NH Before The Result

By the time you read this article, the results of the New Hampshire primaries will be known. At this point in time, the MSM is working overtime to salvage the Clinton candidacy. Most focus on Mrs. Clinton’s supposedly emotional moment at a coffee bar meeting in the Granite State.  I have to admit to being a sucker for a woman in tears but I remain unmoved by the Clinton performance yesterday. It is difficult to believe that this ruthless, bullying woman, so experienced in political campaigning has this soft feminine side just waiting to be revealed. Monday night’s TV and Tuesday morning’s newspapers would have us believe that she was just near enough to tears to be ‘intensely human’ and worthy of sympathy, but not quite breaking down as befits a politician strong enough to lead the nation when the going gets tough.

Associated Press led the way with long quotes from her morning meeting, showcasing the performance with a little re-arranging of the text. All the reporters in all the newspapers did their best to emphasize the tenderness of the woman whilst parrying charges that such emotion so early in the campaign might indicate a lack of toughness. None that I read suggested that the whole thing may have been a scripted performance desperately introduced by her campaign to offset the electoral appeal of Obama’s personality.

Some heartless conservative commentators on Talk Radio and Fox News have not only suggested that she faked the whole thing but have also pointed out that if she is really crying it is because she is losing. Well, they are part of the ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’ that fails to penetrate the MSM so I suppose their opinions can be dismissed. However, it is worth just looking again at the words that accompanied her emotional performance as “her eyes welled up and her voice broke repeatedly” (AP report). It is also worth recalling that the question which opened Mrs. Clinton’s heart to the world was, “How do you do it? Who does your hair?” Amy Chozick of the Wall Street Journal reported (very sympathetically, as befits a WSJ Leftist reporter) that this was a breakfast with undecided voters. Yeah! I bet! Undecided? How did she know? Chozick continued that after replying that she has helpers (again, you bet she has helpers, including travelling hairdressers!), Mrs. Clinton “got emotional”. In Clinton’s own words “It’s not easy! It’s not easy!” Chozick: an exhausted-looking Senator Clinton said shaking her head. Her eyes began to get watery as she finished answering the question. “I couldn’t do it if I didn’t just passionately believe it was the right thing to do, (according to Chozick her voice was cracking at this point). I have so many ideas for this country, and I just don’t want to see us fall backwards as a nation. This is very personal for me”

I am sure that last sentence was truthful. Chozick characterized the teary performance as the defining moment on the campaign trail yesterday. Well, that’s how the Media and Mrs. Clinton want it to be seen. I won’t bore our website visitors with all the tripe that Chozick added except to point out that she included this choice piece “And the early reaction, at least in the room, was that Mrs. Clinton’s emotion may have helped her. “She really loves us and wants us to succeed in the world” said Ms. Pernold Young who said she was wavering between Clinton and Obama. “I think she’s real now. There’s a person there”.

Just two other AP Clinton quotes from the coffee bar performance! “Some of us put ourselves out there and do this against some pretty difficult odds”. “This is very personal for me. It’s not just political. It’s not just public”.

So this sudden revelation of emotion was triggered by a question about her hair, or so we are asked to believe by the MSM and the Clinton camp. It so happens that the Mainstream Media has been desperately searching for an answer to the Obama surge. Almost every media article has started from the premise ‘What can she do to regain the lead?’ This reminds me of the times when the Democrat Party has had reversals. The MSM always gets pre-occupied with the question of what has gone wrong and what needs to be done to get things back on equilibrium. For the Media Class sees its political agents having their way as the proper order of things. The MSM thought Mrs. Clinton was anointed and here she is trailing and sliding, so something has gone wrong. I think the Media has, in its ruling Class arrogance come to a conclusion that is hopelessly wrong, for it believes that Mrs. Clinton just needs to be portrayed as a wronged woman, whose public has not realized that she is hurting because of her public’s neglect. Mrs. Clinton, a hopeless narcissist like her partner, is only too willing to see it this way too. And so, right on schedule she produces a vulnerable moment for the cameras in response to almost the first question of the morning which just happened to be about her hair!

Neither the MSM reporters nor the Clintonites notice the self-centeredness of her remarks or the arrogance or the emptiness, but we shouldn’t be surprised by this. As we continually point out on this website, the Media Class is composed of self-centered narcissists who see the world as their stage where reality is whatever the script says. It is the very narcissist character of the Clintons that appeal to the stage and Hollywood stars. It is what they can identify with and what they admire. Mrs. Clinton believes that the nation’s future and her own political future are properly entwined and that if she should fail to win and obtain the power of importance, the nation is doomed. We read every week of Hollywood stars, singers, fashion models and TV celebrities who similarly view their worthless selves as vital to the world.

The real problem for Mrs. Clinton and her Media Class sponsors is that she is neither likeable (at least to mature adults with a brain) nor equipped to properly lead a great nation. It now transpires, if Iowa is to be believed, that even most Democrat voters are sick of the Clintons. It has taken only one cheerful, appealing young family man (without a single good economic, social or foreign policy to his name) to detach the Democrat voters of Iowa from the Clinton camp. They grasped at Obama like drowning sailors grasp at a lifeboat. Will New Hampshire reinforce this rebellion by Dem rank-and-filers and the independents who get to vote in that State? We shall see, but if the opinion polls are right then Mrs. Clinton and her sponsors face a big problem in South Carolina where Black voters dominate the Democrat voting bloc. If Obama wins big in SC. the Media Class might well jettison Mrs. Clinton and her partner. That will be interesting.

Last week some more statistics came out about the US motor industry. Once again the drop for Ford was hugely more disastrous than for its rivals, though you would never know that from the reporting. Some companies saw sales drops of 2% and 3% but Ford’s was 8.9%. At the same time, Ford was advertizing its willingness to fund all kinds of financial support for transgender operations for its staff and was expanding its staffing for the department that pursues diversity and inclusiveness for sexual deviants. Despite lay-offs of sales and factory workers, Ford finds the money for this. One wonders how this sits so well with unions, for I cannot believe that those assembly plant men in Detroit are pondering what dresses and high heels to wear at the end of the shift. I have no objection to anyone wearing anything that pleases them, or to anyone having operations to alter body parts, as long as they pay for such things themselves. The question is why companies (and Ford is not the only big company to subsidize perversions) and public service bureaucracies, politicians and legal bodies have taken up the transgender cause with such determination, following on from the sodomy cause. The only explanation I can come up with is that Media Class is now in power and it is overwhelmingly perverted in the top echelons.

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