New York District 9 and Nevada Elections

The two House elections that were declared last night were very bad news for Obama and the Democrat Party. However the Media Class that placed Obama in the White House and owns the Democrat Party will be flat out today to play down the results and signal to its politicians what needs to be done for a recovery of fortunes. The Associated Press is already, this morning, leading on Comcast with the heading “Obama gets a slight boost from jobs speech”. The Opinion Poll that purports to have discovered a silver lining is attributed to Reuters/Ipsos. Before we treat this opinion poll as news we must remember that Reuters is an influential component of the Media Class and contributes to the Media Class propaganda along with AP, Washington Post, New York Times, LA Times, the UK’s BBC, and all the other News outlets that now share a Leftist Social agenda and are promoting an unpopular revolution. The poll is claimed to be showing Obama leading any and every possible Republican challenger for 2012. Opinion polls can be easily manipulated but elections are a much better guide to opinion and yesterdays’ two elections indicate that Obama and the Democrat Party have lost much public support.

The Media Class’s MSM can be expected to bury the NY and Nevada election news as quickly as possible. The New York result is harder to conceal than the Nevada one and the MSM and all Leftist commentators will be busy attributing it to a unique set of factors. Indeed there was a unique factor involved and that was the bizarre sexual scandal surrounding Anthony Weiner and which led to him being ousted from his House seat by his own Party. There are sexual and financial scandals swirling around several Democrat politicians who have not been forced to resign by the leadership. We can assume that Weiner was forced out by his comrades only because they assumed that his was a safe seat given that it has a 40% Jewish population and Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans 2 to 1. Since American Jewish voters, like Black voters, are staunchly Leftist – seemingly no matter what – the Democrats’ confidence was understandable. Another (Orthodox) Jewish candidate in good Democrat Party standing was found for the Queens/Brooklyn District. The Unions, activist groups and rich Leftist donors rallied around to put David Weprin in the House. That he lost by a margin of 47% to 53% in this rock-solid Democrat District and with the all-out support of the powerful Democrat/Union machine has to be down to more than the sex scandal of the previously popular Weiner. It is now being said by the MSM ‘experts’ that the District’s Orthodox Jews are unhappy with Obama’s perceived hostility to Israel. Right up until yesterday, most of America’s Jews have not wavered in their support for the Democrat Party and Obama, Israel not withstanding, so I find it hard to believe that such unhappiness has suddenly emerged.

One important factor which the MSM will not want to give any credence to, is that Weprin (already a New York State Senator) recently voted for same-sex marriage in New York State. The National Organization for Marriage and other Christian campaigners reminded District 9 voters of this during this election campaign. We cannot know how much Weprin’s vote against real marriage alienated Orthodox Jews and Catholics but the NOM has an impressive record of harnessing anti-same-sex marriage sentiment amongst voters. I have no doubt that had Weprin supported traditional marriage or remained neutral, he would have lost fewer votes, but it cannot be the only factor. We can say this with confidence because on the same day as 9th District New Yorkers voted, so did Nevadans, all across on the other side of the continent and in a very different political environment. And here the Republican candidate in a Republican-leaning House seat was swept to victory in a landslide with a 21 point margin.

In this Nevada District the Republicans had their own sex scandal to contend with, albeit a far less grotesque one than the Weiner’s ‘weiner’ farce. The incumbent Nevada Republican Senator Ensign resigned early this year when his extra-marital affair was trumpeted by an MSM always eager to inflate Republican scandals. Ensign’s Senate seat was filled by Dean Heller (a Nevada House Representative). He was appointed by the Governor to fill out Ensign’s time, thus creating the House election which took place yesterday. Mark Amodei, the Republican candidate was opposed by Democrat Kate Marshall, the State Treasurer. Since she had already fought and won elections in Nevada, Marshall cannot be described as a weak candidate, just as Weprin in New York, a member of a well-known Democrat family and an experienced election veteran was not a weak candidate.

We must ignore Media spin and propaganda and see in these two election results the clear message that the Democrat Party and Obama have suffered a big setback. Obama has been campaigning non-stop and has enjoyed more fawning Media coverage than any President in US history. The same can be said for his Party, yet the electorate repudiated both yesterday. Congratulations to the victors, conservative Bob Turner (and a Media Class renegade) and Mark Amodei and to the thousands who turned out to vote for them. The Media Class now has to decide whether it can prop up its man in the White House and destroy his Republican opponents or if it should remove Obama before 2012 and risk losing the momentum of its revolutionary agenda.

In South Carolina, both State Houses have voted to put marriage on the ballot in 2012. This will enable voters to head off future politicians who might try to introduce same-sex marriage and ignore public opinion a la New York. Unfortunately the Leftist Courts seem able to do this with impunity, as in California but the rich homosexual lobby will not be pleased by this decision in South Carolina.

