New Jersey Train Crash. Something Missing from MSM Reports

This morning’s NJ Train crash seems to be as inexplicable as the Philadelphia Amtrak commuter train crash of just over 17 months ago when the engineer hugely exceeded the speed limit going into a bend by 26 mph. That crash killed 8 people and injured almost 300.

News reports are that a few unlucky people have been killed, and many more injured, some critically. According to reports the train engineer has survived and is in hospital. Obviously his identity is known to the Authorities and probably the Mainstream Media (MSM). There is ample evidence that the train went into the station without slowing and thus plowed into barriers and a platform. It is surprising that the death and injury toll is not much higher.

What I find odd, indeed suspicious, is that the engineer has not been named, even though he/she might be responsible either by negligence, recklessness or design.

It is possible that the engineer is an innocent victim of a mechanical malfunction that prevented braking. It is also possible that the engineer had a heart attack. Releasing the identity of the engineer would not, in itself, attribute blame. Was it a man or a woman? Was it a regular and experienced engineer or a new recruit?

Since the Philadelphia disaster this website has become highly suspicious of official cover-ups. In that terrible crash the engineer Brandon Bostian took the train into the bend at a reckless speed. A much-delayed official enquiry failed to establish why he did so. Since he has claimed not to be able to remember the incident, he appears to have inexplicably escaped responsibility and the whole deadly tragedy has been buried by the MSM and officialdom.

Unofficial investigators on the Internet discovered that the engineer was a campaigning homosexual who had been posting disgusting pictures of his private parts on the Internet. This raised doubts in the minds of normal people as to his state of mind and his suitability to be solely in charge of the lives of many hundreds of passengers. The official report was that there was no mechanical fault or third party (vandalism) explanation. Speed was the sole cause!

The Obama regime has long signaled to officialdom that nothing negative can be said or published about perverts or minorities.

In almost any incident like this morning’s deadly crash, the MSM could be expected to immediately ferret out the identity of the engineer. Others would then search on the Internet for facts that the public is entitled to know, but that in today’s semi-totalitarian America is considered a pandering to bigotry.

It is highly unlikely that the engineer is a Muslim or someone with a history of mental illness, perversion or drug taking, but when officialdom and the MSM delay relevant information, this website is immediately suspicious. If the engineer is a Muslim we know the new drill. Hide the fact for as long as possible, vehemently deny terrorism and then release information in dribs and drabs so that the MSM can move the public’s interest to other things like a beauty Queen attacking Donald Trump.

Perhaps tomorrow will bring enlightenment and an innocent explanation.

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