Nick Griffin and the BNP! An Open Letter from Radical and Right

On this website we frequently claim that the BNP is the only political party in the UK deserving of the ordinary people’s votes. We also regularly draw attention to the persecution that it receives from all quarters, legal and illegal, official and unofficial. Since it is the only Party fighting for the British people’s survival that has any semblance of credibility, it has an importance beyond its numbers and votes, and its members and leaders are indeed brave people. The following criticisms and advice are well-meant!

It is unfortunate that the Party’s economic policies, as currently promoted, would appear to lead the UK back to an old-fashioned Socialism of the post-war years, with re-nationalized coal mines and railways, a Royal Mail monopoly and probably ration books. A freeze on imports would also be required to protect everything from Cheddar Cheese to the Penny-Farthing and all goods would have to be bought at little corner shops that would sprout up to replace the Supermarkets that the BNP leadership seems to abhor. Still, no-one would remember what Swiss cheese and French apples tasted like since foreign holidays would also be banned in favor of a week in Blackpool – at least that is how we interpret BNP economic policy.

The most distasteful aspect of BNP policy is its ‘blood’ racism that equates human breeding with that of dogs and horses. Calling for the immediate halting of all immigration into an already overcrowded small island places the BNP alone on the side of sanity, and as the process of swamping the UK with Third World and indigestible peoples has gone way too far, the BNP is right to call for humane repatriation, but it is a long way from such rational policies to the Hitlerite belief in blood carrying National genius. When some in the Party also want to dance around in Folk costumes and resurrect Boadicea and the Saxons, the image of the Party becomes somewhat unappealing. Putting the Socialist economic policies together with the Party’s official views on race and blood and Middle Ages culture, must surely convince many voters that the Party would quickly outlaw whatever individual freedoms remain, test everyone’s blood for racial impurity and gleefully re-introduce war-time physical hardship and scarcity, and Government control of the market-place.

We are writing these negative comments about the BNP because the Party has recently lost seats in ward bye-elections and had some pretty low percentages in others. The Party’s website keeps quite silent about these reverses, supposedly in the belief that it cannot afford to demoralize supporters with bad news. At least, we hope that is the motive rather than a propensity to conceal failure from the rank-and-file. Recently the party has avoided mentioning on its website up-coming ward elections in which it has candidates, so bad news is obviously not unexpected. Yet surely the electoral landscape has never been more favorable to the BNP. The expenses scandals that taint all the other Parties, the increasing marginalization and impoverishment of the native people that is plain for all to see and experience despite the efforts of the Media, the rising crime rates of immigrants that target the natives, and the blatant abandonment of National Sovereignty, provide a favorable battleground for an insurgent Party.

It is time Nick Griffin and the Party’s leadership did some re-thinking in the light of the electoral reverses. Yes, there are mitigating factors – the Media’s relentless attacks, the Party’s lack of financial resources, Government and police persecution of members, the illegitimate intervention of Communist Front organizations in the election process, and the resignations of sitting council members that irritate voters. The Party leadership might also trot out the apathy of voters that give rise to 20% turn-outs. However, we suggest that none of the above explains the loss of electoral momentum.

We start with the Party’s economic policies. Not all are bad, but do the leaders think the voters are not aware that a BNP Government would ban foreign holidays, close Supermarkets, re-nationalize the mines (Arthur Scargill must love this one!), stop imports and outlaw private medicine. Perhaps voters see a BNP future society as being even worse than the present and perhaps they do not have the same admiration as Party leaders for Ethelburt the Great and King Canute. Perhaps too, they read what the BNP has to say about race and blood and conclude that there is a Himmler lurking in its ranks and that what the Media rags accuses the BNP of is not so far from the truth. Mr. Griffin! Is your Party dedicated to that which was long the basis of an Englishman’s pride-individual freedom from Government control? If so, spell it out! Put together a written constitution with individual freedom (both social and economic) and National Sovereignty at its heart and place it at the forefront of your policies and election campaigns. The law requires you to open your membership to people irrespective of race and color, so do so honestly and without hypocrisy. If legal citizens of any color are willing to join in the fight to wrest back National Sovereignty and to fight for traditional freedoms, morality and culture, welcome them with open arms! So what if some of the Nation’s future children have a sun tan, brown eyes and black hair, as long as they are upstanding citizens!

Moving from basic beliefs to tactics, here are some more constructive criticisms. Be honest about the elections! Use the Internet and your publications to spread the truth and show the people how honesty means trusting ordinary people’s judgment. Perhaps the low turn-outs are not all down to apathy but an unwillingness to trust the BNP to be a better alternative. And why, Mr. Griffin, are you constantly attending black-tie dinners with elderly overweight burghers, when you could be out in those wards where bye-elections are taking place, knocking on doors side-by-side with the candidate and using your celebrity status to energize voters? Why not hold your press conferences on the streets of wards where your Party is fighting bye-elections? I am sure the black-tie dinners raise much-needed funds and you may think that they give the Party a more respectable image, but the Party is not yet in a position to host banquets. You are leading a counter revolution and the barricades are in those places where the local elections have to be fought. The wards are the one battle-ground where the odds are not so formidably stacked against you, especially at bye-elections, for you can meet the voters face-to-face (an end-run around the Media) and use your celebrity (and contemporary and relevant policies) to get them to abandon apathy. I am sure if you leaflet the locals that you will be at the end of the street and speaking from a soap-box, they will not be apathetic, especially after your Question Time appearance. Once a BNP councilor is elected, the Party should give top priority to holding the ward and turning it into a stronghold, with the Party’s best speakers frequently visiting homes in the ward and simple newsletters going out every month. Councilors should get the maximum support, so have sandwich nights in their homes and wards and postpone the Black-tie dinners until you are sitting in Number Ten. When we read that Arthur Kemp (who Mr. Radical says is an inspiring speaker) is using his time to write articles on a US Nationalist scene of which he can only have skimpy knowledge, we ask if he would not be better using his talents solely in the UK? He may be right about US skinheads, Nazi uniform devotees and David Duke but right now it is UK Nationalism that needs saving from cultural irrelevance and economic extremism!

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