9/11’s ten year anniversary came and went and so far the Islamic Imperialists have failed to mark it with another major terrorist strike within the USA. Let me say upfront that I never watch twin towers tragedy footage when it is shown on TV or the Internet. I saw small segments on the tragic day and was sickened and I do not need to see victims leaping from burning buildings in order to remember. For me, enough is enough and neither do I want to see footage of Islam’s victims having their heads sawn off or innocent people fleeing from car bombs with bloodied limbs. I need no refresher courses on the consequences of modern-day Islamic terrorism. I have a burning hatred for those who plant bombs amongst civilians and it does not need to be stoked. I am not a turn-the-other-cheek Christian and on some things I am unforgiving. Forgiveness is only appropriate in response to those who genuinely seek it with remorse and then only from victims. I think revenge is sometimes called for and justice should always be sought for those who have died or been maimed.

The modern phenomenon of random terrorism against innocent civilians began with the IRA in the 1960’s, when they first attacked the Loyalist people of Ulster.

When the IRA leaders found that shooting unarmed Protestants in Church and planting bombs in pubs and shopping precincts brought only empty words of rebuke from much of the world’s Media and European leaders and was always followed by much condemnation of the victims, they were emboldened. The attacks were then extended to the English mainland and random terrorism against civilians became the shortcut to success for those political gangsters who believe that the ends justify the means. Let us be clear, the Media people at that time, and not just in the UK, sided with the IRA. They could not say so explicitly, but all the Media reporting was hugely biased against the Protestant people of Northern Ireland, the Ulster Constabulary and the British soldiers who were called upon to keep the peace. Media hostility to the enemies of the IRA and to any remnant of British Nationalism resulted in a spirit of defeatism amongst the UK’s politicians. And so Gerry Adams emerged into daylight as a feared and admired leader.

I remind our website visitors of this stuff because I believe that the Islamic equivalents of Gerry Adams saw how those shocking attacks on civilians with bombs and bullets brought success in a Western World where the Media Class has a treasonous agenda and seeks the demoralization and destruction of the ordinary Christian and conservative people. It is now the standard practice of Media commentators, including most conservatives, to see the terrorist attacks on the US in isolation from the wider truth that confronts us daily. The Islamic Imperialists who gloried in the Twin Towers destruction have since perfected the art of random car bombings that the IRA pioneered. They have also perfected the techniques of random shootings of civilians, the unspeakably cruel and videoed murders of helpless prisoners and – something the IRA lacked – have an endless supply of recruits, including women and children, willing to become human bombs. All across the world from the USA, through Europe, in sub-Saharan Africa, in the Middle East, In India and in Indonesia, Thailand and now China, the Islamic Imperialists, swimming in the seas of Muslim populations, are engaged in a pitiless war against the rest of us. It is the tragedy of our time that at the moment when the secularist forces of the Media Class and its Leftist allies seek to destroy traditional and civilizing religions, the religious world has been divided by Islam. If Muslims had sought unity with the other great religions of the world, family life and traditional norms could have been effectively protected and most of the decadent anti-culture of our time could have been defeated. It is no use indulging in wishful thinking however, for Islamic Imperialists are intent on world domination by violent means! In many parts of the world, Christian people are being murdered daily, and Christians here in the West pretend not to notice. It seems to me that the Muslim people of the world, seeing defeatism in the West, are becoming ever more radicalized and ready to overcome us.

Here in California, September has so far been hotter than this year’s cool August, but September is always a hot month. In the UK, my Starcross contact assures me that the low-lying village is still above sea level and that once again the British summer has been cool and wet and over early. Nevertheless, the climate experts at the UN and many seats of learning are telling us all not to believe our lying eyes, for the Arctic ice is almost gone.

Music Choice – After the death of Charlie Parker, the great exponents and trail-blazers of jazz came from the ranks of trumpeters and tenor sax players. Then Ornette Coleman and Eric Dolphy, both alto players, briefly restored that instrument to pre-eminence. Dolphy played other reed instruments with great skill including the bass clarinet, but in his short life it was on the alto saxophone that he did some of his best work. Dolphy, although often limited in appeal because of his embrace of free-form expression, was a great Blues player and in touch with the powerful and primitive roots of that framework. I recommend the track “245” on the album “Outward Bound” by the Eric Dolphy Quintet. It has the great trumpeter Freddie Hubbard as well as Jackie Byard on piano, George Tucker on bass and the master of drums Roy Haynes. Dolphy’s sound here is searing and uncompromising and his early death ended a chapter in modern jazz.

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