasy and pre-occupied only with the next orgasm.

I am looking forward to meeting with my ex-Republican friend who voted for Obama because, as he told me,”You wait until the 20th! The stock market will bounce right back once Obama is in because people will feel confident again. He has experts working for him and once confidence returns our properties will get their value back.” So far I see no evidence of either investor confidence in Obama or any evidence that Obama has a strategy for the economy. No matter how much I try to take an objective view of Obama and to erase any subjective racial prejudice from my thinking, I cannot help concluding that he is an empty opportunist. His every pronouncement impresses me only as that of a shallow, glib and foolishly vain man. I can think of Black men, like Professor Walter Williams, who I would gladly vote for as President, so I do not think I am judging him badly out of racial prejudice. I am beginning to feel like the boy who said the emperor had no clothes.

The newspapers are predictably stuffed with promotional items about him and his wife and I am reminded of Fanzines. Pictures of him at ‘his’ empty desk, in shirt sleeves as though signing an important paper, and side profiles where he is looking upwards and ahead are complemented with pictures and articles about his wife’s dresses and wonderful style. Some of the Media coverage is almost Stalinist and I think we might be entering a period when artists will vie to imitate the propaganda art of the Soviet Union during the 1930’s. Amongst the elite there is an excitement at Obama’s occupancy of the White House that is reminiscent of the excitement that England’s elite felt about Benjamin Disraeli in the first half of the 19th century. Disraeli was a Jew who became first an MP in Parliament and then Prime Minister and close friend of the Queen. Although a baptized Christian and entirely ignorant of the Jewish religion and of the Jews of his time, Disraeli, driven by ambition was able to use his Jewish birth as an asset. English high society was fascinated by what they believed was his oriental mystery and he played this to the hilt in order to claim his place in their social world. I recommend readers to read Hannah Arendt’s “The Origins of Totalitarianism” and especially her piece on Disraeli (which begins on page 68 and is headlined “The Potent Wizard”).

This excerpt surely has parallels with today with only the difference that Obama is Black: “He cared for admission to high and highest society more passionately and shamelessly than any other Jewish intellectual did; but he was the only one of them who discovered the secret of how to preserve luck, that natural miracle of pariahdom, and who knew from the beginning that one should never bow down in order to move up from high to higher … He played the game of politics like an actor in a theatrical performance, except that he played his part so well that he was convinced by his own make-belief. His life and his career read like a fairytale, in which he appeared as a prince.”

We will be lucky if Obama turns out to be half as good for this Nation as Disraeli was for England. Disraeli carried no Leftist baggage and was not the creature of an all-powerful but dysfunctional Ruling Class. Nor was the England he served as Prime Minister in the same dire straits as today’s US.

I wrote previously about the recent convictions in the UK of three Black men for the gang rape and torture of a 16 year-old girl. My point was that the police commented on the lack of help from the local community in investigating this cruel crime. I assume that the ‘community’ in question was Black though the BBC reports are, as always, amazingly coy about essential facts when race is involved. I suppose that the poor victim was Black too, though if not it would explain even more about BBC coyness. More facts are now emerging about the crime. The girl had a mental age of 8. She suffered over 50% burns to her body from the acid the gang doused her in after raping her and was in a coma for a time. There were ten in the gang but only four were prosecuted because of a lack of evidence. One of the four was killed in a street brawl whilst on bail. 50 years ago in ‘hideously White’ England, this crime and its ramifications would have been unthinkable. If it had occurred, the ten would have all been in custody and facing an imminent death by hanging.

In the same week in Devon, Amos Moonbeng, a 35 year-old illegal immigrant from South Africa was convicted of raping a White girl. It was reported at his trial that he preyed on White girls though the rape was not a hate crime. Both Moonbeng and the two girls he attacked were from the once-sleepy town of Cullompton. Moonbeng has only just come to trial because although arrested quickly at the time of the rape, he fled whilst on bail, cut off his dreadlocks and hid out in Edinburgh, Scotland. Now I know that even sleepy small towns like Cullompton have their share of foolish and feckless young people and the two girls in this case willingly accompanied the dreadlocked Moonbeng from Cullompton to nearby Exeter to find a nightclub. One of the girls, not the one that was raped, had been kissing the dreadlocked Moonbeng earlier and perhaps he felt that this was the night he was going to strike lucky, only to be denied at the last minute. White men as well as Black men are capable of rape in such circumstances though it is hard not to conclude that there is daily evidence that multi-racial, multi-cultural Britain is becoming a cesspit for people of all races.

