November News And Comment

Some good news first! Ford Motor Co. sales dropped another 9.5% in October. Seems like pandering to the sodomites and antagonizing the Christian Rednecks is not selling cars. This bad news did not deter the WSJ’s Business News correspondents Spector and McCracken from providing a positive spin in their column of November 9th 2007. How did they do it? Simple, they ignored the issue of sales altogether and wrote an upbeat piece about Ford’s financial losses and how they were predicted to fall faster than GM’s in the third quarter. As we have written many times on this website, Ford is guaranteed a good press because of its financial support for same-sex marriage and sodomy. Journalists today push the Media Class agenda whether they are reporting politics, literature or car sales. As Orwell might have written ‘WalMart Bad! Ford Good!’

The recent council By-election in Tamworth’s Castle Ward was cause for a moderate celebration, not only because the BNP did quite well but because the vile LibDems did so badly. It is sad that only 27.4% of the electorate went to vote on November 9th. At the last election there in May 2007 the turn-out was 34.5 percent. The full result this time with May figures in brackets was as follows: Labour 619 (763) Conservative 613 (917) BNP 208 (-) LibDem 95 (273). It is reported that the Conservatives are blaming the intervention of the BNP for their failure to beat Labour. My interpretation of the result is that the BNP’s intervention is not the only reason the Tory vote fell. Generally, fewer take the trouble to vote in by-elections and it is most likely to be the party faithful. It is probable that the BNP are gaining votes from all the other three main parties. Their near 14% was very respectable for a Party that had never stood in that ward before and even better when one considers the negative Media crusade carried out against the Party and the intervention and leafleting of well-funded Leftists from outside the town. They regularly attract a similar proportion of the vote where they stand, which represents a significant level of support amongst their potential audience – which will not include all the electorate – and very significant numbers across the nation as a whole. Still, it remains greatly disappointing that native British people go on supporting the treacherous three main parties and that so many fail to vote to save their country and themselves from extinction.

The unrivalled Ann Coulter’s recent column in ‘Human Events’ was a glowing review of the new book by M. Stanton Evans titled ‘Blacklisted By History-The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and his fight against America’s enemies’. When I last looked at the Human Events website I saw that Coulter’s article had generated 1152 emails. This is a huge number, and although some are negative and some wildly departing from the topic, there is an enormous number of writers who recognize that ‘Tailgunner Joe’ was a patriot whose reputation and career were destroyed by Leftists and Elitists for telling the truth.

Years ago, in my Leftist days, I swallowed the Hollywood/Academia propaganda about McCarthy as a foaming mouthed dangerous lunatic of the Right and I might even have used the term McCarthyism to label anyone who called attention to Soviet penetration of the West through its communist followers and their dupes. In more recent years, having realized that the Media and its Leftist allies are relentless and unscrupulous liars at all times, I began to wonder if Joe, like Enoch Powell might have been condemned for being dangerously on the mark. The revelations over the years about Anthony Blunt, the Cambridge traitors, the Atom spies and other Soviet moles (all downplayed in the Media) reinforced my belief that McCarthy might have been unfairly treated but I still assumed that McCarthy had been proven to be an hysterical witchfinder. Then I read Whittaker Chambers’ ‘Witness’ and moved on to Sam Tanenhaus’s biography ‘Whittaker Chambers’. As a one-time Marxist I knew that these books were truthful and that people like Chambers, Elizabeth Bentley and Joe McCarthy were brave patriots who have been relentlessly slandered by the Leftists in their mission of rewriting history. More recently I have read Romerstein and Breindel’s ‘The Venona Secrets’ and Haynes and Klehr’s ‘In Denial’. The temporary fall of Soviet Communism has enabled real scholars to peek into the secret files of the Soviet Spy system. Lo and behold! Chambers, Bentley, McCarthy et al were more correct than even they knew. The smooth and erudite Alger Hiss and his comrades in Washington’s Government Departments were dedicated traitors all along, though even now the Left casts them as victims.

In a recent book, Ann Coulter defended Joe McCarthy in what is perhaps a first step in his rehabilitation and now she has publicized Evans’ thorough investigative work. I am a quarter way through ‘Blacklisted’ and have only just got to the stuff about Joe, but the background on the infiltration of US (and UK) government by Communists and Communist sympathizers is brilliantly told and cannot be told too often, for we ignore history at our peril.

On page 196 there is an extract from McCarthy’s speech to the US Senate on 20th February 1950 and I quote it here because it notes something very important and also explains why he was so feared and hated. For he attacked both the Left and the elite Establishment.

“It has not been the less fortunate or members of minority groups who have been selling out the nation, but rather those who have had all the benefits that the wealthiest nation on earth has to offer – the finest homes, the finest college educations, and the finest jobs the government can give. This is glaringly true in the State Department. There the bright young men who are born with silver spoons in their mouths are the ones who have been the worst”

I pondered this quote when I watched (on the Internet) a video of BNP leader Nick Griffin attempting to address a meeting on a Michigan University campus. There shouting him down with mindless chants were the shrill silver-spooned lesbians and young male Leftists in their phoney working class rags. It was people like these who slid into cozy Government jobs in the 1930’s and 1940’s and betrayed their countries.

I strongly recommend all the above books to readers of this website. Do not believe anything that emanates from Hollywood or from the TV channels and newsrooms of the Media Class!

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