Newcastle Fenham Ward Result!

BNP members may be disappointed that their candidate did not take this seat from Labour but the result is nevertheless a very good one for their Party. The LibDem candidate narrowly won the seat from Labour, but who can doubt that it was the huge growth in the BNP vote that deprived Labour of victory. The result was LibDem 1049, Labour 1025, BNP 836 and Conservative 186. It was never realistic that the BNP would take this seat from the two front-runners at this second attempt but the Party is now in a challenging position for the elections that are due in June of this year. The pathetic Conservative vote is another blow to David Cameron’s new Tory policies of social ‘moderation’ and Labour will be very aware that the BNP is its biggest threat.

In every contest where the BNP enters the field we must bear in mind that the other three parties unite in painting the Party and its candidate as pariahs and also bring in extra resources for their own campaigns. On top of this extra-political (Leftist) groups, financed by Trade Unions and posing as public interest groups, carry out anti-BNP leaflet drops and are provided with a bully-pulpit by the local Media. The BNP is not able to hold advertised public meetings because of Leftist intimidation and threats of violence that are largely tolerated by the Police. Given all this the Fenham Ward result is not just a great achievement for the Party and its local activists but a snapshot of the remarkable breakthrough of Nationalist sentiment amongst voters. The BNP is breaking the old electoral mould and make no mistake the members of the Media Class and their lackeys in Parliament will be paying the closest attention. It is satisfying to know that 27% of the voters of Fenham Ward will have spoiled the weekend for countless Newspaper and Magazine editors, BBC and TV icons, pop music warblers, Fashion models, artists, actors and those who mince around the celebrity world. The BNP needs to remember however that every such advance that it makes will increase the persecution tactics of the police, judiciary and Government officials. There are more by-elections pending and we will keep our readers closely informed.

31 January 2009 Postscript

Apologies! In the rush to publish the latest results from Fenham, when we wrote this piece we were making comparison with historical figures from a different ward! In consquence there are a couple of errors of fact in our first paragraph of 29th Jan. For the record, the correct figures are given below. What is clear is that the BNP is winning votes from all the other parties at an accelerating rate.

Some other coming UK by-elections of interest include Hyde Newton, Greater Manchester, Tameside (5th February); Swanley St. Mary’s ward in the county of Kent (Thursday 19th February); Atherstone Central Ward, North Warwickshire (5th March); and Ravenscliffe, Newcastle-under-Lyme (5th March).

Fenham Ward Results
1 May 2008
Lib Dem 1491
Labour 1188
BNP 295
Local Conservative 290

3 May 2007
Labour and Cooperative 1377
Lib Dem 1373
Conservative 305
BNP 250

4 May 2006
Lib Dem 1482
Labour and Cooperative 1377
Conservative 375
(BNP did not stand)

Source: Newcastle City Council – Fenham Ward Results

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