Newt Gingrich and CNN

This website, alone as far as I am aware, maintains that the new Ruling Media Class is now dominating American politics as befits a Ruling Class. Last night’s Republican debate on the CNN Channel one again revealed its dominating role. Anyone who tries to maintain that the Democrat Party manipulates the MSM is a fool, for it is surely crystal clear that the Media is inspiring, leading, deciding and dominating the 2012 election campaign. The Media’s people no longer attempt to conceal their power and their agenda and the Democrat Party depends entirely on its Media masters for leadership, agenda, tactics, ammunition, trench warfare and major assaults.

As we long ago predicted, the Media Class members would work as a united Class to destroy, one by one and sometimes two by two, all the Right’s candidates who might face their man in the White House and his revolutionary comrades in Congress. Early on, even before the 2012 election campaign officially began, the Media Class brazenly used all its formidable power to take out Sarah Palin. No smear, no misrepresentation, no aspect of her private life was spared in the Media’s campaign to destroy her political career and her as a person. The Media Class in this new century is not just exercising political power. It has embarked on nothing less than a irreversible moral and social revolution. The Media people have the kind of hatred for their conservative opponents that the Bolshevics and all subsequent Leftists have for the Class enemy. Palin is hated by the Media Class not just for her political views, but for her Christian morals and her seemingly impeccable private life. She is feared and hated by them as a person as well as a political opponent. As the Presidential campaign began, Michelle Bachman was singled out for the same treatment as Palin and for the same reasons. She too, has impeccable credentials both as a person and as a politician and it is these that elevated her to be an early target for Media destruction. Herman Cain discovered that having a Black skin (aren’t African Americans supposed to be a protected Class according to the Leftist agenda? No, not when they claim to be traditional Christians.) provided no defense against the Media finding him guilty of being a Christian.

Being female, being Black, and as Newt Gingrich is now discovering, being a Jew provides no immunity from the Media peoples’ destructive all-out attacks, if the victim opposes same-sex marriage, upholds the US Constitution, and threatens the continuity of the Media Class’ chosen occupant of the White House. John King of CNN wasted no time last night in manufacturing Gingrich’s past private life to the major issue of that Republican debate. Never have the Media Class rulers been more brazen in their role of selecting the US President, for it is absolutely clear that they have sought out one of Gingrich’s ex-wives in order to destroy his campaign chances. If they had not found this resentful and spurned woman to put on display they would have sooner or later found another, and if one could not be found with a damagingly grubby accusation, they would have created one, for Gingrich is too formidable a politician to be allowed to take on the stumbling, bumbling, arrogant White House occupant they must protect.

Romney, even though only mildly conservative, is far too accomplished to be allowed to take on Obama in the Fall, and so he too is now being turned into ‘damaged goods’ with the Media’s investigators picking over his finances and business career and elevating, twisting and soiling every detail. These investigators and accusers are the same Media people who steadfastly refuse to turn over one stone in Obama’s past life. His self-serving auto-biographies (or are they novels?) are presented to the public by the MSM as beyond challenge. It is all so brazenly executed because the Media Class is confident in its power to control information for the masses and because the Media Class now believes that it is more than halfway through its revolutionary agenda. Four more years of Obama in the White House and the Media Class is confident that the US Constitution will be able to be manipulated in any way it chooses, that the US will be governable as a patchwork of conflicting minorities, that the native people will have been swamped with immigrants who care nothing for or are ignorant of America’s past and the Christian family base of the people will have been consigned to the garbage bin of history.

Here in middle California, we have been experiencing weeks of extremely cold nights and many very cool days. Rain has now arrived but not enough. Too little too late, I suspect, for this year. Probably none of this is unusual but we can be sure that soon we will be told that hot or cold, wet or dry, it is all down to global warming and the Obama Government must assume new powers to save us.

Music Choice – I make no apology for claiming that Charlie Parker was the greatest musician of the last century and will not be challenged by anyone in this century. Parker died in 1955 at the early age of 35 but by that time he had been recorded often enough, in studios, clubs and dance halls, to establish his genius. In 1953, Parker, although already a man in physical decline, was brought together in Toronto, Canada, with some of his early musical collaborators from New York’s 52nd Street. Massey Hall was the scene for this reunion of Parker, Gillespie, pianist Bud Powell (also a sick young man in mental decline), drummer Max Roach and bassist Charles Mingus. Mingus had a tape recorder and so this ad hoc concert was recorded – in far from ideal conditions- for posterity. It is widely believed that Parker and Gillespie were no longer on friendly terms and that there was a degree of rivalry between them on stage. There was no rehearsal and the five had probably never played together as a group but the material was familiar to them all and all were superb musicians. Parker introduces one number to the audience, a rare occasion when he could be heard speaking. It is clear from his few improvised remarks that he was an educated and confident man.

All the tracks of this album (Jazz at Massey Hall) are outstanding and Parker is, as always, the supreme master of his instrument and improvised composition, but Gillespie rises to the occasion. Powell, although not at his best, is good enough for this company and Roach crackles. The opening track on the recording is Juan Tizol’s ‘Perdido’, the theme being only a brief vehicle for the solos, but Parker is superb with endless contrasts of mood-suppressed one moment and erupting with joy the next, casual one moment and electric the next. Put this CD on your player and pretend that you have been transported back in time to an era when music was created for adults.

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