Nick Griffin – An Open Letter To The BNP Leader

Dear Mr. Griffin. First let us congratulate you and your Party on winning three County Council seats at the latest count. This website hopes that your Party chalks up more victories tomorrow when the rest of the County results are declared. We also wish you success in the Euro elections to be declared on Sunday. Only a few years ago, the idea that the BNP could win any County Council seats would have been laughable and it is an achievement of your Party that it has fought so many contests in this 2009 election and had many respectable results.

The truth however must be that you and your members are greatly disappointed, for your Party deserved to make a decisive breakthrough this time around and in the context of this election there has been no real breakthrough, only encouraging green shoots. The expenses scandal alone, revealing that the Labour, Conservative, LibDem and UKIP elected representatives have all had not just snouts but feet in the trough should have been enough to persuade vast numbers of voters that the BNP was worth a chance. Even before the expenses scandal, there were enough other scandals enveloping the Corrupt Four-mass immigration, voter fraud, race crime, widespread police ineptness, internal Party fraud, chronic domestic terrorist activity, asylum cheating and economic mis-management – to have consigned them all to the electoral garbage bin. On this website we do not agree with some of your central policies including military and economic isolationism, re-nationalization of major industries and race purity, but overall your Party’s policies represent the best interests of the British people and their culture and no other Party, including any of the fringe parties, can claim to remotely champion the natives of the UK.

So why has the BNP failed once again to make a decisive electoral breakthrough when conditions are so favorable and rank-and-file membership has grown in leaps and bounds? It is clear from your own recent remarks that you know the ‘how’ but not the ‘why’. Every time you name and blame the Media for its relentless, totally dishonest and hypocritical reporting of anti-BNP propaganda you are acknowledging the enemy (of both your Party and your Nation) but when you always preface your comment with “the controlled Media”, we have to ask the question “Who is the Media controlled by?” Are you suggesting that Gordon Brown, besieged by scandals, cabinet resignations, sniping backbenchers, terrible economic news and a disintegrating Party, is able to summon newspaper and magazine owners, editors, reporters, and opinion writers every week and give his orders? Are you suggesting that Brown and his inept, greedy henchmen are able to call in BBC heads, editors and reporters for instructions? Are you suggesting that the likes of Hazel Mears, Jacqui Smith and Ben Bradshaw have been able to exert influence over Reuters staff, Associated Press people and foreign Media’s UK-based reporters so that they constantly denigrate or ignore the BNP in the reports that they file around the world?

Let us look beyond the news Media to the entertainment Media world, to its associated components like the Fashion world, the Pro-Sports world, the Advertising world and the Arts world which all spew out daily hatred of the BNP and all it stands for. Are they too controlled by Gordon Brown and his rag-bag of Cabinet Ministers? Are Elton John and all the other talentless warblers, guitar strummers, celebrities and Show-Biz narcissists being controlled by Brown or indeed by any politician of any Party? It is time that you recognized that you and the BNP are being attacked by a large and powerful force that besides working to destroy you is also capable of destroying any politician including Gordon Brown and David Cameron should they fail to please the new dominant Class. Because this new ruling Class is a Class and not a conspiratorial cabal it does not need to organize and meet, though it may do so on occasions, for its own interests dictate its agenda. That agenda is totally at odds with yours and indeed any Nationalist agenda, any truly Christian agenda and almost any conservative (small ‘c’) agenda. You want to build a morally strong Nation and a morally strong united people, you want to restore fine Christian traditions and you want to turn the clock back to a civilized culture that once underpinned the Western World. Do you think for one moment that the Media people want to see such things reinstated? Of course not!

Sadly, these Media people now have tremendous power, not only over politicians and timid Church leaders but they have enormous wealth and it grows by the day. Big Business and even small Business people fear a bad press and are intimidated, and many wealthy non-Media people cannot wait to join the social world of Media celebrities and move amongst those they consider to be all-important. There are many good people, indeed increasing numbers, who know that the Media’s output is full of lies, but they are the wise, experienced and informed and they are small in numbers. The truly knowledgeable have thrown away their TV sets, stopped buying newspapers and magazines and stopped listening to the BBC, but the rest continue to be fooled. You and the people on this website know that the Daily Mirror and the other rags are only fit for toilet duty but the millions who buy them still either believe all that is in them is true or are unaware of the skilful propaganda that is purveyed in the entertainment pages. Most UK citizens and many around the world believe that the BBC represents integrity. They would dismiss as nonsense the truth that that institution is stuffed with perverts and Leftist elitists. The lies and negative attacks on the BNP that have been a daily diet for the British public in this last few years and which has been amplified for this election will have succeeded in turning off countless voters and persuaded them to vote for the shameful UKIP or some other protest Party rather than for the BNP. There is no easy way to overcome the power of the Media Class that hates you and your Party but a recognition of the real enemy is always the first step in forging a winning strategy. In the 1950’s General MacArthur would never have succeeded against the North Koreans without recognizing that behind their belligerency lay the Soviet Union and Red China.

The news that actor David Carradine accidentally killed himself in a Bangkok hotel whilst practicing auto erotic sex with a rope tied around his head and to his genitals will shock many film-goers and TV addicts. Those who visit this website will not be surprised, not because we knew anything about Carradine, but because we constantly assert that Hollywood is full of sexual perverts who will try anything in pursuit of the next orgasm. Carradine was not doing anything that could harm anyone else and sadly his private perversion is now public knowledge. It is hard to understand why any intelligent person would indulge in such a strange and risky practice but probably there are many in Hollywood and across the Media world who indulge in this and even more dangerous games. It is well-known that many homosexuals indulge in unprotected sex because they like to risk getting AIDS. All this would be of little consequence to the rest of us except that the Media Class is now the richest and most powerful political force and is in the process of enforcing revolutionary changes on society. Here in California’s Alameda County the council has decided that homosexuals will be able to go into all public schools to indoctrinate children that homosexual practices are normal. Before too long there will be moves to allow those who practice auto erotic sex with ropes to do the same. Anyone who opposes them will be barred from employment in education and criminalised. You have been warned!

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