Nobama Magic For Stocks

At the beginning of the week I forecast on this website that the 6000’s were beckoning. The next day stocks went up about 200 but I had no doubt that it was a temporary bounce off the window ledge. On Thursday 5th March they fell another few hundred to 6594. Dare I say that the 5000’s are now beckoning? It seems hard to believe that the Dow Jones Industrial Average could fall that far but at the same time I cannot believe that any sane person with spare money would put it into stocks at this time. The newspapers and TV channels trumpet opinion polls to show that President Obama is wildly popular and inspiring confidence in the American people, yet those with money are hanging on to it. Something is not quite right here! My wife maintains that many middle-of-the-road Americans who voted for Obama on a wave of Media-inspired euphoria for ‘change’ and to celebrate America’s rejection of racism, are still reluctant to admit to buyers’ remorse. I think she is on to something for I cannot believe that the intelligent amongst them any longer believe that he has a grasp of the economic problems confronting this country.

Reports are surfacing about Obama using two tele-prompters for every pronouncement he makes, not just for major speeches but every little appearance where he has to say even just a few words. I am not surprised for I have never entertained the slightest notion that he is a good speaker, only a glib one with little knowledge about any serious topic. He always shied away from real debate during the primaries and the election and in this he was of course aided and shielded by the Mainstream Media. No-one previously, had ever enjoyed such protection and naked promotion from the Media. This will all continue, for the Media Class is happy with the revolutionary social agenda that he is pushing through while the stock market goes into a tail spin. Sooner or later, many, many Americans will realize that this President is a dangerous incompetent for he will not and cannot do the things that would heal the economic mess that is unfolding and he does not care, for he has a Leftist agenda that is probably dictated by George Soros and the Media Class inner circle. Remember, this man was funded by the fabulously rich, the sort of people who are the last to suffer when things go wrong with the economy. He massively outspent Hilary Clinton in the Primaries and was able to do so without a blink. In the past, a grueling expensive Primary like that one would have left a candidate in debt. Not our Obama, for he entered the main contest with another overflowing campaign chest. He has never revealed where all this money came from though the Media has promoted and continues to promote the myth that it came from the little people on the Internet who were galvanized by his inspirational personality and his guarantee of a new brand of clean and transparent politics. What a joke for the transparency was missing from the start as he has always refused to produce a proper birth certificate for public inspection and has concealed his personal education records! This man is a fraud!

We should not underestimate the cover-up that is taking place over his personal records, nor the Media’s role in it. Another Judge has now refused to entertain a challenge to Obama’s legitimacy and has threatened to financially penalize the litigants. Everything is being done to stifle the attempt to clarify his legitimacy and we should not be surprised that there are judges willing to partake in the cover-up. In all Media reports the canards are repeated that Obama has already produced his birth certificate for inspection by an independent agency and that the Hawaii authorities have confirmed the authenticity of his candidacy. Both assertions are untrue and those who repeat them in print have to know that they are lying for they must be aware of the facts that have received massive exposure on the Internet. Obama himself is spending large amounts of some-one’s money on attorney costs to conceal his records. Meanwhile the stock market continues its downward journey as investors reveal that they have no confidence in the fine and confident words he reads from his two tele-prompters. At some point the stock market will reach a bottom and those who manage pension funds have to invest, but a bottom around 6000 will be disastrous for a large slice of the American people. If the stock market collapse is a calamity it is nothing compared to the currency inflation that is not far ahead.

A rich revolutionary has just published her unapologetic memoirs. Eve Pell, a wealthy heiress and mother of three young children was living in a luxury house in San Francisco in 1970 and married to a successful architect. According to her book “We Used to Own the Bronx”, she suddenly got involved in the emerging SF counterculture of Women’s Lib and began to sleep with Marxist professors and absorb the teachings of Lenin. She soon abandoned her marriage and began writing for SF underground magazines. This led to her participation in the Prison Law Collective that campaigned for Black imprisoned criminals who claimed to be revolutionaries. Apparently, she came to believe that “capitalism and private property beget injustice” and that “criminals are actually political prisoners, guilty of being poor and non-white”. This kind of smart-sounding nonsense has long been fashionable amongst demented Leftist revolutionaries in Academia who have not experienced criminals and crime at first hand. The few Leftists who have grown up in poor neighborhoods rarely believe such rubbish though they sometimes pretend to in order to appeal to certain lawless minorities. Pell’s group provided legal help to Black criminals and this soon led to prison visits to the ‘incarcerated’ and sexual favors. All this culminated in a courtroom shooting, a deadly prison riot in San Quentin and one of the ‘political prisoners’ shooting dead a Leftist lawyer leader whilst in a rage. Some of us might say of the lawyer killing ‘What would you expect?’; ‘What goes around comes around!’, and ‘Justice was served!’

I don’t know what happened to the three Pell children but I suppose if their lives were badly affected by their mother’s pursuit of a new career and sexual thrills, it was a case of the ends justified their sacrifices. Some may be baffled by the life Eve Pell chose, but in fact the Leftist movement is stuffed with such personal histories. The ingredients are not difficult to spot. Many of the inheritors of wealth lead empty lives of leisure. Work and the need to pay the rent or mortgage keep most of us usefully occupied and looking no further than next week. We are sustained by daydreams that we know will never materialize and we love our kids to distraction because, having looked after them intimately day after day, we are bonded to them. I doubt Eve Pell had to do much hands-on child care. I expect her husband was boring just like the rest of her life. She may well have felt guilty about her easy life. Most likely she also craved sexual excitement. All of this could be satisfied by becoming a revolutionary and promiscuous. Lastly but not least she must have known that her antics would arouse admiration in Academia, amongst many rich and privileged friends and with much of the Media. If she had joined a Nazi movement she would have been ostracized and never readmitted to the mainstream of her Class. Now, like many others who have trod the same path she will always have a job offer at some University or in the Media. If all else fails and she is broke (highly unlikely) I am sure George Soros can find an interesting and not too demanding job for her in one of his activist organizations. She would surely qualify for a post in the Obama regime.

I mentioned earlier that Obama is dangerous. No-one knows exactly what his plans are for the long term future and maybe his career will just fizzle out but we should not be complacent. I doubt that Stalin or Hitler planned to be totalitarian dictators when they first began to taste power. Hitler, like Obama, also set out his early life and beliefs in a book. With hindsight we can see that he was revealing much of his agenda for Germany and those he saw as enemies. There are hurdles for any potential totalitarian in the USA – the Constitution; the Supreme Court as it stands at the moment; the Internet, and an armed population. However, the adulation for Obama that has been whipped up by the Media Class, the success of his blatant lying and the revolutionary and catastrophic agenda he is implementing might well convince him that he is entitled to lead America in a permanent revolution.

The BNP did not score any great victories in Thursday’s elections but the results they achieved show that they are no longer a fringe party. It seems that the Party is capable of getting 20% of the vote in a wide variety of constituencies. This is as good as the Big Three get and sooner or later, unless the UK’s rulers find a way of making Nationalism illegal, this will translate into electoral victories by the hundreds. The problems that are building up for the UK and its native people are sure to provide fertile ground for the BNP and the Party’s activists must sense that a breakthrough is near.

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