In both of the cases I have covered here there is another lesson not related to race, and that is bail. The University-based legal/crime experts who have had their way with penal policy for the last 30 years have created a paradise for offenders and it seems that even the most serious charges and chances of flight do not provide justification for remand to custody. Frankly, the UK’s legal system is now a joke and this is what happens when Leftist academics and Leftist politicians gain ascendancy along with a Leftist Media Class.

Friday’s Wall Street Journal (Jan 23) is to be congratulated for its critical editorial on the decision in Holland to prosecute the Dutch MP Geert Wilders. Wilders is a member of the Freedom Party of Holland. This Nationalist Party is the only Dutch Party that is resisting the colonization of the country by Islamic Imperialists and Wilders has been comparing the Koran to Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Many might feel that such a comparison has some merit and the Dutch Prosecution Service certainly did for it decided not to prosecute Wilders. Now a Dutch Court, at the behest of Muslims, has decided that Wilders will be put on trial for making anti-Islamic statements. The Court said, “In a Democratic system hate speech is considered so serious that it is in the general interest to draw a clear line.” I am reminded of the claims of homosexual activists in California and Leftists on many US campuses who say, “We must not tolerate the intolerant.” Wilders has carefully avoided inciting violence though he himself, like several Dutch citizens who have criticized Islam, has to have 24 hour protection for fear of assassination. Definitions of ‘Hate Speech’, the ‘public interest’ and the ‘intolerable’ are all in the keeping of Leftists and are used to silence free speech and political opposition. In case US readers feel that this is still a European problem, just remember that the all-powerful Democrat Party Leftists are now about to end free speech in the US with their ‘Fairness Doctrine’. It is not enough that the current domination of the Media Class has enabled the Left to win everything in the last election. The last redoubts of free speech (Talk Radio, Fox and the Internet) must be closed down for alternative views on global warming, homosexuality, immigration, multi-culturalism, abortion and morality are ‘intolerable’ and not in the ‘public interest’.

Lastly, I must recommend an article on the BNP website – “Blame the Straw Man”. It is by Joe Priestly who has been missing from BNP columns for many months. Indeed I had concluded that he had either been expelled or defected from the Party. Priestly, like John Bean, is a superior BNP writer and I hope he will now be back in regular action. His piece is a wonderful demolition job of an article in the Sunday Times. Hazel Blears, the Labour Government’s Secretary of State for Communities (a job title that George Orwell could have included in his prophetic novel, 1984) gave an interview to the Sunday Times in which she expressed worry that the British economy’s problems may exacerbate race relations. Priestly’s article of 21st January is a ‘must’ read 1.

The BNP is rapidly becoming the official opposition party in the UK. In local elections across the Nation the BNP is THE challenger of the incumbent party, whether Labour or Conservative and in most cases the LibDems are relegated to also-rans. The latest proof of the BNP’s growing appeal is the January 22nd election in the East Wickham ward of Bexley, London. In this previously rock-solid Conservative ward, the Tory candidate squeaked home by 8 votes after 2 recounts. Despite not having fought the ward before, the BNP polled 790 votes (26.5%) to the Tory’s 798, Labour’s 700 and the LibDem’s 564. The BNP’s vote is even more impressive when taking into account that a Nationalist splinter group, the English Democrats, polled 128. Without their intervention the BNP would surely have enjoyed an easy victory.

The Bexley result comes hard on the heels of a BNP win at their first attempt in the Boston (Lincs) Fenside Ward (42.9%), and single-digit defeats in Cumbria, Kells and Sandwich (40.1%), Leicester Ibstock and Heather (30.9%) and Shildon (Sunnydale) where the Party lost by just 2 votes.

The Mainstream Print Media and BBC editorial room propagandists will be having sleepless nights and wondering what more they have to do to stop the BNP’s message from reaching the British people. In the meantime the information we have given you here on this website is only available because the Internet is, at present, beyond their grasp.

1. BNP Article – Blame the Straw Man

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