Obama Acts on Media Agenda

The authors of this website will be watching closely a 29th January local government bye-election in Newcastle, UK. For the benefit of non-UK readers, most bye-elections (caused by a death or retirement of a sitting councillor) are small affairs. Typically, the ward or district involved has between 2000 and 3000 eligible voters and it is rare that more than a third bother to vote. Turn-out is usually much higher if the election coincides with a nation-wide election process. The Newcastle contest will be a bye-election and turn-out will be low or lower than low. Except for the local people, few Brits will be aware that an election is taking place. So why are we paying great attention to the result? Answer! Because the British National Party is contesting it. The UK’s three major parties all have candidates in Newcastle’s Fenham Ward and the one thing which will unite them is a fear and hatred of the BNP, for all three are tarred with the same brush of history. This is to say that all have constantly supported (in Parliament and in the country) common policies, including keeping open the floodgates of legal immigration, pandering to illegal immigrants and ‘refugees’, pushing the native people to the back of the line, touting the blessings of multi-culturalism and multi-racialism, embracing the EU and all its laws, funding the UN and adopting its international laws, opposing the death penalty for murder, being soft on crime (especially crime perpetrated by minorities against the native people), undermining old traditional Christian standards on abortion and homosexuality and supporting policies based on the man-made global warming mantra. The BNP alone, rejects all the above policies and so is effectively THE opposition Party. The big three parties (Labour, Conservative and LibDem) would prefer that there be a political concensus and hence no public debate and in this they are faithfully advancing the Leftist agenda of the ruling Media Class. Politicians, (indeed any public figures from academics to sportsmen to policemen to Church leaders) who stray from the concensus quickly feel the wrath of the Media’s attack dogs and are lucky to survive in public life. Consequently, the BNP has become the potential conduit for much latent popular discontent and this discontent is simmering amongst those who traditionally have supported the Labour Party and those in the opposite camp who have traditionally voted for the Conservative Party. A great upsurge in support for the BNP would draw from both parties’ traditional core constituencies as well as attracting the foot-loose ‘protest’ voters who have often given the LibDems a spectacular but temporary success.

In a number of recent local bye-elections the BNP has dramatically eaten into the votes of the other parties. This has ranged across the country and economic class boundaries. The BNP is the ruling Leftist Media Class’ worst nightmare and the whole Media has relentlessly conducted a vicious campaign against it when not smothering evidence of the Party’s existence. The BNP is also a deadly threat to the other Parties and their control over what can be debated in public. Make no mistake, this website will not be alone in anxiously watching the outcome from the miniscule ward of Fenham. These local contests in normal times are often decided on personalities or minor local issues but these are not ordinary times in the UK and the presence of the BNP now transforms the political scene.

There is a connection here between the UK and Holland, where the Government and its judiciary are attempting to silence a Nationalist movement that also threatens to put the debate on immigration and the colonizing Islamist forces into the Dutch public arena. In the UK this week it is reported that a member of the House of Lords attempted to hold a meeting to discuss the militant Muslim threat and to show a film about Islam and allow Geert Wilders to address those Lords who wished to attend. The meeting has been cancelled because of the objection of the sole Muslim peer who allegedly threatened that 10,000 Muslims would descend on Parliament. Of course, the Establishment forces all across Europe are happy to collude with any Muslim threat that stifles free speech and the Media approves.

A good result for the BNP in the little ward of Fenham takes on great significance in such abnormal times.

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