Norwegian Killer

Anders Breivik, the 32 year old mass killer of 76 people in Norway, was the son of a diplomat and grew up in an affluent home. According to reports he was unmarried and still lived with his mother in Norway. His father lived in the south of France so presumably his parents were divorced or separated. It is being said that he is an intellectual and well read in history and widely read generally. At this point it seems that much of his background resembles that of terrorists and terrorist leaders around the world.

Modern day terrorism goes back as far as pre-Revolutionary Russia with a thread going through Serbia, Italy, Ireland, Germany, the US and most recently, the Middle East and Muslim world. Usually the perpetrators and planners of terrorism are from relatively privileged homes and well educated. Most have been Leftists though not all, and Breivik is certainly not a Leftist. Whether he in any way holds conservative beliefs has yet to be ascertained but the Media has predictably cast him as being on the ‘extreme Right’. He has earned this designation from the Media solely because he is against mass immigration into Europe and especially Muslim immigration. Oddly, the MSM does not categorize those who favor mass immigration as ‘extreme Left ‘. Because Brievik has claimed to be defending the Christian heritage of Europe the MSM has also enthusiastically attached ‘Christian’ to his crimes. As far as I know no-one has yet mentioned that he was a Church- goer, a Bible student, a Pastor or Priest and seemingly not even an occasional member of a Church choir. I don’t see anything in his murderous rampage that can be linked to Biblical teaching and so I conclude that his ‘Christianity’ extends only to his interest in history and culture. It seems, yet again, that the Media has an obsession with smearing Christians and the lack of evidence never gets in its way. I had assumed that there are no proper Christians remaining in Norway, Sweden and Finland, where 50 plus years of Socialism and Socialist education had erased all ‘irrationality’.

One thing seems certain (and on this website we doubt there is a complex and sinister movement that orchestrated his twin attacks) and it is that Breitvik was both smart enough and affluent enough to have planned both the bomb attack and the Island invasion. The careful planning tells us that he had ample time to consider his actions and their consequences and that at no time was he seriously tormented by the thought of inflicting terrible injuries and death on innocent people in Oslo and was not at all deterred by the thought of shooting countless people in cold blood. I suppose it is possible to plant a bomb and then leave the scene and thus avoid seeing the consequences at first hand. It is not possible to shoot unarmed people by the dozen, face-to-face, unless one is wholly devoid of human feeling. Soldiers in battle shoot people-sometimes in cold blood – but then they have mostly been put in the position of kill or be killed and have lost comrades to the enemy. The exceptions are the SS Death squads of Hitler, the Japanese soldiers of the 1930’s in China and the Communist Secret Police of almost any Communist regime, but then such killers were acting as part of a group and had usually been indoctrinated in groups to commit mass murder. The killers who kill several innocent people at a party or in a former workplace are usually suddenly enraged about something and often end their own lives once the killing spree is over.

Breitvik, with no previous experience of war, killing and violence seems to have coldly executed dozens of innocent people over a period of more than an hour and then casually surrendered. How do parents manage to raise a child with such indifference to human life? I do not see Breitvik as psychopathic, for psychopaths always have self-interest to the fore. Nor is he a sadist for there is little evidence that he found killing sexually exciting. Was there ever a more cold-blooded person in human history? One can only wish that Breitvik had been greatly exposed to Christianity as a child and teenager.

Terrorism, like pop music, coarse language, vandalism, sexual perversion, flash attacks, drug-taking and violent street demos, is ‘catching’. In the West in the postwar years it began with the IRA and it has ‘caught-on’ around the world. We, on this website, will not be surprised to see terrorism ‘catch-on’ all across Europe and North America. People without good moral roots, sound family experiences (i.e. the morally rootless) and who are left drifting around in a morals-free society, search for a meaning to life. In the absence of Christianity, some are likely to be attracted to a deadly and extreme form of political action. The more intelligent and educated such people are, the more dangerous! One final word to our website visitors! Be wary of all Media reports on this dreadful episode in Norwegian life for as always the MSM is always spewing out propaganda, not News.

In New York State on Sunday, tens of thousands of people marched to protest the new ‘same-sex marriage’ law. In Manhattan alone, more than 10,000 Blacks, Whites and Latinos marched together and in at least 4 other major NY State cities large numbers marched. You didn’t know? So how did the MSM miss them? Well it was collectively busy celebrating at the grotesque ‘weddings’.

In the UK, the cool, typical summer weather is continuing with lots of rain. Here in California, it is cooler than usual for late July, but extremely pleasant. Just letting you know!

Music Choice – Thelonius Monk was one of the founders of the Bebop movement of the immediate post-war years. Monk was an accomplished pianist – not perhaps in the class of the incomparable Bud Powell, but still pretty good. His interest in new harmonies and times led to him abandoning the usual piano techniques in an effort to make every note count. He wrote many unusual yet lasting melodies including the outstanding ‘Round Midnight’. He also wrote a moving little ballad he called “Ruby My Dear”. He recorded it several times, mostly as a solo without accompaniment. All versions are extremely affecting, as Monk makes every note count. Once again, Music for grown-ups!

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